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  1. hard to fly with bra on head
  2. Slater ひ

    Fix FPS

    I believe that most of the community is currently having issues with FPS as am I, I have a good computer before I get any comments telling me to upgrade. I believe that I speak on behalf of lots of the community when I ask for the developers to fix FPS before starting any more developments as people are struggling to get even 40 on a high end PC, without grass enabled.
  3. Slater ひ


    accepted fellow african american friend
  4. Slater ひ


    I can fry FPS on my motherboard when I play phoenix rn idk why.
  5. Slater ひ


  6. Slater ひ


    its hopeless bobster
  7. Slater ひ


    https://i.gyazo.com/d46e08cf2b77d28b4387bdc1b97d42c2.mp4 Ifrit Bellyflopping Since '01
  8. I pretended as well, didn't work out at all
  9. Neochori is another good place, just as its a mixture between the current bank area and fed as there is lots more space, FPS is better for some reason and rebels have places to hold.
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      Bobby Shmurda

      im getting you all unbanned so you dont have to hurt yourself playing this shit 

      @Slater ひ @bazzy :3

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