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  1. Toby Smoxy (;

    Looking for big loan.

    I am in need of restarting my life again things have been hard, if someone can loan me alot of money that i can start and make my life better, i will ensure they can get their money back and that can report me if i dont! but i can swear they wuill gwet there money back
  2. Toby Smoxy (;


    can you still get the black hellcat?
  3. Toby Smoxy (;

    BIA | Brothers In Arms (OPEN)

    ‣ In Game Name : Toby Smoxy ‣ Age 17+ : 16 but you ont think it and yozza is my daddy ‣ Arma Hours 750+ : 1690 ‣ Server Hours : fuck knows ‣ Stats Link : cba yozza... ‣ Why do you want to join BIA : ? I wanna start arma again and i used to plya with yozza and it was alot of fun. ‣ What can you bring to BIA : ? Good pilot, good combat IM EX CO LEADER Please copy and paste this and fill it out to apply for the gang.
  4. Toby Smoxy (;

    Altis Freedom Force | Recruiting

    What is your in-game name? Toby Smoxy What is your steam 64 id? 76561198090599468 How old are you? 16 Any Previous bans? If so please state them: u check Detailed character RP story: i was homeless and now im not. Why do you wish to join AFF? Jimmys my baby and jinx is my dad ❤️ Have you ever encountered AFF before? If so what was the experience like? sexual Supreme Command Ranks General Jimmy Reddington Lieutenant General TOBY SMOXY!
  5. Toby Smoxy (;

    Need loan if someone can.

    good good babes
  6. Toby Smoxy (;

    Need loan if someone can.

    gimme a loan ❤️
  7. Toby Smoxy (;

    Need loan if someone can.

  8. Toby Smoxy (;

    Need loan if someone can.

    nah in game bro x
  9. Toby Smoxy (;

    Need loan if someone can.

    Any offers there will be something in it for you, we will come to a conclusion and will be fully legit.
  10. Time Submitted: 03:37:14 PM | 12/28/18 Submitted By: Toby Smoxy (; (3490) In-Game Name: -iN- O N Y X Steam / Player ID: 76561198090599468 Date of Event: 12/28/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): i dont hbae one Details of Event: We were fighting cops and i kept being hit to the ground, i trhink i lost spar 16s mags and food drink red gulls. Compensation Amount: 400,000-500,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  11. Toby Smoxy (;

    Betrayal | Recruitment | Open

    DGN, with phat and fox eagle?
  12. Toby Smoxy (;

    Betrayal | Recruitment | Open

    Application - Name Toby Smoxy - Hours (Screenshot) https://gyazo.com/dd734ac3c3074faf347527c3b8119775 - Vouches Not too sure maybe james and moh if they remembers me
  13. Toby Smoxy (;

    Injustice | Open

  14. Toby Smoxy (;

    Injustice | Open

    n Game Name: Toby Smoxy Steam ID 64: 76561198090599468 Hours (Min 1000): 1400+ Why you want to join (Min 40 Words): I wanna join because i always see you around altis and can see it looks alot of fun and i also need people to play with, im a laugh and a really good pilot. Previous Gangs:BIA, TITAN, TIA, SFG, DGN, AC, Rustys. Anyone who can vouch for you: Not that i know of.
  15. Toby Smoxy (;

    Ban Appeal - Toby Smoxy - 12/21/18 - Altis Life

    I will think before I act at all times and I will read over the rules again, I can promise it won't happen again, I swear on my life it wont.