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  1. Leo S

    Sanders departure

    i am the better sanders
  2. Leo S

    ARCUS PMC Advert

    All fraggers left lmao
  3. Leo S


    About us We are a group of rebels who's goal is simply to rule the island. Anyone who stands in our way will be ruthlessly destroyed. Requirements Mature Rebel or higher 16+ (exceptions can be made) 600+ hours on Arma 3 Genuinely have a common sense Application format Name (in-game): Age: Licenses (screenshot) SteamID: Hours on Arma 3: Why do you want to join evolve: Previous gangs: Information Temporary handbook yeah I stole evolves logo for an arma 3 Altis life gang fuck off
  4. Leo S

    Get rid of Rain

  5. Leo S

    Long Range Scopes

    So I was wondering if anyone know the prices of the old long range scopes?
  6. Leo S

    Teamspeak icons ranks

  7. I've heard that police officers may not ask the person with the firearm (claimed to be for example a replica) to shoot since it's classified as power gaming. Which I myself fully agree with since once you claim its a replica, it's pretty much useless till next restart since you can't fire with it if you claim it to be something else (in roleplay). If you think that "but when the police ask for the person to shoot, is powergaming isn't the rebel powergaming in the first place claiming the gun is something else?" NO, that is wrong!! Powergaming is making up events for your own favor, if you claim the gun is, for example, a replica, YOU CANT USE IT! Unless it's a new restart.
  8. Leo S

    my birthday

    no u ❤️
  9. Leo S

    Nick Batsbak

    +1 many love
  10. Leo S

    Time to say goodbye!

    k don't tag me
  11. Leo S

    my birthday

    it's mah birthday today (16) so ya'll better give me attention ❤️
  12. Leo S

    DGN | Dudes Get Nudes

    Whats your in-game name? Leo How old are you? 15 (16 in 6days) Previous RP experiences? 1000+ of my hours on arma is on RP servers. Been playin' since 2015 Strengths and weaknesses? Really good at piloting, shooting (best at long range), decamping and communications Timezone? Sweden How many Arma hours do you have? (At least 350 hours) 2032 Why do you want to join DGN? (At least 100 words) The main reason I wanna join dgn is that of the people in it. I have several friends in dgn that I love playing with and with this, I feel like I would really fit in. I also really like the roleplay I see from dgn, most of have a very "real" feeling to it and I enjoy being around when it is played out. One of the other reasons I wanna join dgn is because of the skills that the members of dgn posses, mostly combat in which I find a hard opponent in the fights that I've been a part of. I really feel like everything that I look for in a gang, dgn has. Which is really why I want to join. Any previous gangs? Anarchy and Cops
  13. Leo S

    Oddity | Open

    In Game Name: Leo Age: 15 ArmA 3 hours *screenshot*: http://prntscr.com/j6idnw Previous gangs: cops Why would you like to join: because i have many good combat skills and role play skills What current member could vouch for you?: shake shack (shacky) and josh
  14. Leo S

    Anarchy | Recruiting

    You have been Accepted Please jump down to our gang channels & message one of the founders.