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  1. Dimmy

    Dexter in Arma

  2. Dimmy

    Niko | Whatever this is #1

    sounds about right
  3. Dimmy

    cops doing illigal shit

    New rule added, lets cops do anything as long as their 10 cops online.and they have more time on as cops then rebel in a week
  4. Dimmy

    Changed H.M Treasury Rules

    tbh i do understand however can you just confim as soon as you start bolt cutting only the cops that are 1.5 km away can join in or no more cops can log on ? cus if its no more can log on but all the cops that were on the server can join +1 but if its only cops within 1.5 -1
  5. Dimmy

    APC Evidence locker

    so i went to look at this the other day and i could access it, cool iam CSI i can do it for the bank as well however i got my CSO to open it and he could to and to me that could be very dangerous so not sure if its a bug where any rank can open it or just CSI + like bank but its worth looking into.
  6. Dimmy

    TS Tags

    so i came back to TS today and saw that the TS tags had been changed, in some eyes the tags have been cleaned up, however for cops, HAVOC and other factions have a hard time seeing whos who unless you press on everybody's name, so you are un able to look at 1 chat and see everybody units and what rank or command they are, so i am asking changes to go back to how they were and wanted to see what people think.
  7. Dimmy

    Havoc CP

    big +1, CP you cant push at the mo
  8. Dimmy

    Aiden Pearce | Frag Montage 3

    wanted to try it out do you acc think iam that good ?
  9. Dimmy


    IN-GAME NAME Aiden Pearce STEAM ID 76561198078420509 AGE 15, about to be 16 WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN ya know i need a gang to chill with when i take my PH and it kind get boring when ima on my own YOUR PAST BANS NON WHO HAVE YOU MET FROM THE GANG KAZZ the big g | ❤️
  10. THANKS LoOk BehInd YoU
  11. Dimmy

    LoTUK - Applications Closed

    Name: Aiden Pearce Age: 15 Hours on Arma: 2k Opinions on Brexit: we all know that Brexit just means Brexit and nothing else Why Do you want to join LoTUK ?: the fucking memes How will letting you in the gang benefit LoTUK ?: you have another person you can bully What's your whip status: Shit aint got one Is it coming home ?: well it was but ethnicity: fuck you can get more white
  12. 1st montage, Plz no bully me