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  1. Lars S

    Player Report - EIER, RedBeard - 04/15/18 - Altis Life

    just to be clear was driving the pickup. before your video started we drove beside you not wanting to do anything but then you rammed us. and thats why we wanted to kill you. i can not see clearly that you are driving above 50km/h , And the breaking roleplay is just BS, we wanted to solve this matter with you but clearly you only want us to pay for this and solve nothing. You reacted to the messages in side chat and asked for discord, wich we replied that we have discord. thats the last we ever heard of you.
  2. if you go to your own video on youtube you can hear me say '' out of the car mann'' while pointing a gun at you. Reason enough to kill you when you drove off and not listening to me about getting out of the car. you didnt try to contact us in game.
  3. Time Submitted: 08:41:28 PM | 02/26/18 Submitted By: Redbeard050 (3162) Your In-Game Name: RedBeard Who are you reporting?: ACF Hen. Oliver Jones | 76561198291707433 Time/Date of event: 21:25 dutch time Rule's Broken: rdm/vdm Explain what happened: i was driving on a road and oliver jones with some other ACF People threaten me when i was driving by...not legal by the phoenix rules u guess...then the boxed me in when i was driving kinda ramming me.... they kidnapped me after and killed me at the end Evidence (Video/Screenshot): well i guess when a admin was on het could replay it....? otherwise i have no proof....but that means that i can break the rules also if no one is recording or such.... Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: