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  1. Jamesky

    Phoenix #7 ❤️

    b i f t a
  2. Jamesky

    Jamesky phoenix 5 or 6

    Gas station simulator best roblox game ty probably 5
  3. Jamesky

    Jamesky phoenix 5 or 6

    the CT ones are old since I didn't clip a lot of my recent frags, i've been more active recently ty man
  4. Jamesky

    Why are HAVOC so bad?

    all I can say is yikes havoc.
  5. Jamesky

    Jamesky phoenix 5 or 6

    Cheers lads
  6. Jamesky

    Jamesky phoenix 5 or 6

    ty, I like gnomes.
  7. Jamesky

    Jamesky phoenix 5 or 6

    some clips are low quality cause geforce experience fucked up
  8. Jamesky

    Altis Server Event: APC Lockdown

    Can the APC take the guns out of the crates and use them?
  9. Jamesky

    Server issues..

  10. Jamesky

    Vanquish Arma & CSGO Montage

    @Kazz Literally all of your clips, your mouse movement is smooth as fuck and then when you go to kill someone you snap onto them multiple times whilst shooting at them
  11. Jamesky

    Vanquish Arma & CSGO Montage

    @Kazz Why is your crosshair movement so smooth, Then when you go to kill someone it's shaky as fuck?
  12. Time Submitted: 04:00:16 PM | 10/22/18 Submitted By: Jamesky (3028) In-Game Name: Jamesky Steam / Player ID: 76561198354836097 Administrator who issued ban: Kevin Date of ban: 10/22/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: the reason I got banned is that my brother got banned off of Teamspeak and since we're on the same IP I got banned as well. What reason was given for your ban?[CB] 11.6 (Happyhour) | Kevin | Appeal @ [email protected]" Why should you be unbanned? I believe I should be unbanned because I did nothing to deserve the ban and therefore I shouldn't be banned in the first place if I did nothing to deserve it since it wasn't me caused it. What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  13. Jamesky


    ina bit laddy