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  1. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Points on your driving license

    +1111111111111111 We need a system like thiss
  2. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Mar 10

    No i don't xD
  3. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Mar 10

    Got no ammo mate
  4. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Mar 10

    Item Name: Mar 10 Screenshot: Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: £750,000 Minimum Increment: £50,000 Buy it now: £5,000,000 End Date: 20/03/2019
  5. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Time to say Goodbye.

    Byeee ❤️
  6. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Selling Flashbang,LMS,AMS

    975k for AMS
  7. Jack B. Knight ❤️


    Rebels/HAVOC aren't able to zip tie people when they are tased
  8. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    1 Tactical Bacon

  9. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Faction Commands

    I do agree but just because someone got to somewhere before someone else doesn't mean they should hold that place when they have other options and other people deserve the chance to atleast try. Gold command is a very high rank and not many people get to it but the rank such as CSi is running a whole constab and if they are NHS command then they are also running a unit or something over there, i don't think people can equally share time out between both of them plus its stops people from progressing
  10. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Selling Flashbang,LMS,AMS

    1.5 mil for all
  11. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    Faction Commands

    Ok so i have seen a lot of this happening and i don't think its fair on others. There are multiple people who have been important command in more than 1 faction, now your only allowed to be in APC and NHS or HAVOC and NHS, you cannot be in HAVOC and APC. Now i don't see how its fair some people are both NHS Command and Silver Command or HAVOC Command and NHS Command. Yes you might put the work in for those command ranks but it pushes you further up both chains now allowing others to get into that position. You should have to give others a chance when it comes to things like this.
  12. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    RDM = One way Gang Initiation

    +1 this will stop so much confusion
  13. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    To the PM...

    This exact quote was used in a gang formerly called The Williams Company, Abnegation and its current name, as yet untitled. Looks like they aren't happy with HAVOC 😉
  14. Congrats mate!

    1. Kiran



  15. Jack B. Knight ❤️

    More Spaces On server

    -1 last time the slots were increased the server died every 5mins