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  1. Neil Wilson

    Long Range Scopes

    What scopes you got? If youre selling em i might buy
  2. Neil Wilson

    Teamspeak icons ranks

  3. Neil Wilson

    Get rid of Havoc

    Sorry dad.
  4. Neil Wilson

    Get rid of Havoc

    Wait HAVOC needs to improve their rp?!? Wow, al the time when i have been arrested by top fragging group CT i get shit RP. Ive been trying to RP with CT but All they are saying is ”Fragged, get rekt” and stuff.
  5. Neil Wilson

    [SGT] Matty Ji

  6. Neil Wilson

    want to buy a heli

    You dont need black market ”lincence” for black orca lmao
  7. Neil Wilson

    Evidence Locker - Major Crime

  8. Neil Wilson

    Making vehicle your own

    Does the perk that gives you a higher chance of making a vehicle yours at chop shop work? Ive never been able to do it
  9. Neil Wilson


    If you get to know him you would probs find him really funny and good guy.
  10. Neil Wilson


    Huuuuge +1 to Nikos. He is always friendly and patient. Helps people with alot of stuff including me. Good RP aswell. Really good and funny guy! True friend.
  11. Neil Wilson

    havoc CP.....

    True this
  12. Neil Wilson

    Factions Should'nt Be able to go to Cartels.

    I dont think you should prevent factions to go to cartels but maybe limit it. I believe theres alot management could do to prevent this aswell.
  13. Neil Wilson

    Factions Should'nt Be able to go to Cartels.

    I mean i never go to cartels in HAVOC since im not in HSOS and they dont want me on ridealongs either. But i understand what you mean. I believe youre also in HAVOC and you probably know how dead the Havoc lands and CP is sometimes. And ive seen you go on ridealongs to cartels aswell. But a solution could maybe be that only allow factions to go to cartels at different times and maybe like a restriction of how many you could go to per day or something. And i cant say anything for the police tbh since i dont think their lands are so dead.
  14. Neil Wilson

    Factions Should'nt Be able to go to Cartels.

    -1 tbh, all factions should be allowed to have fun aswell as rebels.
  15. Neil Wilson

    Seagull? Spawn in.