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  1. Kevin K

    Bye, again.

    Sean we may have had our differences but you were always there to answer a question or just to help out. I wish you well on your journey.
  2. Kevin K

    Orite Pal

    Not too bad, orite pal?
  3. Time Submitted: 07:43:34 PM | 06/04/19 Submitted By: Kevin K (3386) In-Game Name: Kevin K Steam / Player ID: 76561198167023978 Date of Event: 06/04/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): The video includes my house location so please private message me if you need the video. Details of Event: I was storing meth into my house and an hacker came on and killed everyone and then the server crashed. After the server came back my gear was still intact. Compensation Amount: 91 Units of meth = 91 * 52480 (Price of meth) = 4,775,680 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. Yes true. I don't know the exact percentage but its a decent chunk.
  5. Many of the police I've spoken to are thinking about it, right now they're still just grasping the situation. You are saying right here that rebel is more fun than cops, why would someone even play as a cop if its not fun?
  6. But what about the new problem? Now we're left with empty factions...
  7. You do realize that probably more than 50% of the current rebels are havoc right? The point of this post was to revive rebel activity, but you're saying that the faction members that already play as rebels would not be allowed to...
  8. 4.11 APC Rebel Activity - APC Officers are only permitted to play as rebel during the hours of 12am - 12pm. This is are a really good point but not since the new APC rule. I really liked that they nerfed the factions, especially cops, however, forcing our rebel-time to when no-one else is playing is not the brightest idea. I play as a cop almost 80% of my time on the server and only play as a rebel when I want to let off some steam by going into red-zones or robbing people with a rook. The whole idea of letting us play from 00:00 to 12:00 was because we didn't have any time to do illegal runs when no-one is on. Why would we even want to do runs now if we can't enjoy the money we get?
  9. Kevin K


    +1 SMG too.
  10. Kevin K


    I like it, however, I think that it should be a select few licenses that wouldn't' annoy people too much. Like only have the DMV licenses such as Car, Truck, Helicopter, and Boat.
  11. If we could link the two though? Like you have to sell & buy in-game but you can check what is currently being sold & if your items have been bought on the forums?
  12. Kevin K

    UH-80 Ghost Hawk

    Agreed, -1. No. Just no.
  13. I agree with the reasoning for this however, I think we should instead make it into more of a roleplay feature. Like on the PNC we have a tab called "Known Criminal Organizations" or just gangs were we can see gangs & the people in it that are wanted. But if someone or everyone in a gang is not wanted then it would not show up in the PNC. And then also link this to the ANRP & main PNC so that we can see someone's tag next to their name if they are in the gang section.
  14. Also You may not bid more money than your current in-game balance. Anyways, wouldn't an in-game auction system be better?
  15. So a few days back when I got back from my LOA I went to the store and bought myself a good 'ol MXM. When I bought it I obviously needed mags so I clicked on the arrow next to the weapon to open the Attachments & Magazines bar but to my suprisemt, I didn't find a magazine bar. I did, however, find the camoed mags in the magazine's top bar but they do not fit at all. I'm not sure if this is a bug but it seems that way as to why would you remove that bar & black mags anyway? https://plays.tv/video/5cd927aa73843460ce/noblackmags-
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