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    4 year veteran to life servers, Arma is my main point of interest....and Moh Lester

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  1. Kr4ken

    HappyHour | PhoenixRP #1

    I fucking respect it !!
  2. Kr4ken

    The Kraken(Recruiting]

  3. Kr4ken

    Ifrit, Orca, Quilin & insurance

    fatty +1
  4. Kr4ken

    Havoc BTW XDDDD

  5. Kr4ken

    Havoc BTW XDDDD

    hey, get me a new one too then hahahaa
  6. Kr4ken

    Havoc BTW XDDDD

    maybe you should be looking at your officer's observation skills, does not seem like they have much from the video. @Moh Lester i joke i joke
  7. Kr4ken

    Up CTSFO quilin count

    FATTY +1
  8. Kr4ken

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    i can appreciate that
  9. Kr4ken

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    OH gimme an apple that should do
  10. Kr4ken

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    Ran out of popcorn, DAMN
  11. Kr4ken

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    most sensible comment so far
  12. Kr4ken

    A possessed medic

    I laughed a little more than i should have here
  13. Kr4ken

    Simmo #1

    [Not Directed At Anyone] you may not be the best fragger, you may not be the best at editing. Its about sharing what you enjoy doing is it not ? I say well done.
  14. Kr4ken

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    Name: Kr4ken Age: 22 Hours on Arma: 8.5k Opinions on Brexit: its all fucked really tbh Why Do you want to join LoTUK ?: Mad memes and coke How will letting you in the gang benefit LoTUK ?: Probably wont i cant even benefit myself What are youre life goals: Own my own minecraft server how positive are you: as positive as boris johnson on brexit Do you have a partner: Yes shes called,,,,,,,, wait hmmmmm Whats your whip status: BMW s1000rr Whats youre fragging status: Mad Bot for life ethnicity: If you find my parents you can ask them