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  1. rewrite your answer to this please with more effort
  2. you can't chose how long someone goes to jail for anymore - once you click the button it instant sends
  3. comp request declined logs are checked for values of 10M+
  4. comp request declined logs are only checked if the value requested is above 10million
  5. Kiran

    NLR on Gang wars

    definitely a NO from me: people were being killed spawning in their house 10 meters away from where they were killed and repeated this process multiple times - thats just clearly not fun for others
  6. http://prntscr.com/o1rxze @Just Ben the amount it shows i think is just for this month
  7. they will be implemented eventually i'd think. It just takes time to do them and makes sure they all work better it takes a while and works than rush and break it
  8. Ban Appeal Declined for a few reasons 1) you have a global ban 2) you need to appeal your forum ban instead of making a new forum account do this through the email linked when you try log in 3) lack of effort
  9. Ban Appeal Declined i have told you already in the post below so appeal your forum ban instead of making new accounts to get around it - i won't say it again
  10. back when i was APC command i really liked this idea and what i tried was that there were requirements for you to be allowed but then a rank like APC SGT could authorise such as roadblocks etc. The issue being is some people will always try and abuse these things and it needs to be punished quite hard to try and keep it from falling apart but then eventually (when i tried it) people still would abuse it and we would just say no more (evident with a recent change in APC from what i heard aswell)
  11. there haven't been any other nerfs since conner statement that there wouldn't be tho?
  12. wow i am the proud owner of this amazing club thanks https://phoenixrp.co.uk/clubs/98-anti-dexter-association/
  13. Ban Appeal Declined 1) for future reference your player/steam ID: 76561198123532636 2) you were in the athira garage where they spat on you. You then ran out of the GZ in athira garage where a gang followed you (which you could clearly see since you tried to hide from them for a little while). You were then being told to come out the bush with your hands up or you'll be shot etc etc. Shortly after them repeating orders for you to come out of the bush you combat logged (you disconnected to lobby) if you were in a rush to get to work why did you rejoin the server after disconnecting to the lobby? so you couldn't see or hear them giving you demands nor the quilin pulling up to you. The situation was quite clearly an active RP situation in the fact that they were giving demands for you to come out the bush with your hands up etc My advice for your next appeal is: tell the truth or don't bother making an appeal if you are just going to lie
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