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    The English Suites / Closed for a While

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    Havoc CP

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    BIA | Brothers In Arms | OPEN

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    Atlas Corporation

    It’s been disbanded If you want to join a gang apply for bia
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    BIA | Brothers In Arms | OPEN

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    BIA | Brothers In Arms | OPEN

    I know he is good d fun like funny guy like I miss him like
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    BIA | Brothers In Arms | OPEN

    I hope so to mate I just want to have fun like the good old days like
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    BIA | Brothers In Arms | OPEN

    What the fuck I just seen that he forgot I already had one
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    Delete plz

    Jay I all ready have one mate
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    BIA | Brothers In Arms | OPEN

    I am trying to get him to come back mate
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    The Frey Dynasty | Open

    i love you max xoxoxox
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    BIA | Brothers In Arms | OPEN

    | BIA | Brothers In Arms | Back Ground Story BIA Was Formed by a small group of people on another island where we controlled every illegal run possible sadly the island was becoming more empty each day so we decided to move to here where we can now focus on Moonshine - Cartels and the main drug routes We are here to stay , we are here to make a statement, we will take over the moonshine Business along side the cartels and main drug runs BIA is a group of people with alot of mixed skills in combat to flying to co-ordinating and we hope to put them to good use and for good reasons. We have formed into a Big Gang to which we are going to use in a positive way to help the people in need and defend against the people who do not stand by what we are and what we stand for. We help new people to the island as much as we can if you come across us and need a start up we are happy to help. We Serve To Protect when needed! Leader Andy James Below you will find a link to the Gang Roster. ╲╱ Gang Roster Gang Application Name (IGN) - Age ? - Hours on Arma 3 (450+) (ScreenShot) - Hours on PhoenixRP (Stats Page Link) - Previous Gangs - Why do you want to join BIA (50+Words)? What country are you from? Do You Have A stable bank account? Licence : Rebel/Advanced / BlackMarket ? Your Application will either get Accepted , Denied Trial BIA UNIFORM
  13. Andy Jamess

    Atlas Corporation

    We are coming back from the dead
  14. Time Submitted: 01:10:38 PM | 09/30/18 Submitted By: Andy Jamess (3191) In-game Name: Andy James Age / DoB: 18 | 06/18/18 Steam ID: 76561198808733398 In your own words, what is the meaning of RP: True intereaction on a Personal Level, Realisticly viewing situations and life as you walk the mean streets. I crave roleplay in game to get out of this mentallity that you can respawn and start again, People to see and deal with everything that happens like they would in an island with uneasy peace there is a lack of fear from the populance i'd be genuinely scared to leave my house gunshots everywhere rebels big guns, The civs should be scared i'd love to see more realistic interactions. Why do you want to join the EMS department: I would like to join the ems to help people who are needing my help and i think it would be fun to join the ems What can you bring to the department: i am very good at driving and very good with a heil because i have been in ams on arma 3 means i know what i am doing How many hours are you willing to put in per week: 20 Time Zone: uk
  15. Andy Jamess

    Sofia Freedom Ghosts

    In Game Name: Andy James Age: 16 + 18 500 Hours minimum - 1313 Stats Page Link - https://stats.phoenixrp.co.uk/player/76561198808733398 Previous Gangs - TIA/BIA/vM/TITAN/TBF/Atlas Any previous Bans? - no Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): My life was perfect, great job, beautiful children and an angel for a wife. But all that was taken from me by my own people. I was married to my job working as a Constable in the South African Police Drug Unit and hot on the trail of one of the biggest drug lords named Tax Man. Months went by and finally, we had a big break in the case, we were tasked to arrest Tax Man's brother Ike. We were four officers that made entry and found Ike sitting on his couch, he looked me in the eyes and smirked as I approached him. On our way back to the station, we got ambushed. Our van was riddled with bullets and I hear a loud bang and the sound of glass breaking. I jumped out of the van and pulled Ike out from the back of the van. Suddenly I feel a mist of blood hitting my face and as I look at Ike I noticed that he was shot through the side of his head. I looked up and see that shooter, you could see in his face he that bullet was intended for me. I open fire hitting him in the chest killing him. Shots wiss past me as the second shooter opens fire. I called for backup and noticed that the front police car was rammed killing bought my colleges. I moved to the front of the van to see if Jhonny is ok and get the van between me and the other gunman. Johnny was badly injured and knocked out. I noticed a warm sensation running down my left shoulder and a sharp pain, I looked and see that my uniform is covered in my own blood. The gunshots came to a stop but then I hear someone coming closer as there foots steps are crunching on the broken glass on the road. I point my firearm in the direction of the noise and prepare myself to kill. I was losing blood and was starting to fade, I could see a silhouette of a man walking up but as I wanted to harness my last energy to pull the trigger but due to blood loss passed out.... Two days later I woke up in the hospital, I was badly wounded and lucky to be alive. As my eyes adjust to the bright sunlight entering the room I noticed my wife sitting next to me crying. She tells me that Jhonny was hit in the neck and did not make it. I get overcome with sadnes with the news of my best friends death. She holds my hand and leans forward I can feel her tears dripping on my cheek as she kisses me. SHe hands me a file from the station commander stating that we have been placedd under state protection because Taxman blames me for the death of his brother. I look at her and I can see the desperation for a new life in her face, away from all this in a new town with new identities and a new beginning. I smile softly and Months went by and we completely forgot about the incident. We had new jobs and the kids were placed in a new school. I was on my way home from work when I received a call from my wife. As I answered the phone I could hear a scuffling and my wife shouting for help. I shouted hysterically hoping for my wife's voice over the phone but all I got was the beep of the call ending. I rushed home to find my front door broken down. Fear came over me and I prayed that I would not walk into my own horror story. As I enter my house the walls and floor were covered in blood. I drew my firearm shouting her name but only silence replied. As I walked into our bedroom I spot her lifeless body next to my children. She protected them to the end. Two years have passed and I still wear my wedding ring. I almost lost my pride and reason for living in the bottom of a bottle but one of my old informants told me that Taxman, the instigator behind the death of my family is on the island of Altis accompanied with my old station commander. They are busy arranging large shipment of drugs from Altis to Cape Town South Africa and I intend to hunt them down and make them pay for what they have done. As i was in the gang before i got kicked by a glitch as i never join back i want to say sorry for being a right dick head and i would like to join back and i know i am blacklisted if i can have one more chance to prove myself.