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  1. HAVOC Applications are currently on hold for now.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Embers


      @ClemeX Not just HtU also HSS
      What did you do for them again? xD

    3. ClemeX


      @Embers dear, i made a hss handbook, patrol sheet, blacklist and some other shit.

    4. Peter
  2. SKY

    Gang base redesign

    Done for the next update. Locked and Moved.
  3. SKY

    Gang Wars Debate.

    If people come up with some gang base designs that they would prefer then I have no issue putting them in.
  4. SKY

    Spike strip hot key

    Use Shift+T and that takes you straight to your inventory
  5. SKY

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    When I get unbanned from the config ill probably break the shops again so just need to wait so then HAVOC won't be able to buy any guns
  6. SKY

    Robbable Destroyer

    @Scarso I'm not banned from editing the map just yet
  7. Bank has been moved for next update. Locked and Moved.
  8. SKY

    MAR-10 Competition

  9. SKY

    Server issues..

    I've never been asked to do anything for the police however if Police Gold Command collected suggestions from the rest of the cops and put them on a document for me to do then I would be happy to implement the suggestions.
  10. SKY

    Havoc CP

    This is being looked into by HAVOC's High Command to find a suitable location and checkpoint. Shouldn't be too long.
  11. SKY

    Get rid of Havoc

    +1 But in all seriousness HAVOC has had its ups and downs however it is something unique to the server, it has survived through server population highs and lows. It has grown from a small group of people to a fully functional faction that patrols and governs one side of the island. Just removing it wouldn't solve all the problems on the server and would probably remove a chunk of the player base as for many players HAVOC is the only faction they play on this server. Within HAVOC we are always looking for new ways to expand on how we RP with the rest of island and hopefully with the addition of HAVOC bank and economy changes it should boost the activity within HAVOC lands.
  12. SKY

    24h 60mil giveaway

    Need it for my MK200 funds
  13. SKY

    havoc CP.....

    Wasn't me who did this, didn't know anything about this being pushed so...
  14. Time Submitted: 05:35:37 PM | 08/19/18 Submitted By: SKY (334) Your In-Game Name: SKY Who are you reporting?: C|Razvan Time/Date of event: 18:00 19/08/2018 Rule's Broken: 1.3 Combat Storing Explain what happened: A HAVOC patrol spotted a hemtt at weapons parts trader, the patrol then followed the truck to Sofia where the driver got out and stored the money that he got from the run while being initiated on by HAVOC. By the time I went to support he had already disconnected and was unable to speak to him however 3 support/staff members said that it was combat logging. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nstDqbmuonQ Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Cyber Freak