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  1. Eastham


    The Phoenix fivem server is slowly starting to loose its player base again and I think it might be a good a idea to hold a community fiveM meeting maybe one a week or every two weeks for the players who play everyday so we can all hear what everyone either wants or ideas for you guys maybe just to give feedback on the good work you do or the bad work, I think by doing this the server would regain life, I’ll give an example. As the economy was really high when it first launched and is now really bad, new players join see how bad it is and leave. But unless the community tell you that you guys won’t know
  2. my garage is still bugged and wont let me take any cars out, not sure what is causing it i might need a player wipe but if i get one will i be compensated for all my cars lost considering ive got 30+ cars i can provide evidence
  3. Eastham

    Mechanic ASAP

    me and ched have bought a garage so we already own one and have all the stuff we need its just taking so long to arrive legion square this morning was a s*** show with crashed cars and people needing a repair
  4. +1 wood should never have been that much but drugs need to be upped asap gives police more reason to be in county as well, but i reckon people will stop playing if its not sorted
  5. Eastham

    garage bugged

    I know it works for 90% of other people but not for me :( thank you!
  6. Eastham

    garage bugged

    i cant seem to get any cars out of my garage at all, not sure whats happening i've tried selling some but i don't think that helped, any help?
  7. thats actually really good idea, the whitelist role thing was just an idea i didn't know how easy or hard it was to do but what you said is basically what i meant
  8. Yeah I know that dude, I do know they can also add a function /cam that gets a proper news cam out too
  9. is it possible to add a camera function and maybe a mic system then?
  10. yeah i know but kinda seemed like he was being a dick. but i understand. i think if people were asked if they wanted to do it and they said yes then we should consider it if not then dont. but as i've said its worked well in other servers so why not ours
  11. it was an idea, a suggestion and as far as i am aware you're not a fivem dev so therefore i dont really care what you think, plus i've seen it work on other servers so why wont it work here?
  12. i think that maybe adding an in game news team might bring more players, like maybe it could be a whitelisted job as a news anchor or something like that and they get there own HQ and stuff, and maybe have a section in discord and the forum where they post the news they find or have covered. i know you guys have a lot on your plate at the moment but in the future may this would be something to look into?
  13. for some reason when i load up TS it says i need to change my identity security level, but its taking about 2/3 hours now and still nothing wonder if you guys/girls know any reason why its making me change this and if there is a fix ?
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