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  1. https://gyazo.com/a60eed3eae08f784d6115cb1731c5f35 Great AMS Meeting lads
  2. Thanks for Doxing my paypal balance lad but no problem
  3. Time Submitted: 04:11:26 PM | 10/18/18 Submitted By: Ash-Hoffa (3151) In-Game Name: Ash-Hoffa Steam / Player ID: 76561198205186557 Date of Event: 10/16/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://plays.tv/video/5bc8ab94442d166f03/hacker-killed-everyone-kicked-us-from-server-after /// https://gyazo.com/8b9b131d9b8ae4a06c0c4b4d1cc907bd Details of Event: We were capping cartel when all of a sudden we were all incaped and the whole server was within a few seconds and then were all kicked all due to a hacker. (the footage is 5 hours long so i went ahead and got the time i most recently opened my inventory in the screen shot) Compensation Amount: Its my usual load out so: Semi-Arid Ghillie - 85,000 Bergan digital - 95,000 Stealth sound supressor - 70,000 Black ARCO - 15,000 Black Bipod - 35,000 Black type 115 - 250,000 Police operations vest- 135,000 Defender helmet - 18,000 Rook 9mm - 25,000 6.5mm caseless mags x 21 - (21 x 1,100) ============================== Total - 751,100 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. Ash-Hoffa

    Buying berets

    pm me offer @Artyom
  5. Ash-Hoffa

    Buying berets

    Got a blue nato and a plain one
  6. Well I ain’t used it? Mess up on their part maybe ? Either that or someone’s used it and not replied
  7. I don’t play it but Someone might aswell use it probably if I buy more be putting more codes up but right now first come first serve enjoy
  8. Ash-Hoffa

    TS Tags

    Ranks for factions and and those designated as command members +1
  9. Looking for scopes now aswell. Only ones with the ablility to zero into a range.
  10. Basically in short looking for snipers M320 LLR mainly but may buy others if you can throw in attachments even better but not neccisary. If you dont want others knowing feel free to thow me a Pm Cheers for your intrest
  11. Sorry for the late reply @TeddyBear. In short with regards to the situation i stated in my case that my opinion is that whilst he is in medical custody he should not be allowed to initiate on someone as it is unfair on them because due to the rules regarding medical custody he cannot initiate on you or harm you in any way without potentially getting himself in a mess. Also personally (you may not agree but this is my own view) Its not very good RP as if your injured enough to have to be taken back to hospital for further treatment then i dont think you would be in such a state as to then actively put yourself in a potential gunfight that being said that is my own opinion. With regards to the compensation amount i asked you both to kindly agree on a price originally yes a comp of 1.5 million was asked for after questioning why the amount was so high he did want compensation for the gear of the guy he was attempting to rob. After explaining that just because this situation occurred does not mean that without Majed initiating on him that he would have been able to get away with the gear, Dimitri accepted this fact after some explaining. Dimitri then reduced his price down to 700k which seemed reasonable to a degree (please bear in mind that this was only a few minutes to the event that night which Dimitri was to be competing in) anyways after this proposal of 700k was asked Majed refused to pay this amount and continued to then drive to black market to check the prices and given that he knew the time constraints Dimitri was under was not a respectable thing to do in my opinion however thats beside the point as Majed in a way does have a right to pay the exact amount of comp if he is not prepared to give the benefit of the doubt also please bare in mind that they could have gone ahead and continued after the event. Anyway after the refusal of the 700k request Majed proposed it was closer to 600k. After some squabbling I thought rather than being petty and arguing over 100k i asked for them to meet in the middle with a total price of 650k a considerable amount lower than Dimitris original asking price whilst very heated Dimitri was happy for that to be the end of it, However Majed still refused to pay and then he 'lost connection from the server' was the actual message given but after this no attempt to contact me in order to resume the case was made and no intention to pay Dimitri compensation of a agreed amount was clear to me so after not hearing anything it was escalated to a report. It is true that the gear shown within the video only displays a few items however time was not given for Dimitri to look for the video and upload where he shows a full inventory however in my experiance this is not commonly necessary as both party's involved can normally agree on a price but in this case Dimitri's comp price satisfaction was not met and when i proposed 650k as i said Majed was gone and did not come back to resume the case. Very personally and please do not take this into account unless completely necessary but if Majed was wanting to pay the comp amount he would have come back to resume the case if this was possible i do not know but he could have at least contacted us in order to notify us of his choice and after refusing the 650k price i proposed it did not seem clear he was willing to pay even though this was a reduced amount that Dimitri still agreed I may have a recording of what was said during the case as I sometimes let it record in the back ground though this is only a possibility and will take some time to find. -Ash
  12. Ill be on at about 4:20 ish ill message you then and want me to run up that lead on the high command one? i think i know someone whos got a generals and a havoc command so up to you @GalazyZ
  13. @Catnip Looking to buy a bulk load so how many you got ? pm me if you want
  14. 350k and then its yours babie @GalazyZ and might be able to get a hold of a higher ranking one yet
  15. @GalazyZdo me a lil better come on babs
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