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  1. Altis Crime Family Recruitment [OPEN]

    In Game Name: AlexZ Age: 22 Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): I was born in Altis, but my family was from Tanoa, I didn't met my family yet but I was lucky to be raised by a group of thiefs who protected me and teached me the way of fighting and stealing. I want to continue my masters legacy, by doing what they taught me all this years. What will you bring to the family?: I can bring to the family a person of trust, sheer will and a good contribuitor to the family cause. Why do you want to join ACF?: I want to join the ACF family because I want a group to play with, a group of wich I can care for it, help it if needed, i like being in a squad to play with and have a good time.

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