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  1. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - Nektarr - 04/15/19 - Altis Life

    Ban appeal declined lack of effort
  2. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - Mike.K - 04/15/19 - Altis Life

    Ban appeal declined lack of effort
  3. Kiran

    want to make an active group

    Or just try see if a gang will let u go with them for an hour and then if you like them apply - just rare to see gangs that do this unfortunately
  4. Kiran


    Is combat not already rewarded through getting money from cartels and pop ups? Also events - there should be some coming soon
  5. Kiran

    air initiation

    3.3 Air Vehicle Initiation - Initiating on a air vehicle must be done by following the below: APC & HAVOC: The APC & HAVOC must send a Open Air Broadcast message with clear instructions to leave the air space or land. Failure to comply with the message means the APC or HAVOC can open fire on the helicopter. Civilian: Three unsuppressed warning shots must be fired to the front and back of the air vehicle. Failure to leave the air space means you can open fire on the air vehicle and the persons inside can open fire on you. If the air vehicle lands, you must re-initiate using valid player initiation. If warning shots or OAB is sent use above if not using OAB or warning shots (aka verbal initiation) then follow normal initiation rules
  6. Kiran

    quick question

    they should wait for a RP sit to end normally but it depends on the sit and rule break tbh it sounds like low RP standard (unless u forgot to add anything where they RP'd with u)
  7. Kiran

    Player Report - Peter Hanes - 04/06/19 - Altis Life

    Player report declined take the player to support 1st to try and resolve it
  8. declined - locked and moved 😧 good luck with whatever you do next and it has been a great time working with u
  9. Kiran


    Ban Appeal declined use the form and steps in this link https://phoenixrp.co.uk/appealabaninfo/
  10. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - J - 04/04/19 - Altis Life

    Ban Appeal Declined when being unbanned from your last ban you were informed that it was your last chance and now this has happened. Therefore i am going to decline this appeal considering you were told it was your last chance yet continued to deliberately break another rule
  11. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - [spn]apple - 03/28/19 - TeamSpeak

    Ban appeal declined timed out
  12. Ban Appeal declined there was a hacker in the server and the staff member suspected you of being the hacker and therefore acted. For the remainder of the day and the next morning there were no other reports of hacking and therefore i find it highly likely that you were the one hacking - if you have further questions feel free to PM me via forums
  13. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - Sussebass - 04/02/19 - Altis Life

    Ban Appeal Declined 1) this is a 7 day ban and therefore i think it is fair that you sit out your punishment 2) another ban was just issued to you on top of this current ban
  14. comp request declined logs aren't checked for values under 10million
  15. Ban Appeal declined read this post https://phoenixrp.co.uk/appealabaninfo/