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  1. Didn't realise the quality of an entire white-listed faction on a role-play server was determined solely by their ability to win gunfights.
  2. I'm interested to hear the reason for paying for the vehicles. H. Command hadn't received any complaints about how many vehicles we take out prior to this change so I'm hoping that that is not the reason for the change. With regards to this suggestion, having HAVOC purchase their vehicles will, if anything, cause them to value them more. If you've bought your own personal HAVOC vehicle to use you'll be more obliged to hang onto it. Either way, I don't see why we're making being part of a whitelisted faction more of a chore. People have to go through applications, interviews, training and ranks before they even get access to most of these vehicles, and if they abuse their whitelisting they are often kicked or demoted. Paying for vehicles doesn't really level things out, because hardly anyone makes money off taxation either in the servers current state.
  3. And people say I take Arma too seriously.
  4. https://gyazo.com/c747863c6d055e7d48260646f4d51b8f
  5. As you can see bandit is our most intimidating officer - and @Tom Pea were you terrorists? That is the question.
  6. +1 | If you're walking armed into an active sit, you're not really valuing your life. You should expect to be mistaken for one of the opposition and shot at, even if by accident.
  7. We have 20 slots, and often the cop numbers are near to or exceeding our own. I wouldn't say it's unfair, considering the improvement in cop weaponry. However +1 , I can see that for rebel factions a larger number of cops is hard to face, so eliminating this log on issue is beneficial. The balance needs to be dynamic, in some cases the police will win due to number or ability, whereas in other cases the rebels will win due to numbers or ability. No one group is going to win every fight and there isn't an issue with that.
  8. I wasn't at that particular sit, but you also have to remember that sometimes what the police arrest you for is something we would detain you for, so in that respect sometimes we co-operate. It could have also been the case that there were a lot of cops there compared to HAVOC, in which case we're not going to try and intervene.
  9. @Neil Wilson Not necessary thanks
  10. Maximilian Frey


    Guess I'll miss you a little bit Luca 🙁
  11. We illegally occupy HAVOC lands, cops can come and attempt to enforce their laws. However pur whole backstory is that we’re here to oppose a corrupt system. If cops want to come through the CP, they get processed. If they go on to break any HAVOC laws or harm a visa holder, they are to be treated as normal rebels. If you don’t want them in HAVOC lands, don’t let them in. Myself and 1 other person stopped 3 quilins coming in through CP yesterday, it isn’t hard.
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