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  1. From the looks of it this seems to be an arma 3 glitch. Sadly we don't comp those sort of things as seen below. Arma 3 glitches are something we can't control meaning we can't comp it. Because of that, I need to decline this comp request. Locked & Moved
  2. Do you have video of how you got into that position to die like that? @Nixon
  3. @ScouserTom and I have decided to bring back ACF with the blessing of @JasperChan himself. We are happy to be back again and things are going to be different this time as we have cut down the ranks to 6 instead of 9. This allows us to more organised and we have also got better support with bringing all members together now. All the work isn't done yet to get the gang fully started yet as I need to finish the new roster, redesign the discord. However, we are looking for new members to join ACF. We are not doing forum applications anymore and will be using a google form as the official application. We will contact you if you get accepted on teamspeak or in-game. We expect to be fully functioning again by Monday so we will see you around! CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW!
  4. In your profile settings, possible it may be a donator thing.
  5. Cyber Freak

    Bye, again.

    Sad to see you go dude ☹️ We still are going to play star citizen again Goodluck to you
  6. No one cares if you spam 3^, blah blah.  its legit just a small circle of people who think its doing something. Please be more mature, thanks. 

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    2. Cyber Freak

      Cyber Freak

      Mate I really don't give a flying fuck what people say about 3^ whoever but I am stating this now because I see it almost every day and its just annoying seeing that childish behaviour from people looking for attention. If you want to play with your friends then go play with them and don't get yourself banned then complain about getting banned after. Grow up and be mature. Thanks :)


      We all play with our friends here but we don't spam everywhere just to get attention about playing with them when they get banned. No one cares and just comment on those posts because they are annoyed about seeing it every time someone they like gets themselves banned. 

    3. ivy


      is it really that hard to just ignore it?

    4. Cyber Freak

      Cyber Freak

      I mean we all have been doing that for ages. Just due to recent messages about this topic, I couldn't ignore it this time.

  7. He got people on Fiverr to vote.
  8. I feel like this is rigged
  9. NAHHHHHHH Denied Locked & Moved
  10. YesSSSSSSS vel, you got my vote!
  11. +1 for offering to fight everyone
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