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We have completed a Mass Unban, find more information here.


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  1. after checking and speaking to old management members at the time of your ban i can only see a TS ban TS bans weren't included in the mass unban so please could you re-answer Why should you be unbanned? as if it was a normal appeal @Annex
  2. comp request accepted total comp: £12,800,000 comp will go through next restart
  3. i have nothing against u but... if you want to be unbanned show us rather than give a half arsed attempt
  4. 1) you will need a 3 min video to prove there is no prior initiation 2) you can send a dispute when incap'd 3) i can't see a support case for this nor any attempt to get him to TS Declined you can make a new report when you have enough evidence and you have attempted to get him to TS
  5. Comp request declined you can clearly see that the vehicle is already heavily damaged (the marked SUV is the 1st one to explode)
  6. 1) you have had this email appear on your screen on the forums a few times now - use it and read the instructions to appeal via the email 2) you also are banned for being known to hack (it was a very nice silent aim you had......) 3) you are infiSTAR banned so appeal there before we consider to unban you here 🤷‍♀️ 4) Don't ban evade to make an appeal DECLINED
  7. the rest are CB'd hackers etc so no.... those bans are to protect the community as a whole or to protect certain members of the community if they want to get unbanned then they can follow the normal route. i don't think anyone wants toxic DDOSing kids or hackers etc back again bc thats pretty much what you are talking about (except the recent bans after they mass rulebroke 😉 )
  8. as in the entire rule not that specific act
  9. Ban Appeal Declined you aren't banned - you are infiSTAR banned. Appeal that ban instead to play here (or any infi protected servers)
  10. @Calvin Charles if someone gives us valid evidence against our staff team members then it is acted on like a normal report and the severity of the situation = severity of punishment
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