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  1. theboogymonsta

    DGN | Dudes Get Nudes

    Whats your in-game name? TheBoogyMonsta How old are you? 29 How many Arma hours do you have? 100 Why do you want to join DGN? Moe is a cool guy and seems like a good gang to join!
  2. theboogymonsta

    Banned players may not use this system.

    Hmmm i'm thinking a bug, surely we all cant be banned?!
  3. theboogymonsta

    Legal and iligal

    Illegal Drug Licenses Meth - £150,000 Cocaine - £150,000 Weed - £135,000 Cigar - £50,000 Moonshine - Free Heroin - £120,000 Legal Licenses Copper - £30,000 Iron - £30,000 Apples - Free Peaches - Free Hops/Beer - £50,000 Diamond - £65,000 Oil - £55,000 Corn/Popcorn - Free Coral - Free Tobacco/Cigarette - £50,000 Salt - £55,000 Cement - £15,000 Vehicle Licenses Taxi - £500,000 Boat - £3,500 Driver - £1,500 Pilot - £100,000 HGV/Truck -£35,000 Gun/Gear Licenses Rebel - £1,000,000 Advanced Rebel - £10,000,000 Blackmarket - £15,000,000 SMG - £95,000 Gun/Fire Arm - £75,000 General Licenses Homeowners - £500,000 Diving - £25,000
  4. theboogymonsta

    Altis Tax Mafia | Recruiting Now!

    Altis Tax Mafia Altis Tax Mafia are here to keep the streets safe and make sure every one gets along. For a percentage, ATM have access to all forms of hi-tech vehicles and weaponry and contacts within all of Altis's faction's, and will keep you and your squad safe. Founded from years of aggressive mistreatment of the people, this vigilante group have been through it all. Whether you need a 2 man squad to assist your convoy, or a 20 man army ready to go to war, ATM are ready to help. Our aim is to provide a great RP experience alongside combat and team work. Our team are all required to wear their go-pro's whilst travelling the island so we are happy to help with any discrepancies that may arise if we are in the area. Sometimes you may find us throwing one of our famous warehouse rave's (invitation on request), or just simply flying through the skies of Altis keeping an eye on the civilians. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Structure of Command BOSS: TheBoogyMonsta ---------------------------- LEADERS: Daedalic | Lucanova | Tomtule ---------------------------- GANG: Shaun ---------------------------- RECRUITS: Top | Rhys Gee ---------------------------- Recruitment Officer - TheBoogyMonsta Training Commander - Tomtule Vehicle Instructor - Lucanova Combat Officer - Daedlic --------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rules and Regulations The Rules and Regulations are to be abided by at ALL TIMES and are as follows; 1. Ranks; Ranks are in place for a reason and to keep a smooth operation flowing throughout ATM. You are to follow the orders from your superior above and respect their decision at all times. If you wish to log a complaint about an abuse of power please log this with the Field Marshal and we will hold a meeting to resolve this. Anyone not following this rule may result in disciplinary action. 2. Follow the server rules; The rules of the server are in place to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience whilst being a member of ATM. No Homophobia/Racism/Sexism/Hacks. You must use your microphone at ALL times. If you are found to be breaking server rules or the gang rules then this may result in your removal from ATM and ban you from re-joining in the future. There is a uniform in place that must be adhered to and failure to do so may again result in removal from ATM. Please make sure you understand the rules of RP and you stay in character whilst on the server, RP is an important part of this gang and we wish to keep it that way. If you are inactive for more than a period of 7 days then you may be removed from the group without any notice. If you know you are going to be away from more than this period of time please let a superior know and we will make a note of this. 3. Robberies; Our aim is to protect the citizens and smaller gangs of Altis, so we do not want to create enemies by taking EVERYTHING that they have. Taxation is our game, we will take a 40-70% taxation charge when we rob people, depending on how co-operative and polite they are. This is obviously not applicable when robbing stores etc. All money gained from robberies MUST be shared with the gang, and we will reward members who help to keep our gang bank account full through ways of promotions and privilidges. 4. Police; Police are pigs, and pigs make tasty bacon when they are dead, so after you have had your fun, make sure to blow them away! However if a police officer is polite and listens to instructions then you can use your discretion and feel free to let them go if you wish. Always kill NPAS. We do not work with the police and anyone found to be cooperating and giving information to the police will be executed and removed from the gang. 5. Gangs; DO NOT rob another gang if your face/identity is shown. We want to make alliances so if you come across another well established gang DO NOT rob them, unless they have robbed or wronged us previously. If someone gets in our way of achieving a task then this is a different story and we will have no hesitation on initiating and removing ANY threat. 6. Initiations; When we are initiating upon someone, always listen to the rank of command and do as has been discussed previously in the battle room or do as your are told by your superiors if it is a random encounter. NEVER break the laws of the land and ALWAYS obey the rules of initiation. 7. Vehicles; When a squad are using vehicles as part of a mission, they must ensure that they use a vehicle that supports the number of players in the squad, or multiple vehicles. If the squad is trying to escape a situation then a higher ranked superior will always take first place in a vehicle if there is not enough space for everyone. 8. Money; As stated above, all money gained from robberies (with the Gang, not on your own/with friends) MUST be shared with the gang, and we will reward members who help to keep our gang bank account full through ways of promotions and privilidges. When out on a gang mission, all monies gained must be deposited into the gang bank account (transactions will be made public to the group) and then we will distribute this evenly or put money towards things such as the gang base, vehicles and training supplies. 9. Combat; We will hold regular training events to improve combat and RP. These can be arranged upon request if you would like to improve on any of your in-game skills and we are more than happy to assist with this. If anyone is unable to make a team training event then we must receive prior notice so your training can be re-arranged as soon as possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ATM are currently looking to recruit active members. If you wish to apply, please either fill out the application form below and post on here or come to one of our communication servers; Discord: https://discord.gg/Q4ztD5D TeamSpeak: ts.phoenixrp.co.uk (Gang Lounges > Gang Channels > ATM | Altis Tax Mafia) If you see us about feel free to say hello and ask any questions! We are a friendly bunch, most of the time... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Application Template; What is your in-game name? Location and age: Why do you want to join the Altis Tax Mafia?: What can you bring to the table for Altis Tax Mafia?: How many in-game hours do you have on Arma3?: Have you been a member of a gang previously? If so, which?:
  5. Happy Birthday Ninj! :91_thumbsup:

  6. Time Submitted: 11:38:12 PM | 03/07/18 Submitted By: theboogymonsta (3389) In-Game Name: TheBoogyMonsta Steam / Player ID: TheBoogyMonsta Date of Event: 03/07/89 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WyvVgIc6-M&feature=youtu.be Details of Event: I had just bought a Kabita and right after I got a BattleEye error and it kicked me off. Upon logging back in I had my old weapon yet the money had been taken from my wallet. This has happened twice today. (You can see me noticed I do not have the weapon at 04:08) Compensation Amount: Kabita + 4 magazines Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  7. theboogymonsta


    @Kiran Thanks very much! I am new to the forum so apologies for posting in the wrong thread! I don't know of any crimes I have commited, but could it be a speeding offence? I was driving past the airport last night and I believe there is a speed camera there so it could be that? Thanks for you response
  8. theboogymonsta

    Oi oiiiiiii!

    Cheers y0rkie
  9. theboogymonsta


    I went to have a look at my stats earlier and noticed that it says I am wanted? I have only been on the server for less than 24 hours and have not broken any rules that I am aware of (and yes I have read the server rules). Is anyone able to explain the reason as to why I am wanted? Cheers folks (Y)
  10. theboogymonsta


    When I am not living out my days in Kavala with the fam, I also like to make music! Would be awesome to know what you guys think!
  11. theboogymonsta

    Oi oiiiiiii!

    Wagwarb bredrin and sisterin! Just moved to the island after being chased off my last island by a salty pack of ravenous dogs so looking for fresh faces to get down and party with! Some people call me TheBoogyMonsta, but you can call me Boogy! Lets dance!