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    4 year veteran to life servers, Arma is my main point of interest....and Moh Lester

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  1. Kr4ken

    In a bit lads.

    i showed you the way ( when the student becomes the master )
  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  3. I bid farewell to you all. Cringe warning btw.

    I did not think i would be writing this so soon but i guess everything comes to a end eventually and it is time to take a break. Would like to thank the staff team for the opportunity of being a support member especially @Zinner . Also for my time in Havoc that wont be forgotten no matter what happened. Ill always remember the good times, so with that i thank @Maximilian Frey @TeddyBear @Lubo @Death Spawn @Catnip @CroX @Jackk.

    I would like to thank all the CTSFO guys for taking me in you know who you are. And to LoTUK, honestly TopGuys. A special thanks to @Sean who done more for me in such small time of knowing him than i could ever ask for.

    And best for last [DGN]. That's where it mainly started for me on the server all those months back now, Probably the most memorable times on the server. Ill never forget those lads.  @Fox_Eagle @Cobra★ @Stefan @HappyHour @J O S H @Jamesky @Vladislav Brodsky and i will leave @Moh Lester for last. Moh is not just a friend but instead a brother, the shit we dealt with and what we have been through together is remarkable, what im trying to say i guess is that the 4 years i have been in roleplay communities i have never met anyone like him and with that i thank you brother.

    I have had a amazing time on this community with ups and downs and making really good friends along the way and for that i will be forever greatfull. So Thank you to everyone in the community. 

    I fucking respect it !!

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      @Fox_Eagle  That was the single most romantic thing I've ever read.

    4. Fox_Eagle
  4. hey, get me a new one too then hahahaa
  5. maybe you should be looking at your officer's observation skills, does not seem like they have much from the video. @Moh Lester i joke i joke
  6. OH gimme an apple that should do
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