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  1. Time Submitted: 10:11:25 AM | 04/15/19 Submitted By: Kevin K (3386) Your In-Game Name: Kevin to the K Who are you reporting?: Maverick Time/Date of event: 10:30 - 11:30 (Somehwere inbetween there) Rule's Broken: 2:9 Explain what happened: I got taken hostage for 20+ min and recieved little to no roleplay at all before I got shot in the head. Even if they both did wrong I am only reporting Maverick as he left the support channel and didnt want to resolve it. In the middle of the video you can also see that they just said "hands up or die" to someone without prior roleplay so it wasn't just me. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://plays.tv/s/MAGL_6DyZGJr - I didnt die here https://plays.tv/video/5cb447d23c9e6c5df7/ok - I died here. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: None.
  2. Kevin K

    PhoenixRP Altis event: Truck boxer trail race

  3. Kevin K

    forget the fortnite, horses!

    Horse tack is attached
  4. Kevin K


  5. Kevin K

    7.62 Suppressors

    +1 for both the original post and this.
  6. Kevin K

    We need this added

  7. Kevin K

    1x M320 LRR & 4x .408 7rnd LRR mags- Auction

    They got removed from the black market shop (when black market was a thing) but you could buy them before. I have 2 myself. Can I buy 5 of the mags for 1mil?
  8. Kevin K

    delete this

    Number of hours (SS needed) - 2436 https://prnt.sc/n58p8y Bank Balance - 3 Mil Age - 16 Country - Sweden Previous Gangs - ACF Vouches - Kazz Steam ID - 76561198167023978 Are you in a faction - Yes, APC.
  9. Kevin K

    Sanders departure

    i am the better sanders
  10. Kevin K

    ARCUS PMC Advert

    All fraggers left lmao
  11. Kevin K


    About us We are a group of rebels who's goal is simply to rule the island. Anyone who stands in our way will be ruthlessly destroyed. Requirements Mature Rebel or higher 16+ (exceptions can be made) 600+ hours on Arma 3 Genuinely have a common sense Application format Name (in-game): Age: Licenses (screenshot) SteamID: Hours on Arma 3: Why do you want to join evolve: Previous gangs: Information Temporary handbook yeah I stole evolves logo for an arma 3 Altis life gang fuck off
  12. Kevin K

    Get rid of Rain

  13. Kevin K

    Long Range Scopes

    So I was wondering if anyone know the prices of the old long range scopes?
  14. I've heard that police officers may not ask the person with the firearm (claimed to be for example a replica) to shoot since it's classified as power gaming. Which I myself fully agree with since once you claim its a replica, it's pretty much useless till next restart since you can't fire with it if you claim it to be something else (in roleplay). If you think that "but when the police ask for the person to shoot, is powergaming isn't the rebel powergaming in the first place claiming the gun is something else?" NO, that is wrong!! Powergaming is making up events for your own favor, if you claim the gun is, for example, a replica, YOU CANT USE IT! Unless it's a new restart.