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  1. probably not going to join im in APPA now srry mate.
  2. I think that is a +1 from me as most of the players have Apex even if it is a DLC that you must pay for. When there are no coffee shops and you want coffee, you go to the only one there is. That would be the same here and well, I think it would be a good idea.
  3. In Game Name : Nazz Age : 14 [I consider myself mature] Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot) : https://gyazo.com/8e0bb6e34dcb0385b68c5a4b65d41711 Steam ID : 76561197995133045 Previous Gangs : Divinity, The Child Army, Moshi Monster Guys, RP, The Cartel, HAVOC (if you consider it), and APC (if you consider it).
  4. -1 They won't even be gang base skins when everyone has them in about 6-7 months mate. There is really no point.
  5. The way it just whips the hummingbird is just outstanding
  6. Jason Castro


    my man I had 3 mill last night but i bought some thingss
  7. Good Job. It's nicely put together, the only thing that could be better are the clips. nice job song btw?
  8. Jason Castro


    Are you really talking about when we raided HAVOC Destroyer? Oh my god you are really stupid. But it's not the bad kinda stupid it's the funny kind of stupid. but actually what Cobra said. Why are you like this.
  9. Jason Castro


    H I might bid or buy it now, Just wait till tommorow and check the post because I might bid or buy out. Can't have that nice scope go into @CRACCOON's hands ya know?
  10. Jason Castro


    mate is this just saying 2 mill or are you bidding?
  11. Jason Castro

    Orite Pal

    im doing good pal orite pal
  12. When you forget to set the parking brake...
  13. do you even play this server?
  14. Jason Castro

    Bye, again.

    to all the 40 minute support cases
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