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  1. https://gyazo.com/ab58caf1d6421651c7c8d20964fc950d this is why you dont have a gang base pulling up like this
  2. however exile clips is a big -1
  3. id say zakas latest is a better single tage tbh and that was made on two servers who are you
  4. only played once m8 and didn't die once
  5. That one works a little bit better
  6. @Zaka Riyahttps://gyazo.com/f570b815e1c7faf0a3f2b319e0a69fa9 feels bad man
  7. First of all why do you take a screen shot of ts when you have killed people 😆
  8. I mean lets be real IZR only became somewhat relevant once the server died and the Good gangs / CTU stopped playing so lets just end the argument here
  9. @Father boomer got any tips for this man
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