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  1. Dimitri Donkov

    Disable Tasers for Civ/Rebel use

    -1. If anything rebels using tasers avoids gunfights.
  2. Dimitri Donkov

    APC Border control

    Let's be honest, If it were not for weapons being illegal the police also would have nothing to do. That's why havoc has no need to patrol their lands. There's also the fact that HAVOC side is totally dead now they removed all of the good runs from it.
  3. Dimitri Donkov

    Legalise Ifrit and other currently illigal vehicles... Kinda

    Maybe not ifrits but quillins wouldn't be so bad.
  4. Dimitri Donkov

    Snapping up AMS/LRPS

    AMS how much u paying?
  5. Dimitri Donkov

    Snapping up AMS/LRPS

    How much?
  6. Dimitri Donkov

    Credit Cards

    In regards to stealing... all credit cars have limits anyway so would not be all of your money, would be good for buying small items without taking cash out... e.g gps radio food water... have like a 100k a restart limit and then if it gets robbed then the robber gets 100k?
  7. Dimitri Donkov

    Skinned clothes

    Make skinned clothes skinned for everyone. This would make more RP. E.G Rebels looking like cops/havoc. Maybe if you steal a cop/havoc GPS you are on the cops/havoc Radar as that player too? Side note, if you steal a cop/havoc radio you could listen in on the cop/Havoc communications?
  8. Dimitri Donkov

    Industries need to go public!

    all i see is words
  9. Dimitri Donkov

    Realistic day night cycle

    Everybody hates night +1
  10. Dimitri Donkov


    Peng Ting
  11. Dimitri Donkov

    Player Report - Nick Koca - 02/08/19 - Altis Life

    Speak to Daniel Woodland.
  12. Time Submitted: 06:53:00 PM | 02/08/19 Submitted By: Dimitri Donkov (3273) Your In-Game Name: O | Dimitri Donkov Who are you reporting?: Nick Koca Time/Date of event: 08/02 18:30 Rule's Broken: NLR Explain what happened: He died in a combat situation then returned within 15 minutes with a rook to execute me. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): <18:38:03> "O | Dimitri Donkov": https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/480393466384482304/543500741386567683/unknown.png <18:39:01> "O | Dimitri Donkov": https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/480393466384482304/543500994793963540/unknown.png <18:51:05> "[CSI] Mike Brooks [DMO]": 12964 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Mike Brooks
  13. Dimitri Donkov

    LUKER | PhoenixRP 2

    You guys are allowed to open the bank doors during combat? Good frags doe.
  14. Dimitri Donkov


    I thought you were suggesting in-game jail time but at the moment all bans are discretionary? For things like VDM, In game jail time would technically make sense but if the consequence is in-game jail time then it will just get abused in combat.
  15. Dimitri Donkov

    Cops to rebel outpost

    +1 made this suggestion before.