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  1. Prison Slide

    glitching as far as I'm aware is a perm ban - so in my opinion they are using a glitch to escape and should just receive a administration punishment - the slide is a nice addition to the prison but if people cant be trusted with it (i.e. they glitch themselves outa prison) then we should just have it removed. As for a legit way outa prison - I'm not exactly sure on any ways out as ive never been in prison but i think we should come up with a way to "break open the cells" or something with a charge or something similar! (<-- unless something like this is already in game)
  2. Time Submitted: 02:43:58 PM | 03/17/18 Submitted By: Kiran (3136) Your In-Game Name: Kiran Madd Who are you reporting?: Colonel Zane Time/Date of event: 11am (ish)------17/03/2018 Rule's Broken: Combat log Explain what happened: We were in a hostage operation. negotiations went well and we came to a deal so they released the hostage and we handed over the money. However as soon as they left their free passage rang we began a pursuit. The player being reported left halfway through the chase - i was also informed he was the one who was given the money by SNU - therefor i believe he disconnected to save the money. I couldn't resolve this in TS firstly as he disconnected so i couldn't send a dispute and secondly i couldn't see him on TS neither could i find a forum profile so i could discuss this with him. - of course i would like to resolve this rather than a report but since there was no way i could resolve this i put this report up Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/5aad2758e5ad0e0932/combat-log-proof-0-1 <------ skip to 7 min 15 secs to see the exact moment he left http://plays.tv/video/5aad28da63397b820d/proof-he-waz-involved <------ look at the co-ordinates he used when alerting the heli to leave and letting police know about hostage - this proves he was involved (in my opinion at least) Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: N/A
  3. Guy gets salty

    rip love his RP
  4. rebel zone

  5. NLR

    my brain is melting away now - im very confused for this, im tooooo tired
  6. NLR

    I meant to say this is the same for rebels (I thought) - my bad
  7. NLR

    Because no mater what they still have to wait the NLR timer before being asked to assist at the dealer - this would I assume sort this out. And would be fair as it would give those involved enough time to sell the gold while the cops who are dead are getting their kit
  8. Tazing being initiation

    to be fair i agree with this as sometimes cops do fire a bit early but when someone starts to draw a weapon or starts to run while they have a weapon then i would argue they haven't met my demands and therefore i can shoot - i think this is the same as rebels (if they don't meet your demands and become a threat to your life i believe you can shoot)
  9. Tazing being initiation

    easy way to sort this for yourselves - when for example a cop says "stop or you will be tased" you can say "stop pointing the taser at me or ill shoot you" or "you shoot me with that taser my friends will kill you" the other option is RP so the cops don't have to use taser, i mean if we a rolling by in our SUV and we hear a .50 shooting shit up we are going to have a weapons out to deal with it, but i mean if you holster the gun then you don't get tased. Also this rule is to incourage RP (from my perspective) so i mean if you really don't like it well hide from the cops
  10. Gag & Blindfolds

    +1 for blindfolds
  11. Water

    Is Water Wet?
  12. Rule Changes

    Make the changes for one suit RP better
  13. Illusion gang

    Who is the owner / leader of illusion? Please could they contact me
  14. TheBoogyMonsta

    it could have been but your best bet is to message the police in game and ask or to go to the PD and ask, normally when people turn themselves in we are less harsh with punishments (tickets/verbal warnings)
  15. ACF Gang

    I would like to recommend the ACF gang who did the bank yesterday (04/03/18) specifically Cucumber - every time I have encountered ACF and cucumber has been there I have had great RP from it even when I'm taken hostage by them. ACF is the only Gang I have had RP with yet (as a gang - not from 1 member of the gang). Keep up the good work!

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