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    Maiko Best Pilot

    hard to fly with bra on head
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    Fix FPS

    I believe that most of the community is currently having issues with FPS as am I, I have a good computer before I get any comments telling me to upgrade. I believe that I speak on behalf of lots of the community when I ask for the developers to fix FPS before starting any more developments as people are struggling to get even 40 on a high end PC, without grass enabled.
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    accepted fellow african american friend
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    I can fry FPS on my motherboard when I play phoenix rn idk why.
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    its hopeless bobster
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    https://i.gyazo.com/d46e08cf2b77d28b4387bdc1b97d42c2.mp4 Ifrit Bellyflopping Since '01
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    Frag montages

    I pretended as well, didn't work out at all
  13. Slater ひ

    Move Federal Reserve to Domes.

    Move the prison
  14. Slater ひ

    Move Federal Reserve to Domes.

    Neochori is another good place, just as its a mixture between the current bank area and fed as there is lots more space, FPS is better for some reason and rebels have places to hold.
  15. Slater ひ

    Theres No roleplay in the roleplay server

    First things first, every hardcore role play server that has been made on ARMA 3 has either been a complete failure or has had a small player base. As much as people don't like to admit it combat one of the things that makes this game so interesting, especially if you have had the game for a long time such as myself. The things I find make a quality server, are two things, the ability to create a balance between good combat and a standard of role play, and the ability to develop the server itself. From what I've heard from other community members when I came across from other servers, is that the server had a turn for the worse when role play was further enforced and when combat was frowned upon, which doesn't surprise me at all. This being said I would have thought that this would have pushed this server to further balance role play and combat. Redzone I believe to help this community to become better (in my opinion and a few others), this server shouldn't remove the redzone, but instead fix the rewards to increase the amount of combat that partakes inside them as this will stop people from searching the roads for people to initiate on, there also needs to be some form of way for gangs to compete against each other on the server as right now if you own a gang, you have no reason to worry or compete (hence why there are no big gangs on this server). Roleplay If you want role play, prevent people from bleeding out every time they get killed and give the cops a reason to take them back to the station to role play and deal with them, as right now you incapacitate someone and they hold space bar at the first opportunity, I know for a fact that this gives good opportunity to role play as people are forced to role play if they want to keep gear or have a reduced ticket. As on other servers, people with the advanced rebel license shouldn't be able to rob people that are considered as doing "low tier runs" and advanced rebels doing so should have their rebel removed. Banks and HAVOC checkpoint raids already provide a lot of role play in as there isn't such thing as a "negotiation stage" in many other servers, there aren't many servers with the HAVOC - Police relationship either, where HAVOC commit war crimes and the police ask for their leaders as collateral, this is unique in Altis Life and the combat between them shouldn't be frowned upon as it is a big part of the reason that the server is so cool and fun. Roleplay Initiation As it stands, you have to 'roleplay' before you initiate on this server, that logically to me and others makes almost no sense whatsoever. Instead of forcing all people to 'roleplay' before they initiate, they should add faction rules that require the factions to role play before they initiate within reason but the rule should not apply to rebels. I'll explain further below. Police on this server are similar to others, however, on this server cops are told to role play before they initiate. I can fully understand this in certain situations such as road crimes, drug busts with small trucks and other minor illegal activities, but cops should not be expected to role play with a gang of 5+ people running around with MK1s Quillins and Ifrits. Havoc should follow similar rules to the Police and role play with people that are trespassing in their lands as long as they are not doing so in illegal vehicles, HAVOC should still role play at the checkpoint as they do that well currently. Overall, this server shouldn't be suffocating people who enjoy combat, its one of ARMAs unique positives and is a majority of the reason that ARMA 3 combat has an edge over other combat simulators and other shooters. Role play should all means exist but should only be enforced within reason, and instead of enforcing it, it should be encouraged either by rewarding players with good role play whether that's in game ( such as cops letting you go with your gun or a lower ticket ) or with cash rewards in bigger role play situations.