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  1. Pierce

    Faction Commands

    u bet
  2. Pierce

    Faction Commands

  3. Pierce

    Realistic day night cycle

    +1 its a pain in gun fights driving flying + with the fog now its impossible to see Having a logner day would be better but I would"nt remove it completly
  4. Pierce

    Bring back dms

    Oh ye true by adding dms"s ur fps drop to like 2
  5. Pierce

    Bring back dms

    @MANAGMENT everyone is +1 plz add
  6. Pierce

    Bring back dms

    very funny cant compare a dms to a cyrus and mar-10 and yes decamping is getting quite boring like would really love to see more dms and i bet it would even bring back old players even new ones
  7. Pierce

    Bring back dms

    I have a idea lets just keep it in this time and everyone crying about roaches u tell em well its apart of the game deal with it learn how to counter it its not too hard
  8. Pierce

    Bring back dms

    Now BEFORE u all start calling me a roach and shit and saying no cuz its for roaches well its apart of the game and dms are actually good and add a lot of extra things to do in big gunfights like banks and armories etc like u can have a sniper role in havoc and cops actually adds some things also its just like only close/medium range combat with people just running around the place shooting or camping deerstands close range make them like 300k make em expensive but like give us the option to buy em cuz I miss sniping sometimes and well cant do much with the arco.Like long range combat is quite fun (plz don't bully me)
  9. Pierce

    Pierce at the club

    AH u remembered when we met babes, that was a sexy night back then
  10. Pierce

    BSB massive yikes

    Thank u I feel a bit better about myself now xD
  11. Pierce

    BSB massive yikes

    frato ur a idiot reee e e im also a bit mad but I accept my fate im happy I hit the bench once with two fps cuz had to put my view distance up
  12. Pierce


    u will be missed
  13. Pierce


    what a roleplayer
  14. Pierce

    Fleur Knight for next PM

    ye cuz I smashed my BIG CHUNGUS for 6 months straight illegaly