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  1. Eastham


    hes really nice friendly and he's always active. lovely guy
  2. Time Submitted: 02:49:49 PM | 05/15/18 Submitted By: Eastham (3310) Full Character Name: lordnutsalot Date of Birth 06/13/96 Age 21 Character RP Story: i came to los santos 3 months ago, i came here alone. when i first came to the island i was a miner for a few months then i decided to join the EMS where i got to work with the LSPD. i am just trying to get by and help people when ever i can. i have enough experience to know what am doing. i am good at following orders and learning new things. i would love the opportunity to fight crime with the best. i am committed and will be on duty everyday. i am a fast learner. i am 21 years old. am always helping people and love to help everyone. i come from England born and raised but i wanted to move away from there see some new things and start a new life. i hope i get a chance to show you guys what i can do Why do you want to join LSPD?: I would like to join the LSPD because i want to help out the crime fighters in the city. i want to expand on my skills and learn new things. i am full committed and i'll be on duty everyday, i want to be apart of the best crime fighters in the world. i think i would be a good choice as i have experience with the LSPD as being a medic i have to deal with you guys every know and again. i have no problem with authority and respecting my high ranking officers. i have heli training as well so i think that is a strength that i could bring to the LSPD. i hope you guys consider me. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: i will be on everyday and committed. i will be the best of the best and i will listen and do as am told. I will respect my commanding officers. if you guys need me i'll be there
  3. Eastham

    EMS Application - Eastham (05/10/18)

    Thank you very much ! I’ll be there!
  4. Time Submitted: 05:30:12 PM | 05/10/18 Submitted By: Eastham (3310) In-game Name: lordnutsalot Age / DoB: 21 | 06/13/96 Steam ID: 76561198148892415 In your own words, what is the meaning of RP: the meaning of RP is to act out a role of a person or persons, example as a ems you would act out they role of a paramedic as best as you can Why do you want to join the EMS department: i would to join they ems to put back into the community. i want to be able to help out and be more active. i love helping people meeting new people, i am fully committed and have no problem with learning new things i am very good at following orders and working as a team. i would love they opportunity to show you guys that i can be one of the best LS has to offer What can you bring to the department: i can bring dedication, punctuality. am also very friendly and easy to get along with. i believe i can make the ems just that little bit better by always being there and as i said am committed. you guys can always count on me. i will never let you guys down How many hours are you willing to put in per week: 30 Time Zone: GMT
  5. Time Submitted: 07:27:08 PM | 05/09/18 Submitted By: Eastham (3310) Full Character Name: lordnutsalot Date of Birth 06/13/96 Age 21 Character RP Story: my name is lordnutsalot, but you guys can call me nath. am 21 years old and am a taxi driver, i have been in LS for a couple of months now i am here alone no family no ties. Why do you want to join LSPD?: i want to join the LSPD because am sick of these punk kids trying to rob me and other people, and the drug?! dont get me started, i wanna make this city a safer place. i wanna be apart of something and help out. i have combat experience i served in the army. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: i am a quick learner, i have over 800 successful black ops missions i cant tell you about, what i will say is, i've saved the world 800 times
  6. Time Submitted: 08:34:39 PM | 03/12/18 Submitted By: Eastham (3310) In-Game Name: eastham Age 21 Why do you want to join LSPD?: i would like to help fight crime and save lives amounts to lSPD What skills do you have that would benefit you: I am an excellent marksman I am friendly am great at communicating How long have you been in Los Santos for: 3 days Do you agree to undergo a criminal background check if accepted: yes
  7. Time Submitted: 07:05:11 PM | 03/05/18 Submitted By: Eastham (3310) In-Game Name: eastham Steam / Player ID: 76561198148892415 Date of Event: 06/13/96 Link to evidence (player report or video): [ARR]Eastham #1 "phxlog ["[ARR]Eastham - 76561198148892415 withdrew £999999 from their bank. Bank Balance: £2,443,649 On Hand Balance: £1,048,091","MoneyLog"]" [ARR]Eastham #1 "phxlog ["[ARR]Eastham - 76561198148892415 withdrew £500000 from their bank. Bank Balance: £3,727,098 On Hand Balance: £500,000","MoneyLog"] Details of Event: I've been told there was a data base issue I logged on and my stuff was just gone from my garage ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Compensation Amount: 1.70000.0 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  8. Eastham

    Altis Reconnaissance Regiment | Recruiting

    What is your ingame name?: eastham Your Steam64ID: Age (15+):21 Arma 3 Playtime - PhoenixRP Playtime:2 days 2 Strengths (Can provide more): I am a stronger earner and I am a strong team player. I can follow orders. 2 Weaknesses (Doesn't change the outcome): I am bad at flying Previous PhoenixRP gangs?: yeah Have you been banned? If yes then why?: no Why would you like to join the [ARR]? (25+ words): I would like to join the ARR to help make money, and I would like to have a fun experience. I would also like to learn and expand my talents What can you bring to the [ARR]? I can follow orders and I have good listening skills. Additional Information:
  9. Eastham

    United Rebel Army

    Name: eastham steam ID: 76561198148892415 Time on the server:2 days Any previous bans if yes what for: no why you want to join: Ethan recommend me to join to help out, earn money, help out with runs.