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  1. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - Allah - 01/17/19 - Altis Life

    Ban Appeal declined after discussing this with staff lead we feel you should wait out your ban. Also your excuse that you weren't given a chance to resolve this or dispute it is false since you logged off nearly instantly after the incident meaning you couldn't be disputed however there was a support case open for some time, on top of this the player report was left open for 24 hours where you could have responded yet still decided to ignore it. Your other excuse that you sent me about you wouldn't know this servers rules i don't think really applies to this situation since this is such a clear cut rule and you even broke the example in the rule, not only this but nearly every arma 3 altis life server (RP) has a no value of life rule and therefore if you are to go and ask another more "professional" server about this they would probably also show you their value of life rule. The fact that you have a YouTube account doesn't play a single role in this since everyone is treated the same regardless of fame. Do not re-appeal this ban but instead wait it out
  2. since its under 10 million logs wouldn't be checked for this therefore i am going to decline this comp request
  3. Kiran


    would still need to have the basic options tho such as the requests (police, havoc, ams, staff) otherwise seems like a good idea and will help prevent "oh, wrong person"
  4. general rule of thumb is that police can't commit any crime so just take it to the relevant CMD and it would be sorted. Undercover can participate in small crimes but as soon as it threatens someones life they must intervene to protect the life of the other person. There is nothing saying that police can kill civillian's and back when i was DCC i removed people due to them committing murder while playing as a cop. As for the RP most cops will RP with you and will be willing to come to terms and give a fair punishment but executing isn't one of them
  5. comp request accepted total comp: £7,850,971 <-1 mill reduction since there would be no guarantee of the safety of the run comp will go through at the 8am restart
  6. comp request declined lack of evidence logs wouldn't normally be checked unless its over 10 million
  7. comp request declined lack of evidence logs wouldn't normally be checked unless its over 10 million
  8. comp request declined lack of evidence logs wouldn't normally be checked unless its over 10 million
  9. Kiran

    Add an icon for seized comms

    definitely need this since i have been caught out by it sometimes and its a bit annoying to come back and think you have coms and then land yourself in support b4 you say dont go AFK -> PIZZA
  10. Kiran

    Player Report - allah - 01/15/19 - Altis Life

    Player Report Accepted 5 day DSC Issued to the accused for no value of life
  11. Kiran

    Breaking into expensive vehicles

    i like roys idea on this rather than a generic "expensive vehicles" route
  12. What i am going to say is that you should always keep a high standard of roleplay while on the server. I agree the Roleplay here was not good however you also took the choice to go down the combat route instead of the RP route. What i am going to do in this case is decline the player report HOWEVER in the future try give some form of RP before going straight to initiation. For example you all clearly outnumber him when you all start to shoot. You could try and "soft" initiate and have him comply going down the RP route. At this moment in time i do not feel like a punishment is necessary however i would like to see more of an attempt to give some form of Roleplay before heading down a route that normally leads to combat @Leboss To add to this i am going to say that in a support case you are there to resolve a situation / talk about it. So with this in mid if you feel you didn't do anything wrong then give your opinion about that and try and explain it however don't start being toxic in support since that will lead the case not going anywhere.
  13. he beat me to it^ i see that you didn't want to go to support at the time of the incident due to you streaming however i still want you to try and resolve it in support together just to clear this up before this goes any further -> RDM is not initiation anyway before i continue with the report i want you to both go to support and try resolve this -> once you have done this tell the support member to msg me on discord and i will continue with this as necessary
  14. the accused has 24 hours to respond while i review the evidence @Majazuri
  15. comp request accepted total comp: £1,288,000 comp will go through at the 8pm restart