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  1. Alright I will finish this report now. Afer reviewing the evidence, it is clear the accused did RDM however no attempt was made to resolve this situation a part from a dispute it seems. Due to this, I will be only be banning the accused for 24 hours and will try to contact him regarding this report. We aim to resolve situation first before banning people so this is why the ban is so short. Next time try to attempt to resolve the situation by making a support case out of it. Player Report Actioned Locked & Moved
  2. Did you make a support case at all? If so, who was the support member involved?
  3. It has been 24 hours now and the accused has still not responded to this report. This means I will be going further into this report. However, before going doing that I will ask you to attempt to solve this in support first as player reports like this is the last option. You did dispute him in-game but never made a support case about it from the looks of it. I will give you 24 hours to make an attempt to make a support case with the accused before going further into this report. @Timothy Bowen
  4. The accused has 24 hours to respond to this report.
  5. Cyber Freak


    We look for rulebreaks before approving on the videos section as the rules state the videos can't show rulebreaks. If anyone could post what they want without approval, it will be a mess for admins to look through them all as the posts will be bumped and moved around.
  6. Cyber Freak


    Ok? We don't have to follow what other servers do. If you want to post something that doesn't meet the rules on that section of the forums, then post it in memes or comedy.
  7. Cyber Freak


    We need to approve them as we need to make sure the rules are met.
  8. Cyber Freak


    Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy yourself here. I orignally came from Garrys mod as well so I know what its like. Arma 3 is a quite different playstyle for roleplay server but better in my opinion. If you need anything or have questions, feel free to ask!
  9. I got a tick, offically part of the circle. 

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    2. Roy


      i want to become this hot please help me...

    3. Stephen


      Time to circle jerk boys!

    4. Michael
  10. As David has already said on your other ban appeal: Ban info - Expires: 2019-07-15 21:08:03 This means you wont be unbanned until 9:08PM GMT today. Declined Locked & Moved
  11. It has now been over 24 hours since this report went up and the accused has failed to respond so I will be moving this report forward. After reviewing the evidence, it is clear that the accused tried to purposly ram into the vehicle as he had enough time to move around the vehicle to avoid the VDM. This is a clear rulebreak of VDM that I can see. Because of this, I will be issueing a ban on the accused for 7 days. DSC Ban 7 Days isssued for VDM. Locked & Moved
  12. I will be giving the accused 24 hours to respond to this report. Try to get him back into support in the next 24 hours to make another attempt to resolve this.
  13. You would need to be on the server to get that info spawn, I have a suspicion this is made up.
  14. If you don't have trust in the admin team then why would they be admins in the first place? If shady shit went down then it will be quickly discovered.
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