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    4 year veteran to life servers, Arma is my main point of interest....and Moh Lester

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  1. Kr4ken

    In a bit lads.

    i showed you the way ( when the student becomes the master )
  2. Kr4ken

    HappyHour | PhoenixRP #1

    I fucking respect it !!
  3. Kr4ken

    The Kraken(Recruiting]

  4. I bid farewell to you all. Cringe warning btw.

    I did not think i would be writing this so soon but i guess everything comes to a end eventually and it is time to take a break. Would like to thank the staff team for the opportunity of being a support member especially @Zinner . Also for my time in Havoc that wont be forgotten no matter what happened. Ill always remember the good times, so with that i thank @Maximilian Frey @TeddyBear @Lubo @Death Spawn @Catnip @CroX @Jackk.

    I would like to thank all the CTSFO guys for taking me in you know who you are. And to LoTUK, honestly TopGuys. A special thanks to @Sean who done more for me in such small time of knowing him than i could ever ask for.

    And best for last [DGN]. That's where it mainly started for me on the server all those months back now, Probably the most memorable times on the server. Ill never forget those lads.  @Fox_Eagle @Cobra★ @Stefan @HappyHour @J O S H @Jamesky @Vladislav Brodsky and i will leave @Moh Lester for last. Moh is not just a friend but instead a brother, the shit we dealt with and what we have been through together is remarkable, what im trying to say i guess is that the 4 years i have been in roleplay communities i have never met anyone like him and with that i thank you brother.

    I have had a amazing time on this community with ups and downs and making really good friends along the way and for that i will be forever greatfull. So Thank you to everyone in the community. 

    I fucking respect it !!

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      @Fox_Eagle  That was the single most romantic thing I've ever read.

    4. Fox_Eagle
  5. Kr4ken

    Ifrit, Orca, Quilin & insurance

    fatty +1
  6. Kr4ken

    Havoc BTW XDDDD

  7. Kr4ken

    Havoc BTW XDDDD

    hey, get me a new one too then hahahaa
  8. Kr4ken

    Havoc BTW XDDDD

    maybe you should be looking at your officer's observation skills, does not seem like they have much from the video. @Moh Lester i joke i joke
  9. Me no like you xx

  10. Kr4ken

    Up CTSFO quilin count

    FATTY +1
  11. Kr4ken

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    i can appreciate that
  12. Kr4ken

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    OH gimme an apple that should do
  13. Kr4ken

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    Ran out of popcorn, DAMN
  14. Kr4ken

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    most sensible comment so far