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  1. Ban Appeal Declined your reason to be unbanned isn't very convincing ; that seems like your feeling could change in the future... i like to play with my friends but that wouldnt justify a reason for why i should be unbanned this, though seems truthfull, doesn't convince me much in all i don't feel convinced you have changed and therefore would only damage the server atm if i was to unban you judging by your reason to be unbanned
  2. player report declined no attempt to resolve
  3. comp request accepted comp will go through at the 4 am restart
  4. @Badger @FoxHound @Theodore player ID: 76561198300941922
  5. Ban Appeal Declined This lacks effort for the rule you broke - i also don't think this would be anything but a negative to the community if i was to accept this appeal therefore like i said above i am declining the appeal
  6. @Stevie Mcfly i can see that Inka no longer has a Huron but there is one in your garage? is that it?
  7. Ban Appeal Accepted i can see that you meant no harm when using this however either way using a auto-clicker is not allowed regardless. Therefore please make sure you have done what you said in removing it / not using it on the server at all. I will add a note saying you have been informed of this so future signs of it will be dealt with
  8. rewrite your answer to this please with more effort
  9. you can't chose how long someone goes to jail for anymore - once you click the button it instant sends
  10. player report accepted - already banned
  11. comp request declined logs are checked for values of 10M+
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