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  1. Jesse Johnson

    Blindfold for Rebels

    I like it alot, but Lucanova has a point. 🤔💡
  2. Jesse Johnson

    SCO19 meme

    Ryan Wilson getting personally congratulated by Lewis Jones after killing a hobo
  3. Jesse Johnson

    SCO19 meme

    I like the effort xD 😂
  4. Jesse Johnson

    Mass Unban

    Yes the amount of people playing on the server decreased, but the server's population is picking up again, we will get back to the old numbers we had. People are banned for a reason, it's to protect the community from those who are breaking rules all the time. To prevent the community members/players from getting a bad experience because of them (rulebreakers). Unbanning everyone is not going to lead in an overall good result.
  5. Jesse Johnson


    F, That doesn't look good 😂
  6. Jesse Johnson

    AMS | What can we improve?

    This doesn't have anything to do with the activity within the AMS, but it's still a point medics could improve on. I've seen it alot lately, medics reviving someone before the 3 minutes past of the last shot being fired. Even when you shoot in the air to let them know it's not safe yet, they continue with the process. Most of the times it were low ranks, paramedics for example. Mistakes happen, but this occurs too many times. I don't know where the problem comes from, but it may have something to do with the trainings they get. I'd say talk about it at the weekly AMS meeting, and let them know this shouldn't happen. Just a tip! Sincerely, Jesse Johnson
  7. Jesse Johnson

    Ban Appeal - Robert Vendetti (A-Team) - 10/26/18 - Altis Life

    This is your second ban for RDM, and you've got one extra warning for the same rulebreak. I'm going to give you an extra chance, but don't let me regret that. Make sure to read all the rules again before you go on the server, and don't ever let any of this happen again! This could be your last chance, don't waste that.. Ban appeal Accepted, Locked & Moved.
  8. Jesse Johnson

    Spike Strip Hotkey

    +1 I like the idea!
  9. Jesse Johnson

    Ephedrine Field?

  10. Jesse Johnson

    Teamspeak icons ranks

  11. Jesse Johnson

    Ban Appeal - Yaboi - 10/10/18 - Altis Life

    Hi Alex (YaBoi), It seems like you don't really understand our rules, and why you got banned. You broke the following rule: 4.7 Hostility Towards Medics – Medics may not be robbed, killed or taken hostage for any reason. Medic’s are also not permitted to rob, kill or take any hostages. Which can be found here: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/altisliferules . If you think someone, in this case a medic, VDM's you on purpose, you can dispute them and take them to support. But killing a medic, is never allowed. I'm not going to accept this ban appeal, as you already had previous warnings for RDM, shooting in a greenzone and killing a medic. The second reason is because I don't think you are fully aware of the rules, which is very important when we let you back on our server. [Ban Appeal Declined] I'm going to ask you to read over our server rules and make sure you know them all. Feel free to re-appeal when you're sure you won't break rules again. and convince us in that appeal 😉 Good Luck! Locked & Moved
  12. Jesse Johnson

    APC | Handbook Revisions

    Altis Police Constabulary | Police Handbook ** Added Police Ride-Along rules ** Handbook Revision 22 - Handbook
  13. Jesse Johnson

    Joining the server voice.

    What about my voice? 🤣
  14. Jesse Johnson

    Kavala Cafe Speed Dating

    Ill attend! When is it? 😁