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  1. JinX

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    i7-8700k OC to 4.5 1070 strix 8GB 32gb DDR4 corsair vengeance Ram had around 125 FPS dropping to 60/65. Dont know what it is, although the server has evolved a lot more, still way to much in the server making it harder to run.
  2. Merry Christmas to everyone, hope use have a good one :) :) 


    Join in on stream :)
  4. Join in on stream :)
  5. JinX

    What is this about?

    I'm wondering what actually is,keep seeing it but no-one has done ti so I'm curious??
  6. JinX

    Im sad

    its just dieinggg want my medics back up and going
  7. JinX

    YEA YEA, So true @sean

    around 7pm
  8. JinX

    YEA YEA, So true @sean

    @Sean is this true that i hear u sayin HAVOC is inactive...
  9. Whats every doing ??? 🦈

    1. Max


      Good .. You shitty poster.

  10. yano when you've apparently never logged onto the but you got no life an always on it XD

    1. Jord


      Make sure you entered the correct id

    2. JinX
    3. Jord


      teamspeak id

  11. HIIIIiiiiIIIiiiIiiIIIiIIIIIiiIIiiiIIIIIiiiiiII 😁

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    2. Jack Black❤️
    3. Cobra★
    4. Roy Lester

      Roy Lester

      if you are not safe i can not medic you.. and if you are safe i can medic you.

  12. i dont have a 3 minute video as i hadent even been on the server 3 minutes befor i got rdmed