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  1. Honestly some nice ideas there! The special cargo sounds the most fun but only if HAVOC doesn't have to cooperate with APC. Big +1 to the ideas tho.
  2. Hello just wondering about the market prices of illegal items. Does the items sell for more when there are more cops on, more players or is there a set value. if anyone knows how the value of different items (for example different drugs) change depending of different factors please leave a comment.
  3. I've got every dlc and I feel like this would be good for some players, they still get the annoying watermarks when driving the vehicles. Only downside is that Bohemia doesn't get money.
  4. I’d say this was pretty decent, not my kind of music but nice one
  5. Oh okay then that explains a lot, well you can buy them from advanced rebel for 350k each if you don’t have the gang perk set for your gang
  6. Edit; not actually a ripoff but still why?
  7. Feedback and tips are appreciated!
  8. Time Submitted: 09:09:52 PM | 07/12/19 Submitted By: Viktor Reznov (3587) In-Game Name: Viktor Reznov Steam / Player ID: 76561198128822186 Date of Event: 07/12/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eozQa5UZqGY&feature=youtu.be Details of Event: I gave money to Ninj and it said that NO unit error recived it even tho I clicked on Ninj, the money then dissapeared. (you can see that I sent the money 1.40 in the video). Compensation Amount: 1.3 million. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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