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  1. Pierce

    Hayvoc newest gems

    Doubt it
  2. Pierce

    Hayvoc newest gems

    noice another post and more salty cops here loving it
  3. Pierce

    People take this game too seriously

    Surprised he didn't get swatted by his neighbors yet "I GOT A HOSTAGE" imagine what the neigbors think xD
  4. Pierce

    A New Meme Is Born

    idk his true intentions but as I understand it hes making a joke based on previous units sco/ct etc as they sure they were good at combat but very toxic and were bending the rules all the time and they say "new unit" and his joke is bassicly that its the same unit that's how I understand it and prob how he meant it don't think hes really trying start "shit" hes just making a joke
  5. Pierce

    A New Meme Is Born

    yikes a lot of salty cops here
  6. Pierce

    What Police do when there is no1 to catch

    This is painfull but funny to watch
  7. Pierce

    Pierce Knuckle Is a Bot

    Atleast I don't decide to throw nades under team mates feet like u do (I also can atleast shoot straight)
  8. Pierce

    Pierce Knuckle Is a Bot

    @mattyp plz ban
  9. Pierce

    The real identity of jack black

    ye hes been lying this hole time 😕
  10. Pierce

    The real identity of jack black

    Its been a voice changer all along
  11. Pierce

    The real identity of jack black

    Nothing against u jacky boo ❤️ love you man just tough its funny
  12. Pierce

    Ancient Roleplayer

    @Harley the ancient roleplayer was talking to him over a hour and a half at cp great guy !! much love ❤️
  13. Pierce

    the best roleplayer

    ❤️ Thanks man
  14. nvm I GOT THEM NVM Close the comp req my mistake
  15. Time Submitted: 10:48:55 PM | 12/26/18 Submitted By: Pierce (3125) In-Game Name: Pierce Knuckle Steam / Player ID: 76561198174695934 Date of Event: 12/26/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): Logs Details of Event: Well all of my lisences r gone i had advanced and rebel etc around 28 mil with all of the processing things etc (not sure about the number tho could be wrong) i just came from my christmas holiday so i heard some bug happend to everyone also happend to me :\ Compensation Amount: 28 mil (not sure exactly) Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.