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  1. Andy Wick

    delete this

    - Number of hours (SS needed) 1710 - Bank Balance 45mil - Age 19 - Country UK - Previous Gangs Vanqueef - Vouches Daddy, Jayyy, everyone - Steam ID 76561198071073460 - Are you in a faction I'm not gey
  2. Andy Wick

    Server issues..

    Thank you. Keep PhoenixRP how it should be. I'm glad the people in the highest position have got their heads screwed on the right way.
  3. Andy Wick

    Phoenix Overwatch Team

    Battle.net tag: Dabull#21720 Are you level 25?: Ye Boi Are you endorsement level 2?: Probably? Haven't plaid much since that update but definitely willing to get back into it properly. Prefered role: Support/DPS SR Rating: Average around 2000 Main team or reserve: Main Which heroes can you play well: Lucio, Junkrat, Reaper, Zenyatta, Wrecking Ball
  4. Andy Wick

    Make SCO19 into a response unit

    This exactly
  5. Andy Wick

    Roleplay faction.....

    CT ≠ SCO
  6. Andy Wick

    Roleplay faction.....

    Luckily for you, CTSFO has been disbanded and is no more.
  7. Andy Wick

    Flying Quilin :)

  8. Andy Wick

    Mass Unban

    -1 Just keep everyone who is banned, banned. They were banned for a reason and most of them have the option to attempt to appeal their ban. If they can't be bothered to do that, then they definitely shouldn't be unbanned.
  9. Andy Wick

    Cya Nerds

  10. Andy Wick

    Cya Nerds

    they bitch deserves the disappointment when I tell her
  11. Andy Wick

    Cya Nerds

    I could just accidentally put it on here
  12. Andy Wick

    Cya Nerds

    Apparently not when she texts me that she misses me. RIP
  13. Andy Wick

    Cya Nerds

    thank fuck. I can't lose you too 😪
  14. Andy Wick

    Cya Nerds

    Kazz? Dad? We're the real Phoenix OG's. Don't forget the good old times.
  15. Andy Wick

    APC Gear

    There are two main tactics that the APC uses together to maximize the chances of "winning" a situation. That being negotiations and then as you said being ultra aggressive. The reason why we use these tactics is because over time we have developed them to give us the biggest advantage. Ultra aggression actually seems to work for the APC and it does seem to lose us the least officers in a situation. You may only experience the ultra aggressive officers in combat but what you don't see is all of the other supporting officers getting info and spotting. You'd be surprised how often hellcats are used with the camera to give us the best chance when we do have enough time to get the resources to that situation. In the end, we use tactics that have developed and evolved over time to give us the best chance in situations. Not because we don't care about gear, but because we lose the least amount of gear doing it this way. The things cops hate the most is re-gearing if we get killed. Anyway, shouldn't cops losing their life be more important than losing gear. As we are an RP server this should be the main problem not money. What I mean is we should value RP over money and so I think the whole point of this thread is a bit off as it shows that people don't really care about cops losing their lives but they care about cops getting free gear.