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  1. SKY


    @Inka☑️ and @Theodore thank you both. Dont worry, from what ive heard top developer @L̷e̷w̷i̷s̷. is working on a new prison.
  2. SKY


    Not my fault this time
  3. Wan't my fault

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    2. Kevin


      Disclaimer: we are not doing any of these

    3. Alexander
    4. Messiah


      I can't but help a lack of tanoalife amogst these "we are not doing" 😎

  4. The layout of destroyer has been updated to become more water based. Any feedback on the design is appreciated. Locked and Moved.
  5. SKY

    Buff Destroyer

    Destroyer layout has been updated and the amount of plutonium increases over the duration of the restart. This will be included in the next update. Lock and Moved.
  6. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Hello all, It has come to my attention that an unworthy governor has taken power, whose only interest is in benefiting himself and his ministers. I am warning you all that the BUP is not to be trusted and on behalf of HAVOC denounce the BUP. Since I have no faith in the Governor, HAVOC will be forming our own government, more information on this will follow shortly. General SKY
  7. SKY

    new dlc

    The new assets will be integrated into the map as soon as the DLC is released.
  8. Was great meeting you, I believe this is a step in the right direction.
  9. Yeah I will look into it. Locked and Moved.
  10. Fixed for next update. Locked and Moved.
  11. SKY


    Fixed for next update. Locked and Moved.
  12. SKY

    HM Treasury Location

    Bank location moved for next update. Locked and Moved.
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