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  1. hmmm sounds a lot like someone playing victim mate ?
  2. Playing victim again ?
  3. #justiceforpaddy Thing is when the police are in your pocket like they were with you then no, you won't have that will you. I believe and a lot of people will, Paddy was the best Gov so far.
  4. We will see won't we john boy ?
  5. When the time is right Sir you shall see the evidence, Everyone will know what the True Johnny is like Ohhh yeah you were the worse one to date right?
  6. Slandering your name how? these are facts mate ❤️ who dis new number ?
  7. But my opinion can't be incorrect, you should know everyones opinion should matter as a man who wants to be a gov you clearly have no idea how to take criticism
  8. He will steal your shoes and try and sell them back to you boys, vote @Lawwtz this guy know his stuff
  9. He's a scouser boys don't fall for his trap
  10. You say havoc is the problem and you’re putting money into the police, yet I see no mention of the NHS? What can you do for the NHS? Because paddy McCarthy has already said he plans to put more funding into the NHS the police get enough money as it is and havoc, they’re for the people they want to help the people, you take a vote from all the civilians and Neutral factions and I bet a lot of them vote havoc being the more friendly and reserved faction. Maybe, who ever the new gov is, should think less about the police and more about the PEOPLE #MAKEALTISFARMAGAIN
  11. Derek

    Vel For Governor

    NHSP all the way
  12. Vote NHSP in the next Elections ❤️
  13. Derek


    The Phoenix fivem server is slowly starting to loose its player base again and I think it might be a good a idea to hold a community fiveM meeting maybe one a week or every two weeks for the players who play everyday so we can all hear what everyone either wants or ideas for you guys maybe just to give feedback on the good work you do or the bad work, I think by doing this the server would regain life, I’ll give an example. As the economy was really high when it first launched and is now really bad, new players join see how bad it is and leave. But unless the community tell you that you guys won’t know
  14. Derek

    garage bugged still

    my garage is still bugged and wont let me take any cars out, not sure what is causing it i might need a player wipe but if i get one will i be compensated for all my cars lost considering ive got 30+ cars i can provide evidence
  15. Derek

    Mechanic ASAP

    me and ched have bought a garage so we already own one and have all the stuff we need its just taking so long to arrive legion square this morning was a s*** show with crashed cars and people needing a repair
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