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  1. AlTeR

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    Name: Ludolf von Alvensleven (commander of the ss) Age:40 Hours on Roblox:1457(most being on the strip club rp game) Hours on Arma: 7 Games you have considered "laddy": lego starwars past run ins with the rozzas: passenger seated all of them x Opinions on Brexit: quality, shit Do you watch Love Island? : nah do i look like a bender? Do you play Minecraft: of course, but only when i'm horny Whats your whip status: ford ka lad Pass times you like to do: go to the local boozer and watch england kikc the shit out of other countries Is it coming home ?: yes ethnicity: sausage Would u get a skin head ?: only for adolf
  2. man's minted and that x

    1. Joshu


      Man won a giveaway. Man's rich now. All hail man

  3. Time Submitted: 08:09:55 PM | 05/25/18 Submitted By: AlTeR (370) In-Game Name: Adapt | AlTeR Steam / Player ID: 76561198059978199 Date of Event: 05/25/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): N/A it was a bug: https://gyazo.com/4ff6c0133cb8a9f04333257fa04174c3 Details of Event: I was running in a compound and i 'bugged' into a wall then shortly died afterwards, i will provide a gyazo of the event happening and a gyazo of the recording date/time stamp for reference when this occured. https://gyazo.com/4ff6c0133cb8a9f04333257fa04174c3 https://gyazo.com/cc0c2eacb56f8b7390e735e582e305e6 Compensation Amount: MK1 (black), Carrier rig (black), enhanced combat helmet, (i don't know the name of my fatigues all i know is that they cost 26,000). 14x 7.62 mags, Stealth balaclava (black) total compensation: 676,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. AlTeR

    Adapt [DISBANDED]

    Name: AlTeR How many hours do you have: 1392 Previous Gangs: LSM, TITAN, VANQUISH. (all are outdated or dead gangs) Steam ID: 76561198059978199 Why do you want to join the gang [50 words+]: I would like to join the gang as i have seen adapt in combat before and have overviewed their playstyle, which seems pretty impresive and i would like the chance to play along side these members. Due to not being in a gang at the moment, i am seeking an active and skilled gang which i can hopefully prove myself in and be able to fight with. I do not see myself dedicating myself to any other faction like the APC so i would love to be a part of such a vast gang. What skills do you have: I know how to keep coms and use whispers only when feeding vital and relevant information to the situation. I am well trained in medium to close range combat and favour the MK1 and katiba, i have spent the majority of my hours in arma3 on rp or combat servers so i am a veteran in the field of combat, I know when to push and when to hang back and have mastered combat stances and peak times. i am a fairly decent pilot, still trying to master combat landing with the orca however i can pretty much do bits in a hummingbird x. Who in the gang can vouch for you: (multiple gang members) JOSH, SIG, MARCO
  5. AlTeR

    Oddity | Open

  6. AlTeR

    Oddity | Open

    As request by dandy (inactive leader): I am taking over leadership of oddity as of now until dandy makes a return as i am the most active gang member currently in oddity, if i could be put forward to leader in game it would be appreciated so i can adjust gang members/slots etc. Thank you.
  7. AlTeR

    Just a small giveaway

    I would love to win myself a quad bike, if i am blessed with such a vehicle i will be destined for riches ❤️
  8. Memes

    1. InSaNiTy



      Get fragged

      7 killstreak uAv at your service

  9. all i heard was gang members screaming we were initiated and to fire upon the cops, at first i didn't but after the cops retaliated and fired upon multiple gang members i shot one of the cops in the area
  10. I have just been in support to talk to an admin about what i have done wrong in this clip, i now have a better understanding that due to the failed initiation my shot on a cop may not be valid. I just hope you can take into account the fact that everyone on the teamspeak was screaming we were initiated, therefore once the cops opened fire on one of my gang members i returned fire and killed one cop. I (Battledroid) do not believe i should be banned, yes i may have wronged in this situation however it was under reasonable cirumstances. I have now learnt from this and see that i should initiate myself rather than go on the word of others. i hope you can take my apology into account as this was a very reasonable mistake as the cops were firing on my gang members.
  11. Get all the OGs back & we will create a gang 😈

  12. AlTeR

    the sexiest (and most corrupt) admin.

    1. Nick


      Pffttt, most corrupt? Im a good boi

    2. Nikos


      Nick i see you being accused for corruption???

  13. AlTeR

    Make the kavala greenzone smaller.

    @sanders i'll set u 1 mill in game if u don't tell on me :(((((
  14. AlTeR

    Make the kavala greenzone smaller.

    @Conner Merlin The server may get shutdown, multiple people here may be added to some sort of watch list and i will be arrested for the distribution of child pornography but anything in favour of getting the greenzone size decreased am i right?
  15. ivy





    in side chat is racism charlie you naughty boy