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  1. Viktor Reznov

    Vote Gov Vel

    Vote Chris this is zzz and copy paste
  2. How much does it cost to take out?
  3. If you are talking about another rebel hideout which you have to cap in order to get advanced rebel items avalible in havoc lands sure why not, but there should be no advanced rebel outside of redzones tho.
  4. -1 boomer, redzone is a risk you need to be able to take in order to get the higher caliber guns.
  5. n1 Dylan ex tpu stinker
  6. Good job my honorary member!
  7. Hi there Paddy! It's Viktor here. I really enjoyed the video and it made me laugh several times Good job and I hope to see more in the future! All the best /Viktor Reznov
  8. 5 havoc members on only applies for initiating in the actual checkpoint, if there’s less then 5 and you see them outside the checkpoint there are no restrictions.
  9. Clearly you Can say this afterhand, but that wasn’t what came out of your mouth before.
  10. Hello! I was in the situation and I can confirm that Thor was in the game a long time after the sit, Martinez had plenty of time to dispute him but decided not, that's his first wrong. In the 2nd video you can hear Martinez targeting Thor at multiple times for example at 2 seconds of the first video ''I'm going to try to kill Thor just so ........'' and at 1.43 in the 1st video you can hear him going ''Oh he's going to be so toxic...'' I feel like Martinez is making this report out of his anger against Thor and it feels like this is targeted (witchhunting). Also adding that executing your teammate is allowed, He was blocking me therefor I had to execute him. If you've got a problem with the execution feel free to bring it to HC.
  11. Too much sucking from your side here Dylan but I agree
  12. I like this, you didn't kill me
  13. I know, he is trying to piss people off
  14. ngl LRR kills looks cool but benching 🤮
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