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  1. Cyber Freak

    Phoenix Home Button

    Still +1
  2. Cyber Freak


    Its fine the way it is in my opinion. No need for this.
  3. Cyber Freak

    Thanks Phoenix! It has been fun.

    Bye 😪 ❤️❤️
  4. Cyber Freak


    @Matt Black Excuse me....The MD's are not Max and NICK, Its Max and CYBER
  5. Cyber Freak


    Welcome to PhoenixRP! HAVOC are a rebel faction that control one part of the island. They make sure that their side of the island is controlled correctly, they is done through checking illegal spots and making sure no one is doing anything illegal and such. They have a certain amount of slots which is why the recruitment process is on hold at the moment. That means you can apply but your applications wont be looked at until the process is open again. APC and AMS are all open at the moment so feel free to apply for them if you like. (AMS best faction to start with) If you got any more questions feel free to ask and we will be happy to answer them.
  6. Cyber Freak

    Yeh we did it in kav pd

    Family Friendly Content.
  7. Cyber Freak

    Cyber Freak

    Thanks @Proxy Smoxy @Sean Raven
  8. Cyber Freak

    Cyber Freak

    Thanks for that! ❤️
  9. ur a fucking baller

  10. Cyber Freak

    When you look at second monitor while your flying.

    You sound like a monkey at the start 😂
  11. Cyber Freak

    Disappearing Medic markers

    By any chance does the pop up come up but the people are not on the map? Also, when you do find those people do they have the downed marker on them at all or just nothing? A bug like this existed 2 weeks ago but I thought it was fixed. @Pingster
  12. Cyber Freak

    this dude needs to shut up

    Its iconic, leave the voice alone 😂 -1
  13. Cyber Freak

    medic vs havoc

    Thought about it a lot then got inspired by another faction I think.