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  1. IGN [In game Name]: Toby Smoxy Age: 16 Steam ID: 76561198090599468 Bank Balance [Must Have Screenshot]14 mil dont have ss but can prove in game Hours [Must Have Screenshot] https://gyazo.com/7cc9d0717f6ec9d6e0e33507ff65649c Previous Gangs: TIA, BIA, TITAN, DGN, SFG, VM What Can You Bring To The Gang: haven't played in a while but came on today and im still a really good pilot, got good humour and easy to get along with
  2. I am in need of restarting my life again things have been hard, if someone can loan me alot of money that i can start and make my life better, i will ensure they can get their money back and that can report me if i dont! but i can swear they wuill gwet there money back
  3. can you still get the black hellcat?
  4. ‣ In Game Name : Toby Smoxy ‣ Age 17+ : 16 but you ont think it and yozza is my daddy ‣ Arma Hours 750+ : 1690 ‣ Server Hours : fuck knows ‣ Stats Link : cba yozza... ‣ Why do you want to join BIA : ? I wanna start arma again and i used to plya with yozza and it was alot of fun. ‣ What can you bring to BIA : ? Good pilot, good combat IM EX CO LEADER Please copy and paste this and fill it out to apply for the gang.
  5. What is your in-game name? Toby Smoxy What is your steam 64 id? 76561198090599468 How old are you? 16 Any Previous bans? If so please state them: u check Detailed character RP story: i was homeless and now im not. Why do you wish to join AFF? Jimmys my baby and jinx is my dad ❤️ Have you ever encountered AFF before? If so what was the experience like? sexual Supreme Command Ranks General Jimmy Reddington Lieutenant General TOBY SMOXY!
  6. Any offers there will be something in it for you, we will come to a conclusion and will be fully legit.
  7. Time Submitted: 03:37:14 PM | 12/28/18 Submitted By: Toby Smoxy (; (3490) In-Game Name: -iN- O N Y X Steam / Player ID: 76561198090599468 Date of Event: 12/28/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): i dont hbae one Details of Event: We were fighting cops and i kept being hit to the ground, i trhink i lost spar 16s mags and food drink red gulls. Compensation Amount: 400,000-500,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  8. Application - Name Toby Smoxy - Hours (Screenshot) https://gyazo.com/dd734ac3c3074faf347527c3b8119775 - Vouches Not too sure maybe james and moh if they remembers me
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