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  1. Jack B. Knight ❤️


    Ill +1 this suggestion then.
  2. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Virtual Inventory

    Not able to access peoples virtual inventory by clicking T, not sure if this was changed or is broken?
  3. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Prime Minister

    Make the PM only be in office for 2 weeks. 1: To allow more people the chance it in. 2: To stop the prime minister being active the first week or then going inactive for the other weeks.
  4. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Remove Flashbangs from the server.

    Nope, they are used for everything now. But i don't think we should remove them, make them only usable in banks or evidence lockers, anything else is a no.
  5. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Mar 10

    message me when your around
  6. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Mar 10

    Ben already bidden 3 million
  7. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Points on your driving license

    +1111111111111111 We need a system like thiss
  8. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Mar 10

    No i don't xD
  9. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Mar 10

    Got no ammo mate
  10. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Mar 10

    Item Name: Mar 10 Screenshot: Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: £750,000 Minimum Increment: £50,000 Buy it now: £5,000,000 End Date: 20/03/2019
  11. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Time to say Goodbye.

    Byeee ❤️
  12. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Selling Flashbang,LMS,AMS

    975k for AMS
  13. Jack B. Knight ❤️


    Rebels/HAVOC aren't able to zip tie people when they are tased
  14. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    1 Tactical Bacon

  15. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Faction Commands

    I do agree but just because someone got to somewhere before someone else doesn't mean they should hold that place when they have other options and other people deserve the chance to atleast try. Gold command is a very high rank and not many people get to it but the rank such as CSi is running a whole constab and if they are NHS command then they are also running a unit or something over there, i don't think people can equally share time out between both of them plus its stops people from progressing