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  1. Alexander

    is this CuberDuck? @Nizwald

    1. Nizwald


      Yes this is CuberFruck

  2. Cyber Freak

    Signing off - Cyber Freak

    Well after almost 2 years, I am leaving this community due to focusing on my life more, meaning I got less time than I used to have. Been a blast and loved everything about this community ever since I first started and met some great people on here too. Apologies if I don't tag you but theres so many people to tag. Firstly I wanna tag @Ace Boyden @Neon and @Max for being the OG medic boys who helped me make a start in this community. I know neon doesn't play on here anymore but aw well. @Alexander for being the most laid back and chilled dude ever and giving me a start in support years ago. @Zinner for actually accepting me into the staff team and giving me the opportunity to reach this far basically. (him and alex still best staff leads) @R Finch remember the medic days, such a great time. @Roy @SpawnTheDeath can't forget about the best dutch chuckle brothers around. Keep the community heated please, very entertaining @Cobra★ 3rd favourite dutch person, also very chill. @Nizwald keep the peace dude, keep the peace @Paddy McCarthy suppose you are a decent irish person @Mike Brooks keep being so easy to chat to @Hector known you for ages, keep being you dude ❤️ @Peter. you still learning, haha jokes (maybe) @Wellsy one of the chillest admins about jeez @Fulton don't join pbj or there will be riot @Proxy Smoxy can't forget those days we sat in the on duty channels waiting for support cases lmao @JasperChan ill see you again at some point, bloody message me @Tom Pea even though you annoying, its good annoying sometimes @Matt lmao @Cake Such a funny dude, keep at it bro The rest know who they are, keep being great everyone. Can't forget the guys behind the scenes making the server as good as it is @SKY @Zyn @Scarso keep at it guys, server wouldn't be this popular without you. @Stephen I think I wont be needing the events team stuff anymore haha, been a good run @Cryant Coming back if RedM comes back @fisher Was told to call you a fake farmer, no clue why @Kevin You really got something here 😂 Also, thanks to the current staff leads @Max, @Kiran and @Proxy Smoxy for being so hard working, you guys are great. No idea how you handle it all Now got some images to share of my time here: Alright, thats me. Have a good one everyone!
  3. Comp Request Accepted! 180k will be added to your account at the 12PM restart. Locked & Moved
  4. Cyber Freak

    Ban Appeal - Puffy - 01/19/20 - Altis Life

    If you want to be unbanned so much, please put a lot more effort into your appeal instead of 3 short sentences. Ban Appeal Denied Locked & Moved
  5. Cyber Freak

    Its time......

    Cya bro, thanks for being the most easy going dude ever.
  6. Cyber Freak

    where do i sign up to become a medic

    https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/4-nhs-application If you are accepted or declined, you will get a forum message. Goodluck!
  7. Cyber Freak

    Altis Life Suggestions - hands up initaiton

    What's the problem in saying "Or else you will be shot"? Am I missing something?
  8. Cyber Freak

    Cyber Freak

    Apologies for not having an event post yet for Thursdays planned event. Still working out what it should be. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cyber Freak

      Cyber Freak

      We just did that ?‍♂️I like to keep my events fresh and large scale but this next one might not be.

    3. Tom Pea

      Tom Pea

      I just thought it was an original idea, can't believe someone got there first

    4. John Wolf

      John Wolf

      What about a skyjump ? Admins could set a "joint" spawn in kavala beach, and than fly with a blackfish the higher it can take us the better ? 

  9. Cyber Freak


  10. Cyber Freak

    Is Sponsor Worth it?

    I always spawn there and never get robbed, can't relate ?
  11. Cyber Freak

    Altis Server Mini-Event: Cyber Monday

    Event finished, thanks to everyone who showed up. Archived
  12. Cyber Freak

    Altis Server Mini-Event: Cyber Monday

    PhoenixRP Cyber Monday Deals Ready to save some money? Want to get a great bargain? PhoenixRP is about to provide! How it will work? The Mini-Event will be hosted by a couple of members from the events team. The Mini-Event will start at kavala square and admins/members of the events team will be standing inside the Molon Labe. (As seen in the image above) Customers will line up and choose what they want from our stock and we will give them a really good price for the item such as 90% of the original price. There will be only a limited amount of stock available so only 1 item per customer. (This may change if there is stock left) What's Available? We plan to have more Mini-Events like this in the future but remember this isn't a large scale event that we normally have every 2 weeks. When? The Event will take place on Monday 02/12/2019 at 6:00 PM GMT, Staff will notify you in-game as well. We hope to see you all at the event! Thanks, Events Team
  13. If you look at our compensation rules, you will see: Here are the things we do not accept as a Valid Compensation Request: Arma 3 glitches out of our control. In this case, we can't accept this request as its an amra 3 glitch and that's something we can't comp for sadly. This means I have to deny this request. Locked & Moved
  14. Cyber Freak

    Altis Server Event: Battle Royale 3.0

    Event went well. Congratulations to the following winners: 1st: Folabi Shagger and Bunfungo Got 15 million each 2nd: greta Got 15 million to himself3rd: Bust Jen Got 5 million to himself We increased the prize money last minute so more people will show up. The next two events are seasonal based so thats something to look forward to. See you then! Archived
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