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  1. Thinking of creating a new gang but I need to gather people at first PM me if your in <3
  2. Aryan

    Aryan's Campaign

    We are training to find a way to make legal stuff like Iron or Gold more valuable, and I don't have a fully Socialist Ideology. It is called a "Liberal Socialt" ideology it gives people enough freedom to do what they want. Don't worry you will still have enough freedom but not the freedom to kill me bitch
  3. Aryan

    Aryan's Campaign

    I would love to talk to people on Thursday 20:00 British time at the Kavala sqaure. It would be a honor if @Montgomery Piftiffin 2nd is coming to Kavala on Thursday. See you there people!
  4. Dear people of Altis, My name is Aryan and I'm electing myself for governor. First I will introduce myself and say what I want to achieve. After that I will report every Friday and in this way attract your attention to vote for me. I will also regularly talk to citizens in Kavala and, of course, to the police, HAVOC and the current government. What do I want to achieve? I would like a socialist and liberal idyiology where people have a lot of freedom, but also that with the tax money we also spend on useful things. I also want to improve the economy on Altis how I am going to do this I will describe in another report. Fighting the rebels so that people can do things again without fear.
  5. Name: Aryan Age: 16 Hours on Arma: 1200+ Previous Gangs: Apex(OG one), Atlas(OG one), ACF, FCC, UR, RP and more Number of bans: 2 1 on the server for RDM when I was new to the game and the second in teamspeak for calling someone gay What Country are you from: I live in the Netherlands but my parents are from Iraqi Kurdistan Why you want to join the gang - at least 40 words: I want to join the TNT because it looks like a very cool gang to me where I will have a lot fun with my new friends that I am going to meet. I can't wait to be in an active gang again. why should we accept you into the gang: You should accept me for the following reasons: - I'm currently in a milsim unit (Not gonna say the name) where I learned some tactical stuff, so I am a guy who will do a cartel in an organised and good way without casulties. - Working on my flying skills atm - I'm funny - I'm loyal - I'm very respectfull for my comrades - I acctualy know how to roleplay Are you part of any other factions on the server such as Havoc, Police, NHS. If yes state which one you are part of: HAVOC
  6. ACCEPTED: PM me or @fleur for further instructions.
  7. Aryan


    All these Dutch Admins against me.... @Cobra★ @SpawnTheDeath @Roy
  8. Aryan

    meme 1

    Is this funny?
  9. Looking for Active people!
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