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  1. No max size but just keep it in consideration
  2. Competition Time! As many of you know, the gangbases have been the same for a while now and some of you have expressed some interest in updating them. Therefore, I am going to be hosting a competition to come up with your own gangbase designs. These ganbases need to be in the HAVOC redzone however do not to be in the same postion as the current ones. The top 3 will be implemented into the server (may be slightly modified). There will also be a cash prize for the following winners. 1st 10 million 2nd 5 million 3rd 2.5 million Deadline is the 20/12/19 Please follow the template for submitting your entry on this post: Name: SteamID: Locations/Description: Screenshots/Video: Goodluck!
  3. SKY


    Added rebreather @Proxy Smoxy Please list the missing weapons and v items
  4. 🙂

    1. SKY



    2. Alexander
    3. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      @Alexander surprised you didn't leave halfway through my status 🙂

  5. SKY


    @Inka☑️ and @Theodore thank you both. Dont worry, from what ive heard top developer @L̷e̷w̷i̷s̷. is working on a new prison.
  6. SKY


    Not my fault this time
  7. Wan't my fault

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    2. Kevin


      Disclaimer: we are not doing any of these

    3. Alexander
    4. Messiah


      I can't but help a lack of tanoalife amogst these "we are not doing" 😎

  8. The layout of destroyer has been updated to become more water based. Any feedback on the design is appreciated. Locked and Moved.
  9. SKY

    Buff Destroyer

    Destroyer layout has been updated and the amount of plutonium increases over the duration of the restart. This will be included in the next update. Lock and Moved.
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