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  1. Kaane

    Rebound | Recruitment [Open]

    @Aspect @Enz ://
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    Cozza | Phoenix #3 | The Return

    fucking buzzcut
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    Rebound | Recruitment [Open]

    oh my fricking god @Enz
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    TyLoo | Recruitment Page

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    Nerve | Recruitment

    gl x
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    Why are HAVOC so bad?

    kai keen.ego
  8. Kaane


    going too be a shit gang tho with @Aspect init
  9. Kaane


    trying too get unbanned prob will make a gang
  10. Kaane


    dead only been playing conflicts the past few weeks ;/ where you been
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  12. Kaane

    Phoenix #2

    u smell
  13. i can assure you that i wont break another rule seeing as my ban history with 2 perm bans isnt looking great i wouldnt want to add to that if i got unbanned
  14. Time Submitted: 08:39:44 PM | 12/04/18 Submitted By: Kaane (3476) In-Game Name: M | Kaane Steam / Player ID: 76561198321162828 Administrator who issued ban: Spawnthedeath Date of ban: 10/29/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i should be unbanned because this is my 2nd ban on the server ever i understand that my bans have been for the same thing but they've both had a good timeapart i have learnt from my alt f4ing, im sorry for what i done and wont do it again it was in the heat of the moment and i regret it What reason was given for your ban? Combat log Why should you be unbanned? i enjoyed playing here a while ago but stopped a few of my mates play here every so often so i would like to join them What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):