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  1. ACCEPTED: PM me or @fleur for further instructions.
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    All these Dutch Admins against me.... @Cobra★ @SpawnTheDeath @Roy
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    Is this funny?
  4. Looking for Active people!
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    I want you guys to roast me. this going to be fun
  7. Name: Aryan Your steam64ID? 76561198359327618 Age? 16 In what country do you live? The Dutch Kingdom How many hours do you have on Arma 3? (Screenshot) 1071 What are your previous gangs/factions? ACF, HAVOC, Apex(Old one), Atlas, RP, FCC, UR Have you been banned before? If yes then why? Twice tobe honest: First time I RDMed a guy. Second time (On TS) because I called someone gay. Why would you like to join TITAN? I want to go to Titan, because rebellious life has become a bit boring now, there's nothing to do. I just want to join a new group of friends. What can you bring to TITAN? I can fly, drive and sail. I also have a lot of experience with a mini-gun, because I still do it now with a Milsim unit. I also bring you a new friend. Myself
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