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  1. What I mean is, have you taken this case to support on teamspeak before you wrote this player report on the forums?
  2. Interesting 🤣 Guess I'll start with a 500k bid for my own beret.
  3. I'm going to ask you to come to my office in Kavala tomorrow, to have a meeting. We are fully capable to protect our civilians. We're not accepting this. Commissioner J. Johnson. Altis Police Constabulary.
  4. The Altis Police is more than capable to protect it's civilians. This has not been approved by police board and will not be enforced. I will have a meeting with the Governor.
  5. Hi @drbkh, Who was the support member that helped you? It doesn't seem like you disputed him, I can't find a logged support case about this as well.
  6. This is actually hilarious 🤣
  7. Misconduct from cops, no roleplay from cops and general complaints about them seems like a frequent topic on the forums. Instead of complaining on this platform, which is basically NOT going to do anything.. Go to one of the PCC rooms on Teamspeak, and REPORT the officer. For everyone who thinks APC command doesn't care, we do.. We always tell our members to both provide and reward roleplay, but we CAN NOT do anything about disregard of our standards if it DOES NOT get reported. 

  8. Hi Hunter, I have been the leader of the Altis Police Constabulary since October 2018, which now has the title Commissioner. I would like to respond to some of your statements and concerns. First of all, as an answer to why police equipment is free of charge. As an officer of the law, you work for the government and that is why it would be ridiculous to pay for your own gear. Free gear may look outrageous, but as a police officer, you are very limited. There are many rules and regulations you have to follow, plus all the restrictions in place for weapons and equipment, Only 20% of the APC have access to 7.62 weaponry, which is a very balanced number when you compare this to rebels and HAVOC. Moving on to your point of roleplay. ''75% of cops are there for the fragging and not for RP as there are very very little cops that actually want to RP'' This statement is absurd and completely incorrect, it is not based on anything and an exaggerated number. I can assure you, as the Commissioner of the APC, that most police officers do both provide and reward roleplay. Of course, there are always some bad apples, but every faction has them. No one can deny that. If you are concerned about an officer's roleplay standard or conduct, make sure you go up to one of the PCC rooms in Teamspeak (ts.phoenixrp.co.uk) so a command member can help you. Something will be done about officers who break our standards. Going to a red or yellow zone is at high risk, and entering them can end up in you dying. Sorry Hunter, but expecting roleplay from officers in a red or yellow zone is preposterous. Knowing those are KOS zones, most people will immediately shoot when they see others. Cops go there to neutralize the zones, they stop the people in those zones from illegally receiving money. TFU could do better when it comes down to red and yellow zones, it is a fact that they have been focusing on them a lot lately. But we are already working on that, this means it will change soon. But saying NIU is on top of cartels, is again completely incorrect. NIU can only go to yellow zones in their own lands, with heavy restrictions on when they can enter them. Besides that, yellow zones do not appear that frequently. Here a list of the rules and regulations on when NIU can go to the yellow cartels. - Permission from NIU Command or CSI + - At least two full units on normal patrol - Only in police lands As a response to this statement: ''any cop approved by silver command can go as well''. First of all, you are incorrect again. They need permission from Gold Command instead of Silver Command. Furthermore, there is a rule for Gold Command stating the following: ''Gold Command deemed to abusing this privilege will face punishment'' This prevents them from going whenever they want. So for instance, chasing someone into the zone is perfectly fine. But going there to kill some people, is what we deem as abuse in this matter. If you're trying to say normal patrol units neutralize cartels, then let me help you out of your illusion. Because it is simply not true. This is the only response you're going to get from me on this post, meaning I will not reply again. But if you have more issues, feel free to get in contact with the police board. I suggest you report police officers who break the conduct and roleplay standard, instead of writing a post like this in the heat of the moment with a lot of incorrect statements in it. This is not going to go anywhere, but coming to us in person with actual evidence will. I hope I was able to answer and reply to most of your questions and concerns. Best regards, Jesse Johnson Commissioner Altis Police Constabulary
  9. MI5 Security Service MI5 specialises in investigations of all levels of criminal behaviour, prioritising major crime with undercover officers operating under absolute secrecy. MI5 also works on dealing with internal APC Corruption and assisting with operations taken by the Altis Police Constabulary to ensure the best possible result. MI5 run as its own autonomous department within the APC with no interference from police board. Because of this, the Assistant Commissioner in charge of Intelligence, the Commissioner & the HM Government are the only persons with access to the protected MI5 documents outside of MI5. MI5 is broken down into five different ranks, this allows progression within the department and gives people the ability to follow a chain of command. Detective Superintendent Detective Chief Inspector Detective Inspector Detective Sergeant Detective Senior Constable MI5 LOI MI5 Public Handbook
  10. Hi Nooms, Providing RP and rewarding RP is of paramount importance within the APC, a whitelisted faction should set the example. That's what we teach our officers. We try our best to enforce this, but unfortunately, we can't be on top of every member of the APC. Therefore we appreciate it when people report misconducts of officers to prevent it in the future. Please come speak to a member of police command about this preposterous situation caused by cops. Apologies from the police board this happened to you and your workers, Jesse Johnson Commissioner Altis Police Constabulary
  11. Some extra NPAS trainings is a good option
  12. Welcome to Altis! Goodluck with your law firm!
  13. Hi Lorenzo, Compensation Request has been Accepted. £350.000 will be added to your bank account in the next server restart. Locked & Moved
  14. Completely Agree +1 And I don't say that a lot 😉
  15. @Zyn Should be the Project Lead of the Minecraft Server, not anyone else.
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