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  1. Congrats on the first win !
  2. Who will be the best whitelisted gate opener !
  3. Cool profile dude!

    1. TempR


      is this yer way of flirting?

  4. Pablo將主要字體更改為中文的那一刻

  5. Not bad for one of my fan boys
  6. P4BLO

    CTSFO Patrol Limit

    We have only had large patrols the last 2 days, this is due to high rebel activity. If you have realised you cant win we are doing our job Also you never had any of these problems when you would regularly beg me to take you on CTSFO patrol.
  7. Name: Pablo Swoopin Age: 41 years young Hours on Roblox: 1476 Hours on Arma: 12.3 Games you have considered "laddy": Cookie Clicker and NintenDogs past run ins with the rozzas: my mam caught me with a pack of candy tabs if that counts Opinions on Brexit: Get them out! Do you watch Love Island? : Ive got my personalised bottle m8 Do you play Minecraft: when im feeling spicy Whats your whip status: tuna melt Pass times you like to do: drop crumbs on the floor and boot pigeons when they go for them Is it coming home ?: No doubt about it
  8. P4BLO


    I like the idea of paying for it and selling it for the same price, obv at a discount as its cop weaponry.
  9. P4BLO


    +1 to this staff really need to think about this one. Almost every server now has the same weapon restrictions and dont allow you to purchase anything above 7.62. Adding a wide variety of weapons gives the server a unique thing that im sure a lot of people will enjoy. The addition of new weapons can be used as a money sink but will also make rebels value their lives alot more. In my opinion this could bring something fresh to the standard altis life servers and bring some new players this way.
  10. P4BLO

    Nerf cartels

    -1 it gives gangs a place to go for combat and they get a reward for managing to own it, if they got removed or heavily nerfed it would just bring the combat into towns and popular areas where people like to rp. This happened on another server I used to play, once the cartels got made pretty useless all the combat came to main areas and people complain 24/7 about baiting. Just my opinion
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