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  1. I really think we should have more military stuff,like expensive gunmounted cars,helicopters,armed apcs for all sides police/rebel/havoc atm the server is so boring i stoped playing it because there is nothing for me to do,like whats the point of doing so many runs you get up to 100mil just to do what? Brag around that you have money you have nothing to spend on
  2. Oh didnt know that will check it out Also i would like to see some special perks: -Discounter(high level) - get like 5-10-15% discount on a certain category of purchasables -Fisherman(good for new players and also its just temporary as people will move to other runs later) - Increase the chance to catch a fish while netting(10-15-25%) Fisherman(if the first one is not good,might even be combined) - (only 1 level) decrease the weight of every fish by 1(ofc it wont apply to turtles) Runner(early level) - (Only one level) Increase the prices you get for selling legal good by 5%(only legal) Self-Protection(mid level) when you spawn you will receive the starting pistol as self protection with low amount of mags
  3. Maybe add an insane high level perjs that follows the firstaid one=letting gang members/police/havoc to be able to "resuscitate" one of theyr own.. saw it on some good servers and i think might be a good addition,also they should require like a cpr kit(1 time use) with the price of like 75-100k This would be also easy to balance as all it would have to change is -time to cpr -money per kit
  4. I think they should introduce at least 1 medic boat,atm if your not MAS you cant rly get anywhere in the water and i often find myself stuck because someone died at the exstasy processing(where crashes is quite common)
  5. Age: 16+ Yes Hours On Arma 60 Know PXRP Rules Yes STEAM ID 64 76561198127767962 Forum Player Link https://phoenixrp.co.uk/profile/3304-stellrow/ Previous Gangs None About Yourself [My name is Stellrow i was born and raised on a far away land then came here to make a living im a hard working civilian that loves potatos] What Makes You TFLMaterial [Im a hard working and rules obeying type of guy,i love doing runs and i can be trusted to do tasks,i feel that i will be of good use to the gang] Do You Accept To Follow The TFL Handbook Yes
  6. 1.What can you do with a house other than just storage?Can you respawn on it?Can you deposit your cars at the garage or only withdraw? 2.The ifrid is ilegal?Like will the cops shoot me only for driving it around? 3.Why does the havoc visas just dissapear? 4.Is there a limit of how many cars you can have?
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