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  1. George A

    Cheapo Airlines

    damn i was really looking forward to this
  2. George A


    IN-GAME NAME George A STEAM ID 76561198014205394 AGE 20 WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN I want to play with the boys YOUR PAST BANS Said N word in side chat like 2 years ago WHO HAVE YOU MET FROM THE GANG Kazz (hes dad) Wavy ( hes dad2)
  3. George A

    Fivem Experience

    That's the point, you add more content to early game, then work on end game content as people level up. I guess both sides have ups and down to be fair.
  4. George A

    Fivem Experience

    Instead of adding more jobs to lower levels, you could just change the requirements of the really high levels jobs (and tweak xp) and make them available at much lower levels. I doubt many have reached above level 30, where it seems most of the content is locked beyond.
  5. George A

    Appreciate the nostalgia

    Just logged in at 11pm EST to find out that the load in music in a runescape song. Thank you devs.
  6. Time Submitted: 03:03:52 PM | 09/22/18 Submitted By: George A (331) In-game Name: George Abudigwengo Age / DoB: 20 | 05/14/98 Steam ID: 76561198014205394 In your own words, what is the meaning of RP: Roleplay is the act of embodying a character and and story to then impersonate said character. Basically, portraying a different self in a set environment. Why do you want to join the EMS department: I'd like to join the LSMS to discover RP that I've never been able to experience prior. FiveM would allow me to really immerse myself in the role of the EMS and it's something I really look forward to. What can you bring to the department: I'm a pretty nice and cool headed individual, I rarely seek confrontation with peers, and I can easily take a neutral stance of most situations. I also play a lot, so there's that. I also like to just make the ambiance a bit less tense by cracking some jokes and whatnot. How many hours are you willing to put in per week: 10 Time Zone: EST
  7. big ghey

  8. George A


    yeah that some sick payback... dot dot dot ... btw dot dot dot
  9. George A


    hows it payback
  10. George A


    is sanjib matt ? https://gyazo.com/21961a9a7d33c20fff2307bcee8d98f3
  11. Time Submitted: 05:58:51 PM | 08/18/18 Submitted By: George A (331) In-Game Name: George A Steam / Player ID: 76561198014205394 Date of Event: 05/14/98 Link to evidence (player report or video): gyazo.com/43310451578a86d5f8eb4c0325e0ed37 Details of Event: Hacker killed everyone, then I spawned Pyrgos and grabbed more money for licenses and tried to rush back to the heroin fields to finish my run, then hacker did a round 2. Compensation Amount: Had a full katiba loadout, ( 200kish?) 300k on me for heroin licenses for 2 of my buddies 300k for the second time hacker killed me. 800k total Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  12. George A

    Lucas Petit | Phoenix #1

    good stuff lucas
  13. George A

    Cheapo Airlines

    Anyway I can help with a C172 ?
  14. George A

    Altis Freedom Force

    Ahh, the cycle of life.
  15. George A

    Altis Freedom Force

    oh shit the homies r back in town