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  1. Ludde Smith

    Spintires on sale for €3.74

  2. Ludde Smith

    One of a kind SADDLE Brown IFRIT for sale!!!

    "One of a kind"
  3. Ludde Smith

    Ludde landed here again?

    So, someone might remember me? Well, atleast I`m back now. So I was hoping to have some RP with ya`ll. Thanks, -Ludde Smith
  4. Ludde Smith

    Time to say goodbye!

    Ill tag you now then xD Leo - Swedish lad, chill and has some good ear rape with his soundboard.
  5. Ludde Smith

    Time to say goodbye!

    So to start off, I joined this server because of age requirement for APC. But when I left APC and join anarchy it was still fun. After anarchy disbanded I started losing faith in Altis life. I started to play King Of The Hill and enjoyed that for a while. But now, Arma is just getting boring. And I`m doing other stuff now. Here are some people who made my experience amazing! @Rolex16 - Jackson my boi still not getting frags in APC @Shacky^ - Helped me get into APC and just a nice lad whenever. #TopFragger @Shaun Johnson - Was with me in APC and AMS and a funny dude @ Daniel Lincon (Don't Know your forums name) - Did my interview, PPC and much more. Thanks for helping me into APC. @Wallace Smith - DId my FA and really nice dude. #RIPSNU @Max - Helped me into AMS, really nice dude. @Vince Johnson - Getting em frags with me, a good friend from the academy. @Blackstone - Can`t ever forget when you VDM`ed us and gave me money <3 (Thanks a lot) @TeddyBear - Had some fun RP with you at CP, when I was being suspected of being "undercover" police. @Lubo - One of the most active support member ever. Thanks. @Susan - Very thankful for you giving me a chance in AMS. @Matty James - "Your gang is full of squeakers and bots" yeah, nice rp saying that when you were bleeding out Anyways, thanks to everyone within the community that has been so nice. Hoping to see all of you again. Kindest Regards -Ludde Smith
  6. Ludde Smith


    Big +1
  7. So in the past, there have been multiple staff members dealing with lots of support cases. A few of them is @Lubo @Alex King and I also see @Zyn Doing a lot of staff duties. Just a little thank you
  8. Ludde Smith


    He is definitely a good lad +1
  9. Ludde Smith

    Kr4ken | FragMovie #1

    This was sick man. Nice job!
  10. Time Submitted: 07:22:18 PM | 04/12/18 Submitted By: Ludde (3408) In-Game Name: a | Ludde Steam / Player ID: 76561198115558716 Date of Event: 04/12/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): I do not have any evidence in this case. But I was wondering if you guys will be able to check. Details of Event: I went and bought all my gear at blackmarket, I kicked my internet cable out somehow and when I joined back in. Everything I bought was gone and I lost my money. I never died within this time and I hope you guys are able to check this and that I lost my money. Compensation Amount: Gun : MK 1 EMR 450k Attachments and mags : 20k Armor and uniform : 150k Total 620k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  11. Ludde Smith

    Adios popo

    This lad is a "Nice" lad. Much love dat skid Ludde
  12. Ludde Smith

    EYYYYY BIG giveaway

    What is everyone on about. I can't even express the love I have for [email protected]<3 Memz4Life #HopeIWin
  13. Happy birthday Norwegian lad!

  14. Ludde Smith

    Make the kavala greenzone smaller.

    +1 I feel people won't spawn at Kavala and bearly used as much because there is nothing to do when it`s all greenzone. However, I feel you should just make it a bit smaller.