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    Airsoft & Paintball - FPS Games & Roleplay Games - Police (Studying to become one).

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  1. Ludde

    Dats some good work there

    quick math...
  2. Ludde

    1 Tactical Bacon

    I'll buy it now for £500,000 CaUsE WhO nEeDs MoNeY iN 2019?
  3. Ludde

    The Johnsons

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. Ludde

    1 Tactical Bacon

    I mean, is it signed?
  5. Ludde

    Most liked content?

    lol, why tf would I need anyones ip xD?
  6. Ludde

    Most liked content?

    Eggs don't lie 😝
  7. Ludde

    Most liked content?

    likes? <------ (Click it) DoEs ThIs MeAn I gEt ThE mOsT lIkEd CoNtEnT?? 🤔
  8. Ludde

    Perfect donation from Nick

    daum 👌
  9. Ludde

    Close Enough

    I think you just oofed on him... xD
  10. New banner xo 🔥

    1. Nigel Anderson

      Nigel Anderson

      Looks like shit

    2. Ludde


      No u

  11. Ludde

    Wag1 ladies!

    Alright ladies, no need to get aggressive if you know what I mean xD Nah, that's alright, Looks like you missed out on something. When not knowing me, jk. Nice meeting you tho. 😉 Thanks, I've been away for hella long time. So I don't expect anyone to know me either, But yeah, I was in the cops.
  12. Ludde

    Wag1 ladies!

    Will do...
  13. Ludde


    Well, isn't it better that they don't spray your ass down? If this was irl, I'd rather have someone taze me instead of shooting me. So I think this is actually better, start appreciating it and this will make you value your life more as well. Not wanting to die because you cba getting tazed.
  14. Ludde

    Wag1 ladies!

    hahaha, that's alright, not like I remember you either. So looks like we even xD Some rando I guess. Hello! 👌
  15. Ludde

    Wag1 ladies!

    Yeah mate, mainly been playin copper back then. So this was with some people like Shacky, Daniel Lincoln, Shaun, David B, Wallace Smith, Rolex and Nigel, These are the people I played with. So yeah, no harm bud xD Thanks! Someone hasn't been paying attention then xD nah, but look at some of me old posts and see who was around back then.