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  1. Declined you have 6 bans (which are -2 points each) and 1 warning (-1 point each) so you are currently well below 1 you can appeal your ban when your reputation has increased the spamming doesn't have anything to do with it from what i can see also i thought u said no1 cares about Phoenix.....
  2. JoinedWednesday at 08:20 PM -> you last logged in 01:37:06 14/12/2019 so there has been enough time to play the server so there should be enough to scan through the rules and its due to you having multiple different warnings over the past 6 months (most in the last 3) and a few bans aswell you have 6 bans and one warning.... i think you did something in other-words the system in this case has just caught up with both of you unfortunately due to various reasons. The majority of the community are sitting on 8+ rep points showing that its not unfair or anything, it just means that all your actions (in terms of the rules) are taken into account!
  3. declined Ifrit used gravity against u there! (aka u can see the ifrit move slightly downhill)
  4. buy a scope of ur own or rather than this suggestion - if its rly this much of a problem you can just make factions (both cops and HAVOC) have to pay the same price as civs do to get the scope! but bc a few people dislike non CQB things doesn't mean it should be ruined for those who like it
  5. but from what i could see from a very quick scan of bug reports (may have missed it but don't think so!) there was never an official report meaning it probably slipped through or was forgotten since if its in the bug report area then they can see it 4ever
  6. when som1 makes a bug report about it they can't fix it if they don't know its broke!
  7. This is your ID: 76561198157323808 All T5/CB's must be appealed via the email (it will appear shortly on ur screen) Declined
  8. I will accept this appeal based on the fact you said you won't use it again if you do want to use a VPN then please read this on top of this it is extremely unlikely you would be DDOSed by Phoenix Staff since its only Staff Leads and above who can view the IPs -> therefore if you use our platforms your IP is safe since its highly regulated and every action is logged! see that post above for more info about your personal data
  9. i would say no to the discount bc with the gang type you can get 15% off weapons i think and so another 15-20% off is a bit OP
  10. Ban Appeal Declined This is because of there being no effort whatsoever in this appeal just to add you are banned for the following; VDM, NLR and No Microphone re-appeal when you want to put the effort in
  11. as in if some1 VDMs you? bc that has been suggested and declined multiple times....
  12. Comp Accepted for the Diamonds, MXM however the rest i can't see in that video and so i will not be issuing comp for it total comp: £1,650,000 comp will go through at the next restart
  13. Accepted player already banned for mass VDM so i will be adding this ban onto the existing one
  14. you can get more slots by prestigeing i have 7 slots atm (at least that i can remember of)
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