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  1. I think you should remove the amount of entities in kav square as it decreases FPS and they are useless if you were to remove them you can have less server lag to, you have been decreasing the amount of things in PD but putting more in kav square
  2. Ching Wong

    Selling AMS 3-10x zoom scopes.

    You can have it I’m not paying more than 5 mill
  3. Ching Wong

    Selling AMS 3-10x zoom scopes.

    I am now
  4. Ching Wong

    Selling AMS 3-10x zoom scopes.

  5. Ching Wong

    Selling AMS 3-10x zoom scopes.

  6. Ching Wong

    Selling AMS 3-10x zoom scopes.

    2 mill then right now
  7. Ching Wong

    Selling AMS 3-10x zoom scopes.

    What is the buy now price?
  8. Ching Wong

    New perk

    You should add a perk that boosts the amount of XP you get for doing things but make it cost a few perk points and the level should be low like Lvl 7
  9. Ching Wong

    10 Million Giveaway!

    Please can I have this as I lost all mine due to buying heli then it got stolen
  10. Ching Wong

    Combat fatigues CSAT Hex

    STARTING BID- 1mill MIN BID INCREASMENT- 100k BUY NOW PRICE- 10 MILL END DATE- 25/01/19 this is it if you don’t know what it is
  11. Ching Wong

    Armed offroad

    I will pay quite a lot tbh
  12. Ching Wong

    See all your gang members

    I think you should be able to see all your gang members in the gang section on the y menu so if you need to kick someone from the gang you can do it without having to wait for them to come online
  13. Time Submitted: 07:37:02 PM | 12/03/18 Submitted By: Ching Wong (3446) In-Game Name: Ching Wong Steam / Player ID: 76561198389065963 Date of Event: 12/03/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://plays.tv/video/5c05846ef288c421f7/rdm-in-gz Details of Event: i saw someone shooting in GZ so i said what are you doing then he killed me Cobra said he has been banned so make comp request sorry i dont know the prices all i know is that my loadout cost around 1.1 mill Compensation Amount: ghille adv rebel vest carryall adv rebel helmet spar 17 arco around 20 mags i had about 90k on me Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  14. Ching Wong


    Does anyone have a few orcas I can buy of them for cheapish as I want a big collection