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  1. AlexZ

    Solitude Society [SOL] | Recruiting

    ACCEPTED Be around 21:00 tonight in teamspeak
  2. From you're video - 0:40 he started telling you to put you're hands up (7 times) you were just running around not valuing you're life 0:46 you're friend did put his hands up, you saw that From my point of view there was proper initiation (they told you to put you're hands up) you were just running around not doing what you have been told (not valuing you're life) and in the end you got killed for not listening, this was not RDM
  3. Recruitment Status: OPEN Motto We don't worry. We don't doubt. We are daring. We are rebels. Our Story Solitude Society or for short SOL was formed on Altis many years ago, in the very beginning all SOL members were good,honest and hard working mens but one day disaster struck. Our former leader was kidnapped and murdered, that moment was a life changing for all of us, after all the tears and sadness disappeared we focused on revenge After we trained, taught ourself how to fight, how to use weapons we set on a quest of revenge, wich we finally managed to accomplish in a summer cold night, from that moment SOL is remembered as a sentence "fever and rage turns good men cruel" and from that point we never looked back to the honest life, we became rebels ! Our vision SOL vision is that all Altis citizen must live life outside the imaginary lines and guides which are forcefully bounded to us, everybody must show their real face and live the life they desire by their own rules. SOL members believe that by hard work and many hours spent on becoming stronger the benefits of this will make SOL an unbeatable rebel force. Our Rules - ALWAYS respect all your gang members. - ALWAYS be mature about everything. - ALWAYS follow orders given by your higher ups. - Name MUST be in game also in teamspeak: [SOL] YourName - DON'T break any server rules. Application Template In Game Name and Age: Stats page link: https://stats.phoenixrp.co.uk/ Why do you want to join SOL ? (25 + words) What can you bring to the SOL ? (25 + words) Do you agree to respect and obey higher ranks? (Yes or No) Be SURE that you have meet the requirements before you make you're application. - MUST have a working microphone ! - MUST have rebel license ! You can either get ACCEPTED or DENIED If you got ACCEPTED hop onto teamspeak for an interview. If you got DENIED waiting time before you can make a new request is 24h. ROSTER Here FULL SET OF RULES Here TeamSpeak Interview Here
  4. AlexZ

    Vehicles don't refuel in garage.

    Tempest Device owners are very happy about this update :))
  5. AlexZ

    Compensation Request - [SOL] AlexZ - 04/17/18

    Lockpicks 10 = 15.000 4-Five = 35,000 + Scope 10.000 MXM 6.5mm = 210,000 Scope%Silencer = 40.000 Ammo = 15.000 Chlotes from rebel = 30.000 Compensation for 355k
  6. Time Submitted: 09:20:35 PM | 04/17/18 Submitted By: AlexZ (3480) In-Game Name: [SOL] AlexZ Steam / Player ID: 76561198074961056 Date of Event: 04/17/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): No screenshot, the whole server was killed. Details of Event: Hacker blow everything up, everybody died... Compensation Amount: 355k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  7. AlexZ

    Altis Crime Family Recruitment [OPEN]

    In Game Name: AlexZ Age: 22 Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): I was born in Altis, but my family was from Tanoa, I didn't met my family yet but I was lucky to be raised by a group of thiefs who protected me and teached me the way of fighting and stealing. I want to continue my masters legacy, by doing what they taught me all this years. What will you bring to the family?: I can bring to the family a person of trust, sheer will and a good contribuitor to the family cause. Why do you want to join ACF?: I want to join the ACF family because I want a group to play with, a group of wich I can care for it, help it if needed, i like being in a squad to play with and have a good time.