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  1. if you get a vid from when you join (lobby / clearly spawning in) to the end of this incident that will do since I dont think you can be initiated on while in the lobby 😉
  2. Player Report declined timed out
  3. Kiran

    Player Report - LOTUK | Brexit - 10/19/18 - Altis Life

    since I haven'y seen any more proof (which I requested) about the combat storing and the rotor tap looks accidental and you dont loose anything as a result I am going to decline this report
  4. Kiran

    Stealing fuel

    When you steal fuel I think it only gives you fuel and doesn’t remove it from the other car since I’ve done it to multiple people and they still have fuel after it’s done D:
  5. that clearly wasn't the hacker.... @JinX i need 3 minutes to prove RDM
  6. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - imapuma - 10/20/18 - Altis Life

    ban appeal accepted the ban has been deleted from your history- in future for suspected bans come to TS since we can deal with it there
  7. Kiran

    Server Hacker

    Please make a comp request using the correct template DECLINED
  8. Kiran

    Changed H.M Treasury Rules

    um..... i guess they could have some left over stored in houses or something but i don't know.....`
  9. Kiran

    Changed H.M Treasury Rules

    not IG, they were removed The rule is fine as it is now- just bring more ppl
  10. Kiran

    Player Report - LOTUK | Brexit - 10/19/18 - Altis Life

    I will give the accused 24 hours to respond to this @Abdul before i continue with the rotor tap also for combat storing i will need a video from the person initiating since you can't hear anything IG and i can't tell if you are visible to him or not @Sammy Briscoe
  11. Player Report accepted GB Issued to *FeelsGoodMan (76561198165600961) for RDM
  12. in order to prove RDM i need 3 minutes before the first gunshot and how have you attempted to resolve this? @Booya
  13. comp request accepted total comp: £751,100 comp will go through at the 12pm restart
  14. i will give the accused 24 hours to respond
  15. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - [BRG] - 10/17/18 - Altis Life

    you have played on the server now for quite some time and have had been warned about rule-breaks before, then you continued to do this. I don't see how i can trust you not to break more rules so what i am going to do is im going to decline your appeal based on the fact i think you need to serve more time of this ban before you get unbanned