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  1. Lewis Jones


    i +9 that
  2. Lewis Jones


    rip ma geeza was a top shagga, will be missed ❤️ 🙏
  3. Lewis Jones

    DMT Towers

    yeah that enhanced roleplay when people fly up the DMT's, love it.
  4. Lewis Jones

    Bazzy | Phoenix #2

    good shit
  5. Lewis Jones

    LUKER | PhoenixRP 2

    good shit big lad
  6. Lewis Jones

    Carlos Frag Video #1

    Oooo double ripped
  7. Lewis Jones

    Battle Royal Duos?

    you could put them in vehicles then it wouldnt despawn
  8. Lewis Jones

    goodbye kiddos - ryan aazim

    I see how it is u rodent
  9. Lewis Jones

    Bazzy | Phoenix #1

    Shit tbf, was told to like and comment.
  10. Lewis Jones

    £20 Off on Ubisoft Store (Promo Codes)

    cheers big geeza ❤️
  11. Lewis Jones

    A New Meme Is Born

    because we saw you done well and none of us were watching you and when we did we saw u flicking onto heads and wiggling of crosshair we knew we just wanted to see how you were ingame then we saw u done dogshit compared so proved our theory right hence you were booted and blacklisted
  12. Lewis Jones

    A New Meme Is Born

    All I ever see is you complaining nikos just stfu for once, the people that are in these units are good and u ruined ur reputation among everyone for being a little cheating scumbag but hey ho
  13. Lewis Jones

    Its been fun

    After being at this community for about 20 months now its time for me to GTFO. After a silly little mistake I made got me CB'ed and removed a year and a bit of work its finally time to say bye to ARMA. I've made some good friends here at phoenix. @Sean @Labrador @Peter @Ryan Wilson @Ashley Raven these guys being there from the very start helping me get around and eventually working up to be gold command. @Tom Pea @Michael you guys being with me throughout our journey to get gold command was popping and made it so much fun. @LUKER @maiko @Jamesky @Sanders @Blurr @kyle_ @Harry @L 1 A M @F I E R C E and a fuck ton of other people I cba to tag have made rising through the ranks and being in all the units a fun fucking time and all the gang gang shit. Last but not least @[email protected] Merlinits been a good time boys shame it had to end that way but its just the way shit is. As DrDisrespect puts it best stupid fucking mistakes man . Badger u still owe me that lynx with lrps and ten mags 😉 .
  14. Lewis Jones

    Player Report - Nerve | RedFlipFlop - 01/06/19 - Altis Life

    and the fact he said "Im CID when we are already initiated with cops" means that we are intiated on him now. I did not speak in that whole situation.
  15. Lewis Jones

    Player Report - Nerve | RedFlipFlop - 01/06/19 - Altis Life

    i was not disputed nor was i toxic to him, i laughed at him when he pushed me but thats about it. i fail to see why this was taken straight into a report rather than trying to dispute me.