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  1. 2 Years here at PhoenixRP.

    I thought it was time to give something back.

    Thanks guys

  2. Andy Wick

    Back bois

    oh yes
  3. Andy Wick

    Back bois

  4. Andy Wick

    TS Tags

    Just ranks please
  5. Andy Wick

    Teamspeak icons ranks

    Just bring back ranks please
  6. Andy Wick

    Cops enforcing laws on havoc lands?

    Most of the time, cops will talk to havoc before we go through the border. I normally ask them if we can go through and they will ask us why we are chasing them. Sometimes the people we are chasing also break havoc laws so the havoc members may let us through with no problem. We may also go after the same person - this is not us working with havoc, but is simply working towards a common goal. Capturing the people who have broken our laws in our lands and sanctioning them however we see fit. So, we rarely go into havoc lands if we have not been permitted to by havoc. Sometimes we do because of a special situation or maybe we are not on the best terms with havoc at the time. But the majority of my experiences travelling into havoc lands as a police officer has been with the permission of havoc.
  7. Andy Wick

    PhoenixRP Wallpaper

    Yes Michael
  8. Andy Wick

    TB to nick batsback

    unban plox
  9. Andy Wick

    New Perk / First Aid While Downed

    I believe he means slow bleed out. There should never be anything to let you receive yourself
  10. Andy Wick


    you're in a position of power, you have to be serious all the time, you're not allowed to have fun