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  1. Jay Devine

    DGN | Dudes Get Nudes

    Requirements: - At least 16 years old or above CHECK - Have basic knowledge about Altis life and Arma CHECK - Have a stable bank account CHECK - Have the ability to roleplay in stressful situations CHECK - Have a rebel license CHECK Applications Whats your in-game name? Jay Dev How old are you? 16 Previous RP experiences? Yes good ones Strengths and weaknesses? good marksman ship good flying good driving good negotiation skills, bad sneaking, pure shit at taking hostages as i just wanna shoot them. Timezone?GMT How many Arma hours do you have? (At least 350 hours) 467 hours and around 300 on phoenix Why do you want to join DGN? (At least 100 words) i was in the gang before and i left at a very heated moment when everyone hated each other and im fed up with gangs that cant co-operate properly and yous were a good gang when i was in it but i didn't know what to do when everything got crazy and i was talking to for and mohammed earlier about this Any previous gangs? spn dgn tia
  2. Sellers In-Game Name:Jay Dev Item Name:Nato Colonel Berett Description of Item: black beret with gold badge with 3 stripes Proof of Ownership: (Screenshot/Video)i have 4 of them but dont have a photo of me wearing them but PM me if you are looking for one Start Price: 3,000,000 Minimum Bid Increment:100000 End Date & Time: (26/04/18)
  3. Jay Devine

    Jay Devine

  4. Jay Devine

    Telos and Agios Garage

    ive got a garage in agios ?? how much u willing to pay
  5. ive got a havoc nato genral berett and could get purple smoke maybe ?
  6. Jay Devine

    TITAN | recruitment page [CLOSED]

    Application form What is your in-game name? Jay Devine Your steam64ID? 76561197969527280 How old are you?16 In what country do you live? Northern Ireland How many hours do you have on Arma 3 and on PhoenixRP? (Screenshot) on PhoenixRP around 250 hours What are your previous gangs/factions? Havoc/Delta ,APC, AMS What are your strengths? (5+ strengths) marksmanship, driving, flying, good communication and good RP What are your weaknesses? (2+ weaknesses) flying planes(Original knows about that) and being sneaky Have you been banned before? If yes then why? yes as... we were in a heli and the server lagged and because of the lag my pc crashed and i got banned for combat logging . witch in my opinion was very bad excuse to ban me as in my friends video you could hear me saying my game crashed and you could hear to beeping of the can crashing. Why would you like to join TITAN? (100+ words) i would like to join titan as they are an amazing force to the game and i would like to experience a new type of gang as there aren't many like titan plus all the guy in titan are nice well atleast the ones i have meet in game so far have been nice and it just makes me want to play with u guys as from playing with original you seem to also be a fun gang and it would be nice to have some fun with a good number of people that also have good RP and Combat skills and also you guys pritty much rule the server as a gang. What can you bring to TITAN? (75+ words) I can bring a good Role Player to titan and also if needed i can bring good sniper skills, in my old gang witch we were pritty much full RP we just went round teaching people how to shoot like we went to kavala and got new people to the game and tought them how to protect them selves, but for titan im also very active im on every day from arround 4/5pm till 11/12pm so I'm very active. Define roleplay in your own words. (50+ words)role play is when you are in a game but pretending you are in real life and you have to act like you are in real life as well so in real life is some one put a gun to your head and said they will shot you if you move either way if you have a gun or not you cant do anything in real life so don't do it just because its a game(so in a shot version RP is a real life simulator.) Tell us something about yourself.my name is jay in 16 i live in northern ireland and i love to play arma in my spare time im a good person to have a laugh with... Have read and understood our Hankbook? yes fully read and understood
  7. Jay Devine

    NATO Beret / NATO Colonel Berets

  8. Jay Devine

    NATO Beret / NATO Colonel Berets

    6 million its the one the havoc genral wear
  9. Jay Devine

    NATO Beret / NATO Colonel Berets

    ive got 4 colonel buretts
  10. Jay Devine

    SPARTAN | Recruiting

    In Game Name :Jay Devine Age :16 Steam ID (E.g. 76561197960287930) 76561197969527280 How many hours do you have in Arma :325 Why would you like to join The Spartans :because bulldog is amazing and im fed up with my gang and all the people in it are nice Have you got any other commitments on the server (The not in-Police, im in-Havoc, im in-AMS Or No Other Commitments) :
  11. Jay Devine

    Player Report - TIA Jay tubbie - 04/08/18 - Altis Life

    Ok so i apprently i combat logged when my game crashed and when it crashes i have to restart my pc so when i got back on it crashed again then i got on again and messaged fox and said exactly "meet me at kavala and finish this hostage situation" then i get a player report and because fox hates all tia he wants to take it further after i messaged him and said lets continue this and we went to support and talked about it so now i dont know what to do as im stuck cuz if my games crashed my footage doesnt save as my pc restarts and then im screwed pluss matty james knows my game crashed as he banned me for it and then unbanned me liek 8 hours later for you could hear my game crashing in another players discord so my point in trying to get across is i offered to continue the hostage situation and he pritty much denied it
  12. Jay Devine

    Gang disapered

    the gang disapered and some how at 6 in the morning and the leader was asleep and then i steped out of my heli and the gang skins were gon and then i checked my group and we had no gang so i was like ok and then went to ramond reddington about it he said i need to speak to harry or higher ups about it to get it fixed now the gang is gone 7 million gang funds and the skins aswell
  13. Jay Devine

    Taru For Sale [18 million one][SELLING FOR 15]

    dont really like it @Tom Hallwood
  14. Jay Devine

    Taru For Sale [18 million one][SELLING FOR 15]

    its on for 15 im not looking any less than 15 so even if we meet in game and talk ?
  15. Sellers In-Game Name: Jay Tubie Item Name: Taru Description of Item: massive heli that can lift a zamak transport Proof of Ownership: (Screenshot/Video)i have it on pam aswell if you want to place a bid its up for 12 hours Start Price: 15000000 (15million) Minimum Bid Increment:200000 End Date & Time: (08/04/18)

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