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  1. Ban Appeal Accepted @Atrello i know this was a long time ago - hence why i couldn't find anything else other than "discrimination" please make sure you don't discriminate on phoenix platforms again i will also unban the original TS ban (so it doesn't appear on your forums anymore)
  2. Ban Appeal Accepted in future please tell staff the truth from the beginning
  3. Ban Appeal Accepted i will give you another chance considering this is your 1st verbal abuse issue however i don't want to see this type of thing happening again you will be unbanned on the 25th (14:03:28)
  4. Kiran

    how to

    in your profile put in your birthday when it comes around to that date (aka your birthday) you will get it
  5. i would rather have 8 people who give good RP tho (thats my opinion as harsh as it sounds) back when i first joined the quality of RP was high - then gangs started initiating on everything that moved meaning those people who gave high RP left. I think enough is enough tbh. a while back CB said there will be a balance in combat and RP. ATM i drive down the MSR from kav to CP and i was initiated on too many times with shit RP by the same people....
  6. i don't know about the rest of the server but i would rather have players who have good RP than fill the server with people who will do anything to get a gunfight tbh factions in my opinion seems more like a chore so i can agree (somewhat) on the faction issues - if i go on as cop i have so many rules and things i need to do that it is so utterly boring whereas if i go on as HAVOC or NHS its so much more lenient and therefore enjoyable. it also seems that there isn't as much of an issue that you need friends in high places - maybe im wrong but from what i have seen in NHS and HAVOC thats what i think so far just need to die down on creating so many rules in factions tbh. i play this game for fun - i don't want to have a checklist of to do every-time i even swap to a channel D:
  7. new forum profile song

  8. ok still no response Player Report Declined you made a dispute and waited 20 mins (roughly) to go to support to get a case made meaning in my opinion you haven't tried to resolve this since the accused waited for you in support and left however 20 mins (roughly) after you disputed him you turned up to support @Ghoulie . In future if you dispute someone go to support as soon as you have disputed them On top of this i have given you plenty of time to respond to this report to see if you were willing to accept compensation etc from @Stephan. The fact you didn't respond shows me yet again that you don't really seem to want to resolve this case in future when you dispute someone, go to support as soon as you do it since we can see the time you send it
  9. i will wait another 24 hours to get a reply from @Ghoulie otherwise i will continue with the report
  10. Player Report accepted 5 Day DSC ban issued for combat logging and breaking RP since these are both clearly deliberate and he has been here long enough to know the rules
  11. Player Report Accepted 5 Day ban issued for fleeing to the GZ
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