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  1. Andy Wick

    Veteran Tag

    Just because you weren't one of the first 100
  2. Andy Wick

    Veteran Tag

    maybe a tag on ts and on the forums too
  3. Andy Wick

    Veteran Tag

    yer, something that the real OG's remember
  4. Andy Wick

    Veteran Tag

    Definitely just first 100
  5. Andy Wick

    Veteran Tag

  6. Andy Wick

    I got banned and I don't know the reason

  7. Andy Wick

    Heli crashing

    http://plays.tv/video/5b6984b40db06e38a8/magic As you can see, Cheeki got kicked from the game and the heli plummeted to the ground and blew up yet I was completely unscathed.
  8. Andy Wick

    Heli crashing

    It happened to me yesterday too, I'll try and get a recording sorted
  9. Andy Wick

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    Name: Wickers Age: 19 Hours on Roblox: Not enough Hours on Arma: 1475 Games you have considered "laddy": Scrabble past run ins with the rozzas: not enough Opinions on Brexit: Brexit means brexit Do you watch Love Island? : nah mate Do you play Minecraft: come on who doesn't Whats your whip status: you mean whipped status? how long haven't I been here writing this coz shes at work Pass times you like to do: shag the missus Is it coming home ?: what's coming home? ethnicity: white as fuck Would u get a skin head ?: I want to keep my hair for as long as possible
  10. Andy Wick

    Player Report - Dimitri Donkov - 02/24/18 - Altis Life

    Resolved in support, please close
  11. Andy Wick

    JasperChans Noodle Shop

    I want to come get da noodle
  12. Andy Wick

    Gang Bases

    +1 Put it back to what it was
  13. Andy Wick

    Thomas white as community manager

    Yer -1 I'm sure its not just lab and I who have had problems with him in and out of cops and game. Remember the time when he used to report pretty much everyone for the smallest rule breaks. If you dont remember here's a small selection https://phoenixrp.co.uk/search/?&q=player report&type=forums_topic&author=Thomas White&nodes=8,64,65 I think he doesn't have the maturity nor the experience in the community to pretty much lead this community.
  14. Andy Wick

    The time has come....

    BS, bring back SOCA as NCA and just went through all the docs and replaced SOCA with NCA. I know how it works, I was the one who turned NIU into SOCA. Also what changes do management need to make
  15. Andy Wick

    The time has come....

    Its not up to management to fix cops, its up to the APC command. Just because no-one in command I've seen can be bothered to do something to change the cops doesn't mean that the server is shit or that management cant be bothered to do something. Its up to the cops to fix the cops. When I was a high ranking cop and was friends with the other high ranking cops we would all re-do SOP's and handbooks and it would all be finalized with all of the command members apart from one who was away. But then as soon as this command member was back he would just over-rule all of the other command members. Nothing could be changed unless you went to this command member directly and if he was away nothing could change.