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  1. Lucanova

    Lucanova | Fragmovie 8

    https://gyazo.com/74c4af7572a1b6257ba5b5fa43d477fa month and a half later to be approved zzz
  2. Lucanova

    HM Treasury Location

    the bank location definitely needs to be changed
  3. Lucanova

    New Rebel Clothing

    combat fatigues (mtp) Recon Fatigues (MTP) Combat Fatigues (Miller) Scientist Clothes CTRG Combat Uniform I don't think these are in it and they aren't spongy
  4. Time Submitted: 11:00:06 PM | 03/07/19 Submitted By: Lucanova (3443) In-Game Name: ^ L Steam / Player ID: 76561198187974051 Date of Event: 03/07/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/sGhGFdvKhpw Details of Event: I looted an airdrop and found mar10 which I put in my ifrit. Then server gets nuked where everyone just got incapacitated and kicked to lobby. Look at 00:06 time in video to see my items and mar10 in my ifrit. Compensation Amount: mk1= 350k ghillie suit= 85k defender helmet =18k CTRG Plate Carrier Rig Mk.2 =100k backpack=2k arco=10k mags=25k MAR10.388(CAMO)=unknown price(if possible can I get one spawned in) Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  5. Lucanova


    @Ryan Wilson is my prime minister
  6. Lucanova

    Some suggestions that will help rebel life

    some points should definitely be looked at +1
  7. Lucanova

    Stop nerfing rebel life

    https://gyazo.com/a33216094d9a0e5d663843e8a759adca like wtf
  8. Lucanova

    Stop nerfing rebel life

    There are more rebels but definitely not because of the aspects I mentioned to change or remove
  9. Lucanova

    Stop nerfing rebel life

    Just make it cheaper at least, literally already spent a mil on just fuelling up my helis and cars in a few days of this update. BUT scarco the nlr rule states if you die you can retrieve your vehicle so how are you able to store them. 🤔 big +1
  10. Lucanova

    Stop nerfing rebel life

    There are no restrictions on suppressors.
  11. Lucanova

    Stop nerfing rebel life

    But alex sometimes people die and are not able to store their vehicles, like they had the chance to store them, they would....
  12. Lucanova

    Night vis mask

    Just let rebels have full night vision and be able to hide your nametag at the same time like I don't get why they can't. Or add pilot helmets so rebels would have to but the pilot helmet and a mask to get the same feature that factions already get.
  13. Lucanova

    Stop nerfing rebel life

    Many things are creating a big disadvantage for rebels at the moment and ruining rebel life which I believe need to be removed/changed: · 7.62 suppressors for factions. Every player in a faction who has access to a 7.62 has access to a 7.62 suppressor. They are super overpowered and should either be limited or removed. Or if they want them they have to pay the same as rebels for them. · Vehicles refuel is saved has been added again. Not one rebel likes this. It adds no roleplay and just is another thing that steals money from rebels and adds another reason to want to be in a faction. · Impounded vehicles now don’t return to your garage. Another feature for civs that is just a waste of time and is just another inconvenience to have to get to certain places to get your impounded vehicles back · Don’t make 10mil start bid price for gang bases. You only get the base for 2 weeks and you have to fight for them anyway which is quite costly at gang base bidding. Also creates an incentive for more people to take part, making the gang wars more fun and entertaining to take part in. At least start bid 5mil or cheaper. These suggestions are just on top of my head so if you believe they should be changed in some way please do reply. If you have any more suggestions for rebel life pls do reply also.
  14. Lucanova

    Night vis mask

    makes sense for rebels to be able to have them