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  1. Jack Black❤️

    AC / Altis Crips

    Good luck
  2. Jack Black❤️


    What the fuck? xD
  3. Jack Black❤️

    Bring Back Lightning Mcqueen

  4. Jack Black❤️

    Compensation Request - Jack Black - 09/12/18

    Im not too sure i will ask him when hes home
  5. Jack Black❤️

    Compensation Request - Jack Black - 09/12/18

    Time Submitted: 09:19:34 PM | 09/12/18 Submitted By: Jack Black❤️ (3166) In-Game Name: Jack Black Steam / Player ID: 76561198832369107 Date of Event: 09/12/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pcTjQbISCY Details of Event: Me and Matt Black were sling-loading a vehicle and 2 of the slings broke because of de-sync so me and Matt decided to land it and get the 4 slings back. As we drop it, it slightly breaks the hull and wheels. I start repairing then it just blows up. I did speak to Jackk and Ash about this they said just put up a compensation request. Compensation Amount: Police operation rig- 135,000 i think Black Type 115- 250,000 Helmet- 15,000 Total 400,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  6. Jack Black❤️


    -1 The police and havoc limited use with it and there would be no RDM, they can only attack air vehicles and they only have it for certain people
  7. #bringbackthecasino 

  8. Jack Black❤️

    [APC] Kazz Wick

    xDxDxD Had soo much fun hahhaha
  9. Jack Black❤️

    [APC] Kazz Wick

    Recommending him for his great RP. Was very polite to me at my medical checkpoint which is something i havent really seen in police recently and after he dealt with a sit he came back to RP more 10/10 Rolelplay
  10. Jack Black❤️

    Change keybind for redgull

    Thank you both
  11. Jack Black❤️

    Change keybind for redgull

    Its kinda annoying when people are in a combat sit needing to use combat stances but it drinks redgull when you click C twice to get the stance, maybe change it to a key thats not used?
  12. Jack Black❤️

    Finch and Andrews Law

    App template?
  13. Jack Black❤️

    Police able to remove the Lawyers License

    People have already paid the 500k for it so how would that work for us?