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  1. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - Heinrich Borg - 03/13/19 - Altis Life

    Ban Appeal Declined After speaking with other devs about the flag they have told me that it is completely accurate for the no recoil flag.
  2. check the name of the civ slot since it may be a special one (there are 6 special ones)
  3. comp request declined lack of evidence
  4. Ban Appeal declined each case is dealt with differently and you are entitled to a second chance therefore i don't see how this is going to help your case to be a reason to be unbanned.
  5. Kiran

    Time to say Goodbye.

    great to work alongside with you and i hope to see you return soon!
  6. Player Report accepted 7 Day DSC bans issued to Jesper Snitz and Kiwiking for their rulebreaks GB's issued to Dennis since he has already been punished here before a few times and seems not to care about the rules and to J. Conner since he already is banned
  7. Kiran

    YouTube Thing

    we currently have the twitch channels thing maybe could we make something similar for the YouTuber's here? for instance i dislike twitch but prefer using my YT account. This is basically suggesting a way for Phoenix to host YT channels / vids and give those who are in this group of creators things such as the twitch tag but instead a YouTube Tag? i know this was suggested a while back but i cant remember what happened to it!
  8. comp request declined lack of evidence
  9. my bad i didnt realise it was him getting rev'd in that case we will just stick with
  10. the accused has 24 hours to respond for the 1st accusation of RDM on J.Conners (towards the beginning of the vid) i will need a vid with 3 mins before that but i can still deal with the rest of the rule-breaks in the evidence @Ben Boyden
  11. do you have any evidence of u losing the items? @BladeForged
  12. Kiran

    Expiring Forum Warning Points

    oh i see it now um natural selection taking its course?
  13. Kiran

    warning points

    click on the warning on your profile and it will open a box with the details
  14. Kiran

    Expiring Forum Warning Points

    it helps keep a track of prior issues and also you only get punishments on 5 warnings (1 week ban) and 10 warnings (perm ban) which is quite a lot just send a email to the phoenix email and a warning will be reviewed there
  15. Animal Mayhem The local wildlife rangers have reported an odd migrational behaviour with the animals related to water sources in the Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay area. Due to many water suppliers who provide water to the city also using the same water sources it has resulted in household animals escaping and looking for new water sources! How will it work? Staff members will use an animal skin of their choice and will roam around the city Players will have to use melee weapons or a semi automatic pistol of their choice to kill then animals (tasers can be used as well) For each animal killed the killing player will be awarded £20,000 For any mountain lions killed the killing player will be awarded £25,000 This event will start from 6 pm on Saturday (16/03/2019) and will end at 9 pm You may kill the animals on sight however police still will be allowed to enforce the law on you The animals will not attack you, however, some of the more dangerous animals such as the mountain lions will be allowed to attack if provoked by a player trying to harm the animal Animals will be found in and around the Los Santos City area Police will be allowed to taze the animals and then put them down with a baton or pistol Once the animal is killed the staff member will revive them-self and hand over the money to the killing player
  16. Kiran

    Civ cars

    https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2016-tesla-model-s-p90d https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/tesla-model-x-p90d https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/tesla-roadster-2020-add-on-replace-auto-spoiler no idea if they can be added but would like to see some more modded cars for civs
  17. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - Beef - 03/12/19 - Altis Life

    Ban Appeal Declined since FoxHound has been lenient on you and is giving you another chance with the ban being 45 days i think it is only fair that you wait out this ban rather than have it accepted now. Therefore i would just advise you to wait it out.
  18. Ban Appeal Declined 1) You say that you were given money by your friend which was duped in which is false since there is evidence which shows that you are the one trying to dupe in the money and get caught at one point (you were using the name "James Hagrit") 2) This is your 3rd money exploit ban. Therefore i do not feel like you can be trusted not to do this again and if i was to unban you i don't think it would do anything but cause further issues which would end up in support etc
  19. Just since i keep getting asked this, this is how you apply for FiveM staff!



    (go to create>submit form>scroll down and you will see FiveM staff application)


  20. Kiran

    Banned for no Reason

    Ban Appeal Declined use this link https://phoenixrp.co.uk/appealabaninfo/
  21. Kiran

    Player Report - Cian - 03/09/19 - Altis Life

    Player Report declined i do not see a need to issue a punishment in this case since no-one was actually ran over instead i am going to advise the accused to be careful in future situations as it may affect someone
  22. Kiran


    could just remove the lethal version? that would solve that
  23. I smell like actual shit

    1. Sig


      Already living up to the stafflead expectation i see

    2. Proxy Smoxy

      Proxy Smoxy

      that was probably Matty P xD

    3. Ludde


      Shocker? xD 🤔

  24. Kiran

    Hi everyone :)

    welcome and see you around i guess
  25. Kiran

    Mechanic ASAP

    i think that it is in the works last i heard however as a whitelisted thing they are gona have to look 4 som1 to run it. ( i wasnt on FiveM last time mechanics were around so i dont know 2 much)