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  1. MeHow

    Undercover Police Vehicles

    UNDERCOVER POLICE VEHICLES Just a quick suggestion to introduce an undercover police vehicle up from a certain rank e.g Inspector or only for the NCA, I strongly believe this would be a great opportunity to make the cops more interesting and grow the NCA by possibly introducing new outfits to distinguish the different departments. Not sure how this would work from a development point of view but if the sirens and lights are already on the server then it would probably only require the removal of the police skin from the police SUV to make it look like the standard black or white one. @Jord @Blackstone @Roy Ling
  2. MeHow

    vM - VENOM

    Name - MeHow Age - 17 Hours on Arma 3 (Minimum 300 hours +) - 209 (Not shit at it though xD) Steam ID - 76561198118367401 Previous Experience - ACF What you Can bring to the group (Min 5 points) - FUN, ROLEPLAY, ACTION, DECENT FLYING, H.M robberies. Can Anyone Vouch for you? - Sphynx
  3. Time Submitted: 03:21:29 PM | 05/27/18 Submitted By: MeHow (3361) In-Game Name: MeHow Steam / Player ID: 76561198118367401 Date of Event: 05/27/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): Server died Details of Event: Was taking part in a weapons parts run when the server died which resulted in the loss of a hemmit boxed with approximately 600k worth's of weapons parts inside. Compensation Amount: If accepted then approximately 1.2M for Hemmit and Weapons parts. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. MeHow

    Just a small giveaway

    I would like to win so that I can invest the money into creating a large scale company on the server.
  5. MeHow

    New Irish-Jewish Republic

    In Game Name: MeHow Age: 17 Hours on Arma: 200 Bank Balance on PhoenixRP: Many Millions of Dollars (Don't want you guys to be milking me for cash) Why do you want to join [NIJR]: Well, you guys desperately robbed me for a 50k SMG and after making you piss your pants with my heli crash I thought I might asewell try to join ;). Also my friend Euan is a Jew and we like to call him Juan.
  6. MeHow


    Hey I've been playing on a different server were they have an interesting aspect. Basically you have to own a barn building with items in it e.g water storage etc and you can farm potatoes (legal) or marijuana (illegal) and after approximately 30mins the seeds turn into the product which you can sell at a farmer's market. I think this would be a great addition to the server.
  7. MeHow


    I was hoping it would be a bit better than the box truck.
  8. MeHow


    Not in truck shop or car shop? only transport varient.
  9. MeHow


    There's a cargo version of the transport van that isn't on the server. It would probably be a good idea to add it as it's a great vehicle and its a shame that its not already on the server.
  10. MeHow

    Altis Crime Family Recruitment [OPEN]

    @Jurgen773 Very Nice and mature guy!
  11. MeHow


    I know the transport varient of the van from laws of war is added but I cant seem to find the cargo version of the van. Is it on the server?
  12. MeHow


    Nice to see you, I may have a job for you. Please message me for more details ;)
  13. MeHow

    Chop shop Heli’s?

    Can helicopters such as the mohawk be scrapped at the chop shop?
  14. MeHow

    Altis Crime Family Recruitment [OPEN]

    In Game Name: MeHow Age: 16 Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): Ex member of the 1st European Expeditionary Unit involved in special operations in Afghanistan. After my return to the UK our unit was disbanded so we rose from the ashes as the Arc Independent Detachment, a group of inspirational mercenaries who were involved in many contracts abroad especially in Isla Abramia. Unfortunately, on one of our missions in Isla Abramia I was kidnapped by enemy insurgents and the help never came. Eventually I managed to escape from the grasp of the insurgents and made my way to Altis in hope of a better, peaceful life. I now make a living from trading in the eastern parts of Altis and in the Havoc lands. However, throughout my life I have lost the sence of belonging to a family. What will you bring to the family?: A kind, respectful member who appreciates and enjoys roleplay on the server. Why do you want to join ACF?: On the 3rd of March 2018 I met one of your members who helped me he get a work visa. This is the first person that has helped me on the Island and I believe it would be a great experience to be a part of a group that believes in the idea of being a family.
  15. Time Submitted: 10:37:01 AM | 03/04/18 Submitted By: MeHow (3361) In-Game Name: MeHow Steam / Player ID: 76561198118367401 Date of Event: 03/03/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): Admin and multiple HAVOC members witnessed me in the Heli just before restart Details of Event: Yesterday due to the server issues I Lost my orca. I have been compensated for loss of items but not the orca. I comented about this on my previous compensation request. Compensation Amount: 1x orca = 1,000,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.