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  1. The video is not from our server @[Rct] Alex Van Poecke what are you gonna say about that?
  2. Player report Accepted Black Falcon will receive a GB for combat storing. When you are in active situation/chase you are not allowed to flee into the green zone and store your vehicle.
  3. I will give Black Falcon 24 hours to respond to this report.
  4. How can you combat log by accident? That is your fourth ban I don't think that you learned your lesson from your old bans. Ban appeal declined
  5. Compensation request Declined. Timed out
  6. Any evidence that you had this gear on you? And can you show me the video where you have? And what was the exact time when that happens. @SnowBroo
  7. Can you please list the gear you had. @SnowBroo
  8. Accepted: £365,000 will be added to your account on the next restart. 
  9. that is how you get Colonel. Go open some more dors @Scaw
  10. Accepted: £142,500 will be added to your account on the next restart.
  11. Can you give me a link to your steam profile, If you want you can send it in private message
  12. Are you sure that is your correct steamID for that I can't find it on your servers @Josh Senior
  13. Your vehicles don't disappear after an explosion. Your hummingbird will be back into your garage after the server restart.
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