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  1. Maximilian Frey

    APC Most Wanted

  2. Maximilian Frey

    APC Most Wanted

    I fucking love my description oh my god. This is incredible
  3. Maximilian Frey

    Garry's Mod Servers

    I used to own and run a relatively large GmodRP community. The development side is a lot less difficult than Arma3, at least in my experience. It's very difficult to find a niche, because there are so many identical servers on Gmod and only so many players available. If you do make a server, it will either have to be one of the best developed out of a particular category of servers, or a completely new kind of RP server. Of course with the way the server list works for gmod servers, if you make a new kind of RP category that's going to be very hard for people to find unless it gets popular. Also, Gmod itself has a much different kind of community when you compare it to Arma. Now perhaps a lot of phoenix players would go over for some time, but the majority of the gmod community is younger and harder to keep interested.
  4. Maximilian Frey

    Sneaky Smurf

    Credit where credit's due. Well played
  5. Maximilian Frey

    HAVOC Handbook Updates

    // 12/08/2018 HAVOC Laws categorised to make them clearer and easier to follow. Crime-list added to "laws and punishments section" to show standard punishments for committing various crimes Updated weapon table Pictures of HAVOC Uniforms inserted High Command, Command, Unit Leads and Unit Deputy positions updated. Inactivity Rules updated Returning Officers section updated Promotion requirements updated
  6. Maximilian Frey

    HAVOC Hitlist

    That's just part of the aesthetic, the 'confidential' part suggests that the front of the document (if it was printed) notes the file would be confidential. We want people to be able to see if they have a hit placed on them. Yes, and that's why it is already working.
  7. Maximilian Frey

    HAVOC Hitlist

    [ANNOUNCEMENT] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Residents of Altis, The HSOS Hitlist is now being enforced. If you wish to request a hit, contact the HSOS Leads Kr4ken or Asgard. The information on the hitlist is confidential and your request will be kept anonymous. Payment is accepted in cash, before or after the hit is completed. Link --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank You, HAVOC High Command
  8. Maximilian Frey

    HAVOC Handbook Updates

    // Current Hanbook Link - https://sites.google.com/view/phoenixrphavoc Update includes revision of HAD Rules, HAVOC Rules and some Teamspeak Rules. A law rework will be implemented into the handbook shortly.
  9. Maximilian Frey

    HAVOC Blacklist Appeals

    [BLACKLISTS] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HAVOC now has a blacklist appeal system. You must fill out the appeal form if you want to be un-blacklisted. Your appeal will be discussed in the weekly High Command meeting and we may ask to speak to you regarding your appeal at any time. Please note that HAVOC blacklists are supposed to be permanent, and appeals will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances. Appeal Form --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank You, HAVOC High Command
  10. Maximilian Frey

    medic vs havoc

    Yeah where did you get the idea for that website ay? 😉
  11. Maximilian Frey

    medic vs havoc

    How exactly is reducing the number of HAVOC going to benefit the medics?
  12. Maximilian Frey

    HAVOC Recruitment Status

    [RECRUITMENT] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To all applicants, HAVOC Recruitment is currently ON HOLD, this means you may still apply, however your application will not be reviewed until recruitment is re-opened. Interviews are also no longer being conducted until slots are available. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank You, HAVOC Training and Recruitment Division
  13. Maximilian Frey

    Kung Fu Masters

  14. Maximilian Frey

    Illigal border crossing

    Interesting, if that's the case go to Bug Reports, they are supposed to be boltcuttable.
  15. Maximilian Frey

    Illigal border crossing

    They can be boltcutted, those concrete roadblocks were placed there by APC to try and apprehend a Gold transport. Shouldn't be there next time you go.