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  1. arosaroo


    A border by the highway when you go to pyrgos you know witch highway i mean. But we need a border there.
  2. arosaroo


    Fix the money thing if you press ''u'' i cant see then my money FIX IT!
  3. arosaroo


    It is easyer
  4. arosaroo


    Airgarage and airshop at the same place. (At the airport lounge/building)
  5. arosaroo

    More Spawns

  6. arosaroo


    Good idea +1
  7. arosaroo

    More Spawns

    Sometimes it is sucks that we have only 3 options to spawn. We need a spwan in: *Agios *Airport *Sofia
  8. arosaroo


    The title say it all. You can be a stripper but the licence is 200k. Only horny pixel kids want this
  9. arosaroo

    Atlas Corporation

    In-Game Name - Required Arosaroo Steam ID - Required 76561198359327618 Age - Required 15 Date of Birth - Required 1 june Timezone - Required 0+ Character RP Story - Required My character is a special guy. When he was new on the island he was poor. But after he meet some guys he earnd some money with moonshine. Then he was kicked out the gang because i had a fight with them. After few years he wanna do something legal. So he was a taxi driver. But then he wanna start a real criminal life. He worked hard and joined the Apex gang and now he have a rebel licence but he want to leave the Apex and join the Atlas Why do you want to join the Atlas - Required I want to join the Atlas because i am now member of the Apex and it is very boring there and i want more action How long of you played on PhoenixRP? - Required Idk i think almost a year. (but i was banned for 5/6 weeks for rdm) Define 'roleplay' in your own words. - Required *Never speak out ur roll *Speak like it is your real life *Follow the rules Are you able to speak fluent English? - Required I am from The Netherlands and I have some English lessons on school. But my English is good but not very good.(People can understand me)
  10. arosaroo

    New idea

    No comment 😂😂
  11. arosaroo

    New idea

    Bad idea
  12. arosaroo

    New idea

    But a cool idea??
  13. arosaroo

    Another youtube channel ;)

    Hahah good luck!
  14. arosaroo

    New idea

    i have a idea: What if we start a big rebel group( We can be friends for 2days ) and fight with the HAVOC and everyone can join but you must be in a rebelgang.
  15. arosaroo

    Youtube Channel

    Oke thank you i dont need videos anymore i have a lot of videos now thank you very much. Admin can you close this topic?