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  1. Vladislav


    I recently created the topic Cars / vehicle but had a suggestion for Helicopters as well. My suggestion is to add The Ghost Hawk that because it has nice features and would be really looking pretty. I guess it would not be added because its a combat Heli but still I have been playing on a server 3 years ago what was altis life and this helicopter had no bad influence in the game and this heli would be nice and perfect for the Police / Delta and Civilians / Gangs. I rather make suggestions and like to see feedback about this because I never saw a topic about this
  2. Vladislav

    Cars / vehicles

    I might have read that yeah but would there for example be nothing to add in the normal way?
  3. Vladislav

    Cars / vehicles

    So I have been reading a topic before but I can't see the mod anymore in the drive. My question is if there will be more vehicles or will we stay with the SUV, Hatchback "Cars" because I would like to suggest like to add sport cars to make the world of altis more like a real world where people and the cops would have more fun things to do like "Illegal street races". Yeah I know this is an RP server and a Combat game but dont forget people come here after a day of work to relax and do what they want !!! Within the RULES !!! Car Examples: * Nissan 350Z * Nissan skyline * Subaru any type of sport car It might be totaly stupid but I guess it would be a lot of fun as well seeing cops chase sport cars or have a secret mission / secret department for sport chases If its nothing then this topic can be deleted ?
  4. Vladislav


    How do people get the AMS logo on their profile?
  5. Vladislav

    my birthday

    Ghapy Bsirthdai!
  6. Vladislav


    its what it is
  7. Vladislav


    MMm who would that medic be
  8. Vladislav

    Increase on the legal traders

    Last time me and @Roy Markus protected some workers and the cops let us go even tho we were having illegal firearms so +1 for that situation but on the other hands cops usually use the "Hey is that an illegal firearm" :/
  9. Vladislav

    names above head

    +1 On that its really frustrating sometimes
  10. Vladislav

    [DGN] Fox_Eagle - frag movie

    That [DELTA] moment +1
  11. Vladislav

    DGN | Dudes Get Nudes

    Requirements: - At least 16 years old or above NO EXCEPTIONS Check - Have basic knowledge about Altis life and Arma Check - Have a stable bank account Check - Have the ability to roleplay in stressful situations Not a Problem Applications Whats your in-game name? My In-Game name is Vladislav How old are you? I'm 19 years old at the moment How many Arma hours do you have? Right now I have got 321 hours in Arma 3 Why do you want to join DGN? I asked some stuff In-Game and a gang member of your clan helped me, that triggered me to be like hey this gang is nice and good for people. I hope I can join this gang and have a good time in it because I am starting to enjoy this game again and want to have fun together and not alone. I hope you guys can help me out ;)

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