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  1. not if you get like 5 m above the ground[prob lower]....OBVIOUSLY HIGHER use common sence why tf would they be asking for it if its already there.you can only jump out of a pilot seat when your very low to the ground there talking bout removing that somehow and making so u can jump at any alt duffosssss
  2. if u would read the stuffs u would know there talking about jumping out as a pilot mid flight
  3. Its the game....that wont allow you to jump out not a plugin or script...
  4. ur on the events team.. ? lol
  5. i like how this threat went from a suggestion to tfu/ EX tfu trying to talk smack bout havoc If u wana talk shit talk it somewhere els this is a place for improvments and good ideas
  6. Name -Pierce k Age -15 --16 soon Hours on Arma 3 (Minimum 500 hours +) -2,5k Steam ID - 76561198174695934 Previous Experience - Cops,Venom,SFG,Atlas, (currently in havoc) What you Can bring to the group (Min 5+ points) -Good flying skills,clear comms,being mature,and somewhat shoot and I bring a lot of memes Why do you want to join Venom? (Min 20+ words) -idk it sounds fun I met a lot of people back in the old venom and it was quite fun so why not give it another try Why Should we accept you (Min 120+ words) -Well I was in the gang before im quite active when im having fun aslong as its not a job,im quite mature but I like the occasional fuck about.i was in the gang before matty went bye bye so I know a descent ammout of people from it.and well overall there aren't any good gangs that I would be interested in so I wana join good old venom.I also have descent flying skills and don't like furries and I like memes and well mostly ik what im doing on the server as ive been playing on there for quite bit now and ive been in both factions cops g havoc (currently) so ive got a lot of experience and im great at rp I also like to make cakes I also like maple syrup Can Anyone In The Gang Vouch For You? - maybe idk prob not
  7. SOLD to hades sorry Artyon 29 mins isn't that much time ago
  8. 8 pm uk time today is end date sorry
  9. Item name:DMS Screenshot:cba rn sorry Starting bid>200k Min increase 50k End date 20:00 uk UTC London today so 2 hours left
  10. tell me ur price and ill try to match
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