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  1. Jack Black❤️


    Neither do i, but it allows more interaction with the tablet and adds RP. Its not really unnecessary when it adds RP to the server
  2. Jack Black❤️


    Why? Please explain why you dont like this idea
  3. Jack Black❤️


    Reconstruct phone, so instead of having EVERYONE on the server there you have it empty and the ability to add contacts by numbers?
  4. Jack Black❤️


    @Nick CocaSince your new found talent is long range xoxo xD
  5. Jack Black❤️

    Conner says yes to HAVOC vs. APC war

    Omgggg please make part 2. Maybe make a HAVOC one too?
  6. Jack Black❤️

    Hayvoc newest gems

    Lets get some more 😉
  7. Jack Black❤️

    Spike strip hot key

    -1 It'll just get abused in pursuits and will not make it fun for anyone
  8. Jack Black❤️


    But they have limited numbers that they use to patrol the island. They get initiated on all the time, private security will make sense
  9. Jack Black❤️


    +1 to this idea, allows more people to interact with each other more, maybe have a private security company that allows weapons up to 6.5 when protecting the mayor?
  10. Jack Black❤️


    Or rentable houses that are cheaper in the short term for new players but allow people to make money from unused houses?
  11. Hands up or die fellow roleplayer

  12. Jack Black❤️

    Change the wanted list

    -1 from what ive seen of it its more realistic than being lazy just looking at the name and seeing
  13. Jack Black❤️

    Atlas Corporation - Recruiting

    In-Game Name - Jack Black Steam ID - 76561198832369107 Age - 14 Date of Birth - 23/04/2004 Timezone - GMT/BST Character RP Story - I am originally from the UK, i moved to altis with my family as a child. The first few years we was on altis rebels destroyed my family home and took my mother hostage. The APC didn't do shit to get her back so i asked HAVOC for help. They saved her and killed all the rebels involved with taking her hostage. My father needed a job so he went looking eventually he was employed by the APC, they didn't look after him, the corrupt gold command gave him to a huge gang. He managed to kill a majority of the gang but ended up getting shot . He bled out alone and cold. The rest of the gang wanted payback for him killing most of them, once again the APC didn't look after us they sold us out to the gang so we ran. We ran all the way from Kore to HAVOC CP. As we got there it seemed HAVOC were patrolling their lands and the rebels caught us, i hid in the tents while the rest of my family got killed. I heard their screams as they got tortured to death. HAVOC eventually returned to the CP and killed most of the rebels, some survived and ran. They found me and helped me as much as they could to find the rebels but their resources were limited, so i applied, did the best i could to make sure i got a place. I did my interview and i passed. I progressed up through the ranks, when i got Sgt. was the day i saw one of the rebels who attacked my family, i grabbed him and took him to HSOS, they interrogated him and tortured him but i would not let them kill him. That was my kill. They had information on a gang warehouse this gang had brought, i set up a team within HAVOC and attacked the warehouse, we killed every single person in there. As the years past i fulfilled my duties as HAVOC and done as much work as i could, i got to the rank of Lt. and here i am now, applying for Atlas. Why do you want to join the Atlas - Because i want a gang to play with and Andy owns it How long of you played on PhoenixRP? - 10months Define 'roleplay' in your own words. - "Hands up or die" Are you able to speak fluent English? - Me no speak english?
  14. Time Submitted: 04:24:29 PM | 01/06/19 Submitted By: Jack Black❤️ (3166) In-Game Name: Jack Black Steam / Player ID: 76561198832369107 Date of Event: 01/06/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): Logs? Details of Event: Apparently server got rolled back and i had 117.9mil i now only have 115.3 Compensation Amount: 2.5 million, i asked scarso he said it should be fine if i put a comp req up Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  15. Jack Black❤️

    Player Menu

    Maybe have the coords of your location somewhere?