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  1. Cyber Freak

    Alexander #1 or 2

    That's some sick frags dude 😍
  2. You need to chill out dude

  3. Oh its been a year since I joined. Didn't notice

  4. Cyber Freak

    Mass Unban?

    Community board bans is not what I was referring to.
  5. Cyber Freak

    Mass Unban?

    Don't see why people who are banned can't just make an appeal.
  6. Cyber Freak

    Something needs to change

    I don't know what this is about at this point so just going to make myself clear I just enforce the rules, I don't target or try to get everyone banned. If you talk to anyone they would tell you I would always resort to a ban last unless I 100% am sure they need it from their record or the type of rule break it is. If someone has a problem on how the admin or admins are dealing with situations, report it to the STAFF LEADS as they are the STAFF LEADS. They are there to take this sort of feedback and work with you to fix it. Complaining on the forums will not do anything so go to the STAFF LEADS to sort problems with STAFF.
  7. Cyber Freak

    Something needs to change

    You may think sometimes DSC needs to be used more and we agree. However, admins have access to the person's profile and we can see their history. Most of the time, if we don't give a DSC, its because of their profile notes,bans etc. We give a lot of chances before we go to GB as we know we are removing you the access to play on the server so we use a GB as a last resort. People may think admins are becoming ban hungry because we use too many GB's but that is just not true as we always go for a DSC first unless their record is not good or the rule break is serve.
  8. Cyber Freak

    Something needs to change

    You should report the ones doing it wrong, "General" doesn't say much.
  9. Cyber Freak

    Something needs to change

    I don't know which admins you are referring to but I just enforce the rules. I will never just ban people because I can, I would take the most fair option when it comes to that sort of stuff. If I see a rule broken, I will take action there depending on the person and the rule broken. Admins are suppose to enforce the rules so if you think one is doing it wrong, go to staff lead
  10. Cyber Freak

    Ban Appeal - butch - 01/28/19 - Altis Life

    Okay I have decided today to unban you as this was 5 months ago and I hope you have used this time to reflect on your mistakes. However, I need to inform you of the new RDM rule which states that roleplay isn't initiation. This means you need to give some sort of roleplay before you actually initiate now. Remember this! Anyways, please let this be your last ban. Ban Appeal Accepted! Locked & Moved
  11. Cyber Freak

    Player Report - SS_science - 01/30/19 - Altis Life

    I understand that he didn't come to teamspeak. However, the video must be 3 minutes since you died for it to be RDM. Due to this, I am forced to decline this report. Locked & Moved
  12. Cyber Freak

    Player Report - SS_science - 01/30/19 - Altis Life

    After reviewing the evidence, it is clear that the video shows RDM. However, do you have video on 3 minutes before you were executed? This is because initiation last for 3 minutes so I need to confirm this was indeed RDM and not a carried over initiation. @{MARKA} ivanovsky
  13. After reviewing the evidence, I will be adding a Game Ban for Standard RP + Combat Logging to this person on top of their 7 day ban. Action Taken! Locked & Moved
  14. Cyber Freak

    Player Report - SS_science - 01/30/19 - Altis Life

    The accused has 24 hours to respond to this report.
  15. Going to reopen this report due to the ban issued being only a discretion. Give me some time to review the evidence and support case.