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  1. George A


    yeah that some sick payback... dot dot dot ... btw dot dot dot
  2. George A


    hows it payback
  3. George A


    is sanjib matt ? https://gyazo.com/21961a9a7d33c20fff2307bcee8d98f3
  4. Time Submitted: 05:58:51 PM | 08/18/18 Submitted By: George A (331) In-Game Name: George A Steam / Player ID: 76561198014205394 Date of Event: 05/14/98 Link to evidence (player report or video): gyazo.com/43310451578a86d5f8eb4c0325e0ed37 Details of Event: Hacker killed everyone, then I spawned Pyrgos and grabbed more money for licenses and tried to rush back to the heroin fields to finish my run, then hacker did a round 2. Compensation Amount: Had a full katiba loadout, ( 200kish?) 300k on me for heroin licenses for 2 of my buddies 300k for the second time hacker killed me. 800k total Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  5. George A

    Lucas Petit | Phoenix #1

    good stuff lucas
  6. George A

    Cheapo Airlines

    Anyway I can help with a C172 ?
  7. George A

    Altis Freedom Force

    Ahh, the cycle of life.
  8. George A

    Altis Freedom Force

    oh shit the homies r back in town
  9. George A

    Vanquish Reborn | Open Recruitment

    Yo lemme join
  10. George A

    Rebel Stuff

    It's actually better to change the price of rebel items at this point considering the amount of money in the game.
  11. George A

    Rebel Stuff

    It's a joke that you can buy a level 5 helmet for pennies.
  12. George A

    £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    pinky blinders peaky blinders*
  13. George A

    KOS if stealing cop car

    I believe a cop should always use the handy ''lock'' to ensure that no such thing can happen.
  14. what happend bro

  15. George A


    georgebot.exe has stopped working. Desktop -> georgebot.exe -> recycle bin