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  1. Already got my plane tickets ready. I'm frightened. Want me to book you some to?
  2. Be a badmin x

    1. Messiah


      He already is. Hurt my feelings so bad 😥

    2. Hector
  3. Wow no tag for me Anyways, sad to see a good admin go ❤️ Miss you always Daniel
  4. Wait, that's illegal


    1. Jack Knight

      Jack Knight


  5. Conner, please be less mean now your leaving phoenix, was nice having you around phx tbh you made it fun sometimes
  6. Woah dude, can neither confirm nor deny that statement
  7. Put your best soundboards here, make sure you have permission from the person before putting it here+No racist or discriminatory soundboards. ALL SOUNDBOARDS OF ME THAT ARENT RACIST, EDGY OR DISCRIMINATORY ARE ALLOW xxx
  8. In Game Name: Jack Timezone: BST +1 Age: 15 Hours On Arma 3: 4100 Previous Gangs: only one worth mentioning is Injustice Vouches: Josh. Inka and Salty How Active Can You Be: as much as you want x
  9. Well i'm more than happy to resolve it in support with you, unless of course you don't want to resolve and only report?
  10. @Elliot123 If you are on teamspeak i'm more than happy to talk to you in support.
  11. It is a racial remark but wasn't use as malicious as you are trying to get it, it was an edgy night myself Cat, Jay Harvey and Matt. I have never been banned for discrimination nor have i been warned for it. I do not discriminate against anyone, but i do, like everyone on phoenix, have friends that have edgy nights.
  12. There’s soundboard of an extreme amount of people saying things like this to one an other, maybe, yes it is unacceptable to use on Phoenix platforms but that is the exact reason it wasn’t said on one, I cannot stop it being used as a soundboard which is clearly what you have done here. @SpawnTheDeathI’m a loading up teamspeak are you free to talk?
  13. This was said on a completely separate platform. Was myself and 3 friends playing siege and was not directed towards yourself. it was said on a separate teamspeak I will give the admin to whoever deals with this a link to the said teamspeak as proof. all this is, is an audio file being played even when I wasn’t even playing the map this is recorded on, I haven’t played siege with you. i think your just a bit upset I got your friend banned from the server for multiple rule breaks. I don’t even recognise the voice of whoever says “say it again”
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