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  1. Kiran


    As stated above if the ban msg is along the lines of this: ([GB] RDM | Kiran Madd | [email protected] Phoenixrp.co.uk) then it’s a perm however you can appeal it. if it’s like this: ([DSC] 7days - RDM | Kiran Madd | Appeal at Phoenixrp.co.uk) then it’s however long it says in the ban message! If you have any further questons, feel free to ask!
  2. Time Submitted: 07:12:36 PM | 06/16/18 Submitted By: Kiran (3136) A BAN WAS ALREADY ISSUED TO THIS PLAYER BEING REPORTED Your In-Game Name: Kiran Madd [CO3136] Who are you reporting?: Alexander | 76561198087004743 Time/Date of event: 19:59 | 16/06/2018 Rule's Broken: 1.2 RDM Explain what happened: we were in pursuit of a car which was wanted for 3 murders just before the restart they stop and open fire on me. I did sent a dispute however they didnt come to TS and I waited about 10 mins then had to run to the APC meeting and no other support members joined to help me Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/5b25605b1eb6d3fc0f/rdm-again- (where it seems like Ive cut it is just plays TV - it doesn't record me screen only the game so it stops while I tab out) Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
  3. Kiran

    Academy DSGT

    academy is a lot of work and took on average at the peak points about 2-3 hours a day doing academy work. so what they are saying is that they are still doing this work but now with less of a reward but it is there so have some respect to those who took the time to even consider you to join the police
  4. Kiran

    Academy DSGT

    but without academy you wouldn't be a cop since there would be no-one who would do your training...
  5. Wat!!!! Minecraft is THE BEST Minecraft>ARMA3
  6. Kiran

    licence revoke

    Then don’t land illegaly or use the heli illegally and you don’t have to worry 😒
  7. Kiran

    Drop the player slots

    That’s part of our community so why would we get rid of a part of our community? 😡
  8. Kiran

    Abolish the '3 minute since last shot; rule.

    -1 its fine as it is atm
  9. Kiran

    Possible PhoenixRP Changes

    We have changed this so there is now (quite recent though)
  10. Kiran

    Possible PhoenixRP Changes

    +1 for mayor idea -1 for cop names sine it already automatically puts your rank in front of your name IG the academy changes big -1 and +1 since I like the idea of giving the first rank weapons such as tasers yet I don’t think it will work. CSO is there to watch and learn it allows them to learn which situations require which weapon option (lethal V. Non lethal) ACC i don’t see much use coming from it since we already have great guys doing the gold work so I don’t feel like we need another gold rank and as for SI’s hey have the same power IG (except for outranking) as a CSI and they have just about the same powers out of game aswell another thing is the more ranks the more enthusiastic you will be (in my experience) since when I reached CI I realised that now I just keep doing what I was doing and wait since the ranks above me were full whereas when I was PC I would try do everything I could to get promoted to the next rank! I think (unless I can’t count) there is only 11 ranks in the new structure you are proposing so if you add another rank that would be better note: I think I miss read some parts
  11. Kiran

    Luckii Fragtage

    Wat u can kick, give me give me give me
  12. Kiran


    Because that's not what the police do. anyone doing that just because they can will face punishments within the APC
  13. Kiran


    TBH who here has actually seen someone been sent to jail for the full 60 min since this update? It is extremely rare and when I arrest people I am aware sitting in prison is boring AF so I either try stick around prison for a bit but most of the time won’t give you max sentence for Said crime. He current system is fine. The only problem I have is with restarts doubling your prison time which I will make a suggestion about shortly however jump to support or OOC msg the cop who arrested you and let them know and I will always return to prison and either release you when your original time is up or resend you for however long is left on your time
  14. Kiran

    10 million giveaway

    Ya boi kiran who has never seen more that 17 mill in his bank