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  1. we do not check the logs unless the amount requested is above 10 million as it takes lots of time and does not always come out with results therefor do you have any proof to show the stuff you lost?
  2. Kiran

    Compensation Request - Vortex - 08/20/18

    comp request accepted total comp = £250,000 comp will go through at the 12am restart
  3. Kiran


    Player Report Declined (accidental post)
  4. Kiran


    @BertSon-G is this a accidental report?
  5. Kiran

    Put incapacitated people in vehicles

    I would like to see this but it would get annoying for medics chasing down wounded people
  6. Kiran

    Increase prison break-in times

    Increase it slightly but still allow enough chance for a escape
  7. Kiran

    More Spawns

    Spawn athira and walk / drive - it’s only 1-2 km ish away (airport)
  8. Right I’m going to make a video with all my experiences of people of all factions just bleeding out when medics are near to show it isn’t just one group! The end of the day it’s the players option to bleed out if a medic is near - if you feel bleeding out reduces RP or is unfair simple solution is to remove the bleed out thing! Cops are restricted on earning money but we are looking to change and free up the way cops earn money. Personally when I was a medic (the 1st time) I had 25ish people bleed out on me while I was reviving them from all factions!
  9. Kiran

    VDM One way initiation

    but then accidental VDM would cause someone to open fire in some sits -1
  10. Kiran

    Luckii Fragtage

  11. can you send me the evidence when its uploaded plz
  12. I believe u can chop it
  13. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - Brett - 08/14/18 - Altis Life

    When an admin takes the time in game to bring you aside and talk to you about what you did wrong you should always listen since they may just want to explain however saying "make it a perm mate I will just buy a new account" is not what you should do. Considering this is your first ban and you have server 3 months of it I am willing to accept this ban appeal however: if something like this happens again in the future it won't be so easy to appeal the ban Appeal Accepted