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  1. Not true, last time we did it we only had around 10 cops who took part in the transport.
  2. We recently had a Gold Transport, and we'll most likely do more small events like that one. Just want to say, they will always be unannounced. So they will not be ''official'' events that are announced on the forums, but occur ingame every now and then when it's the right time.
  3. You mean something simular as an airdrop? But then a truck with gold that spawns in @Josh .? We already do small events now and then as APC, for example a Gold Transport or a Weapon transport.
  4. Would love a Tanoa server, but I think it's smarter if we open a second server with the new map that comes out in a month. Anyway, we would have no to little competition with a UK Tanoa life server, so a big +1 from me.
  5. There was no clear initiation on these guys and you did not value your life. You refused to come to support to resolve this. You have a ban history and you've been warned multiple times for rulebreaks. Seems like you are not interested in following our server rules @Joeker9912. You are receiving a Game Ban from Altis Life. Player report Accepted. Locked & Moved
  6. I'm giving BXT JOE 24 hours to respond to this and explain his side of the story.
  7. @Mikey Munchy, I need the 3 minutes before the gunfight started (video needs to include the start of the gunfight), can you get me that?
  8. Seen it already, looks absolutely amazing. Let's hope the actual gameplay is amazing as well.
  9. Hi @Mikey Munchy, Could you provide me with that full 5 minute video to make sure there was no initiation on your friend who was incapacitated on the ground? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Luco, What are you going to do to make sure this does not happen again? The admin who banned you did not think you had any interests in roleplaying and following our server rules, you had a ban and a warning before, you did not show up on teamspeak to solve the situation in support...
  11. Compensation request Accepted. 450.000 pounds will be in your bank account by the next server restart. Locked & Moved.
  12. Jesse Johnson

    Bye, again.

    Sean, we were like right wing and left wing politicians within police board, the completely opposite of what we stand for and most of the times we disagreed on eachother. But there is something we have in common, we both dedicate(d) our lives to the APC and I want to thank you for that. You didn't always do the right thing, but you worked your ass off and I appreciate that a lot. We also had good moments and had a laugh now and then. Let's remember those times as well.. I wish you luck in the future and let's hope you find what you're looking for. You'll do good. 💪
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