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  1. Kiran

    Add an icon for seized comms

    definitely need this since i have been caught out by it sometimes and its a bit annoying to come back and think you have coms and then land yourself in support b4 you say dont go AFK -> PIZZA
  2. Kiran

    Player Report - allah - 01/15/19 - Altis Life

    Player Report Accepted 5 day DSC Issued to the accused for no value of life
  3. Kiran

    Breaking into expensive vehicles

    i like roys idea on this rather than a generic "expensive vehicles" route
  4. What i am going to say is that you should always keep a high standard of roleplay while on the server. I agree the Roleplay here was not good however you also took the choice to go down the combat route instead of the RP route. What i am going to do in this case is decline the player report HOWEVER in the future try give some form of RP before going straight to initiation. For example you all clearly outnumber him when you all start to shoot. You could try and "soft" initiate and have him comply going down the RP route. At this moment in time i do not feel like a punishment is necessary however i would like to see more of an attempt to give some form of Roleplay before heading down a route that normally leads to combat @Leboss To add to this i am going to say that in a support case you are there to resolve a situation / talk about it. So with this in mid if you feel you didn't do anything wrong then give your opinion about that and try and explain it however don't start being toxic in support since that will lead the case not going anywhere.
  5. he beat me to it^ i see that you didn't want to go to support at the time of the incident due to you streaming however i still want you to try and resolve it in support together just to clear this up before this goes any further -> RDM is not initiation anyway before i continue with the report i want you to both go to support and try resolve this -> once you have done this tell the support member to msg me on discord and i will continue with this as necessary
  6. the accused has 24 hours to respond while i review the evidence @Majazuri
  7. comp request accepted total comp: £1,288,000 comp will go through at the 8pm restart
  8. the accused has 24 hours to respond while i review the evidence
  9. Kiran

    dispute system

    maybe not something that fills your screen however something that differentiates itself from a normal notification would be nice like maybe aswell as the current system have the white text come up on your screen saying "you have received a dispute" for a few seconds (like the bank msg's for cops)
  10. Kiran

    Stats Page Suggestions

    prestige is already shown but rank nor perk points are shown but i highly doubt that there is a count currently for how many tickets received / issued etc but i guess they could make it?
  11. hi there. Im not that good with photo editors etc and i dont currently have the time however i am going to start reviving my youtube channel soon and will be taking it a lot more serious than i originally did! I was wondering if anyone would be able to make me a YouTube logo and watermark? the channel is aimed at: Airsoft Shooting <- competition and recreational (rarely: Diving <- but the images don't have to be related to this) please note that i don't want to be nor is this meant to be advertising a service or anything (please bear this in mind with any responses!)
  12. Kiran

    YouTube Account Water mark/logo

    um, hmmmmmmmmm
  13. Kiran

    Stats Page Suggestions

    if you click on the vehicles thats already in but its a lot of effort atm so a shorter / quicker way would be nice +1
  14. Kiran

    dispute system

    Seems like a good idea since it doesn’t stand out from a normal notification at thre moment
  15. Kiran

    YouTube Thing

    we currently have the twitch channels thing maybe could we make something similar for the YouTuber's here? for instance i dislike twitch but prefer using my YT account. This is basically suggesting a way for Phoenix to host YT channels / vids and give those who are in this group of creators things such as the twitch tag but instead a YouTube Tag? i know this was suggested a while back but i cant remember what happened to it!
  16. Kiran

    YouTube Thing

    you can even live stream on YT aswell!
  17. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - private ryan - 01/13/19 - Altis Life

    the long number in this (76561198353929502) anyway - the issue here that you are saying it was your cousin who committed the rule break is that its not just a simple VDM ban, its a Mass VDM ban. Even if it was your cousin who took the steps to commit these actions it is still your responsibility to look after your account and therefore i am going to decline this appeal in the hope that you wait out more of this ban before we consider unbanning you. Especially since you haven't managed to inform us on how you would prevent someone else accessing your computer while on our platforms. You should also NOT contact staff to review your appeal
  18. Kiran

    Open Doors on ghost hawk

    can we add the script to open the doors on the ghosthawks???
  19. Kiran

    Player Report - ANNANI BACANI - 01/14/19 - Altis Life

    Player Report Accepted GB Issued to the accused for RDM for any comp please make a comp request and use this report as the evidence
  20. Kiran

    YouTube Account Water mark/logo

    uk gun laws are relaxed man - its all ok (unless i break down on the motorway again) 😉
  21. do you know why you were kicked? (as in did you ask som1 what was the kick msg) if not can you get me more proof plz - such as a vid showing from you being shot to kicked or something similar please (so i can determine why you were kicked)
  22. comp request accepted total comp: £292,050 comp will go through at the next restart
  23. Kiran

    Player Report - allah - 01/15/19 - Altis Life

    the accused has 24 hours to respond
  24. Kiran

    Mission Downloader revived?

    i think @Conner Merlin made the mission file downloader a while back so that you could download the mission manually instead of joining the lobby and then doing it. Is there any chance this can start to be used again since i found it was a lot easier to use instead of having every1 join the server at the same time trying to download it.
  25. Kiran

    Mission Downloader revived?

    😉 who is this kevin you speak of?