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  1. [ARR] Little T [FORECON]

    Remove speeding double punishment

  2. [ARR] Little T [FORECON]

    Bring back sniper scopes

    Fair point but the snipers job is not only to take out targets but also to give intel to your gang about their suroundings (This in its self is a roleplay opertunity for the sniper) but with that feature removed there is no longer a variity and any situation will have to be dealt with in close combat. Here is an example (you and your gang are holding up a person. Before that persons communications were siezed he managed to call for help, there are now three guys converging on his position the sniper spots two of them moving in from behind and gives intel to a member that is there present. The person moves towards the guys that are sneaking up and tells them that if they do not put their hands up they will be shot as they are surrounded by a sniper.)
  3. [ARR] Little T [FORECON]

    Bring back sniper scopes

    i meant in terms of cartels should have specified
  4. [ARR] Little T [FORECON]

    Bring back sniper scopes

    As of the latest update i have noticed that all sniper scopes have been removed from the game. Why is this? and also could we bring them back as it limits combat gameplay .