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  1. 5Deep

    Spike strips

    Is anyone selling any spike strips
  2. 5Deep

    Kavala Market

    I think you should bring back the Kavala Market section that you had a while ago on the fourms as it would be really helpful so we can buy weapons and spikestripes and other things like that to people
  3. 5Deep

    Virtual Gangsters

    Accepted check pms for discord link
  4. 5Deep

    Virtual Gangsters

    Accepted check PMS for discord link
  5. 5Deep

    Virtual Gangsters

    Denied retry again be normal this time
  6. 5Deep

    Virtual Gangsters

    could you send screenshot of hours please
  7. 5Deep

    Virtual Gangsters

    welcome to the gang page of the Virtual Gangsters we are a gang that will not let anyone stop us and we will try and take over all gangs. we sell drugs we will take any gang territories over we hope we can take control over all the cartels and stop gangs that try and steal them back. Requirements: -you have to be at least 14 to join -Have basic knowledge of Altis life and Arma -Have a stable bank account -Have the ability to RP int stressful situations APPLICATION LAYOUT: In-game name: Age: Previous RP experiences: Strengths and weaknesses: Timezone: How many hours on Arma?(at least 500) (screenshot) why do you want to join: Any previous gangs: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ copy and paste the layout and we will reply with Accepted, Denied or postponed. Leader- Lee West Co Leader- 5Deep ------------------------------ Virtual Gangsters
  8. 5Deep


    Where would I go to recommend someone in the support team to get a promotion
  9. 5Deep


    What is your servers discord?
  10. 5Deep

    Police application

  11. 5Deep

    Police application

    How will I know if my cop application gets accepted or declined? its for Altus life
  12. Time Submitted: 06:37:15 PM | 06/16/18 Submitted By: Damien Smith (3446) In-Game Name: Damien Smith Steam / Player ID: 76561198389065963 Administrator who issued ban: Dex Date of ban: 06/16/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i told someone to kill themself when the guy robbed me What reason was given for your ban? bullying and personal attacks Why should you be unbanned? I think i should be unbanned as i love to play on this server and have done for ages i understand what i did wrong and i promise not to do it again as it was a stupid idea to do. i think i will not find another server like this. I also have done alot in this server so i would hate it if i cant come back to it. Everyone deserves 2nd chance please let me back in your server What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  13. 5Deep


    how do i see how long i am banned for?
  14. 5Deep

    Altis life market?

    yes it has been removed
  15. 5Deep

    Location Of Message