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  1. Kiran

    Im outa here

    ik there is a language barrier but i never knew that there was a difference of how you are expected to treat people over cultures! hope you can learn to not be a hatefull person to others in the future @Niko. no, it has to be 3 years ago 😉 bc i was active...
  2. Kiran

    Im outa here

    been a good time on phoenix however it no longer feels like the community i joined and therefore i do not enjoy it anymore. Best of luck to all and hope you enjoy the rest of your time here! @SpawnTheDeath @Roy @Proxy Smoxy @Max @Wellsy @Fulton been a pleasure being in the staff team (pretty much from the beginning) with you guys! @Kevin thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead the staff team @fisher @Cryant was a blast on FiveM whilst it was around and thanks for helping with things that always pop up with in the team! @Tom Pea try not send an IP grabber in future 😉 @Cat1249 keep doing what you are doing and i guarantee you will move up in the team @Scarso try stay away from those naughty menus. PS: you should ask those who told you about that AC thing to tell you the truth of what happened that day bc they still are hiding from it Im outa here on a flight to Los Santos!
  3. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - Ademulla - 04/13/20 - Forums

    Declined i do not see any forum account that you own as banned if there is a forum ban then send an email to [email protected]
  4. Kiran

    Ban Appeal - Reznov - 04/06/20 - Altis Life

    @Reznov @Don Gallo i'll be on TS later so just give me a pm on the forums when you guys are on and i'll take a look
  5. bank set to; 94,317,968 your licences are still there @fisher or @Stephen will have to take a look at the levels
  6. bank set to 3,640,975 all your licences are back @Stephen or @fisher will have to take a look at the levels
  7. all your licenses are back now aswell
  8. bank set to £3,889,513 will take a look at licences now since they are all gone too - the levels stephen or @fisher are going to have to look at for you
  9. Kiran

    Player Report - snonk Zyn - 04/07/20 - Altis Life

    @Greasy @SonnyLee any update?
  10. you used 2 be able to however it was removed
  11. Kiran

    Event Ideas

    as in like a heli race?
  12. Kiran

    Server dissapeared

    https://prnt.sc/rx2rt1 <-- discord info
  13. Declined you can appeal via the email to appeal a community ban [email protected]
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