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  1. Jesse Johnson

    Gave away 2.5mil o.O

    Helping eachother out, I like to see that 😉
  2. Jesse Johnson

    Reduce Lag

  3. Jesse Johnson

    Cops pay for 7.62

    In that case we could remove the high cal guns for rebels aswell right? Just saying :P
  4. Jesse Johnson

    Cops pay for 7.62

    Lot's of people are saying, cops do not value their live. I've been robbed/taken hostage 5 times yesterday because I do value my live, If there are officers that don't: Take it to command.. In my eyes, most rebels are always looking for a gunfight or a robbery, when I put my weapon on my back to roleplay with rebels, all they do is taking me hostage or rob me. If you lose a gunfight with cops, don't always put it to ''Not valuing lives''. Police already have too many restrictions, and it would be ridiculous if this gets added. As I said before, deal with the small amount of police officers that have 7.62 rifles... Because you don't see them that frequently...
  5. Jesse Johnson

    Cops pay for 7.62

    I'd like to give my opinion on this. First of all, you need to be a high rank in the police to get a 7.62 rifle (Or be part of CTSFO), which means there are only a few police officers walking around with that type of weapons. Almost every rebel we see has got a 7.62 rifle, and the majority of the cops are equipped with a 5.56 or lower. We Officers value our life, It's part of the server/police rules. I've seen someone on this post saying: It's a roleplay faction on a roleplay server, so why do they need high tier weapons? It's true, we are a roleplay faction, but as I already said: Almost every rebel we see is walking around with 7.62 rifles, and we are the ones that need to protect ourselves and other civilians against those people. ''Then dont get 7.62 hahah...'' In my eyes you just don't want to get killed/downed by cops, and kill them instead. I think you just want to be stronger than police, which y'all (Rebels) mostly already are. As I said, the Majority of the police is equipped with 5.56 rifles which is already pretty unfair when you always have to defend yourself against people with 7.62 rifles. Just deal with the small number of police officers that have acces to 7.62 rifles, because you won't see them that frequently.
  6. Jesse Johnson

    Suggestion - Highways Agency

    I really like the idea, it would add some extra roleplay to the server. And the police won't be so busy anymore with impounding abandoned vehicles the whole time. +1
  7. Jesse Johnson

    Player Report - [SUP] Hawx | [SUP] Chuck | SUP gang - 02/13/18

    @Alex KingWe've already been in support and this has already been handled with a Staff Member. So I dont really have to add anything to this case.